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    Miss Bio-WERRRK Talent (Anything Goes) Judges’ Critiques


    Special Guest Judges

    Marti Gould Cummings
    Gypsy Gemini – Such a creative video and look at how we always try to perfect our beauty. I loved the ending after the face was pulled, very creative and engaging to watch.
    Tini Davenport Phillips – The songs were fun. Unfortunately the aesthetic didn’t read drag to me or bio queen, it just read as a fun girl lip synching.
    Maureen San Diego – I love that she showed her performance in front of an audience which really gave a feel for who she is. I love stand up and re interpreting songs so this is right up my alley. It really funny and great use of video showing contrasting looks. I would pay to see this show.
    Crimson Kitty – Horror movies are my favorite so starting this out as a horror flick was brilliant and we all know the phone company is scary when that bill is due! I loved that she took an everyday event and made it into a comedy spoof and it was really well thought out.

    Misty Violet
    Monroe Fitzgerald: I love that there was a story told, but bringing in the modern twist. My only concern is that I’m pretty sure your prince is a Nancy…
    Pierretta Viktori: I like a girl that’s not afraid of color! I can also relate to sitting on the couch using lots of tissues… But I don’t think that’s what her number was about.
    Kitty Meringue: I’ve always said it takes balls to do stand up… So she’s got big ones? Especially that crowd… They’ve been to my shows before… They’re rough.
    Cream Victoria: Were we shoo-ing away the kitty at the beginning? Either way I loved seeing all three of her racks. I’m bad at math so I dunno how many boobs in total I was looking at there.

    Judy Darling
    Pierretta Viktori: You might be playing “blue” but your white and black outfit was giving me ALL THE FEELINGS – LOVE! And THEN the outfits kept coming! FASHIONS – and props for going on that pebbly beach in heels!
    Monroe Fitzgerald: Really creative opening and concept! She’s GIVING you PRODUCTION! CHOREOGRAPHY HUNTY!
    Kitty Meringue: YAS comedy! LOVE that you did standup! Next time do it in front of a “Human” crowd – I’m not at all being gnome-phobic – but comedy is a living breathing thing and having the give and take of a crowd laughing is the best tool a comic can have! Looked like you had a sold out show – did you open at a Travelocity convention? *wink*
    Cream Victoria: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf…? NOT Cream Victoria! What a BABE!

    Kitten LaRue
    Monroe Fitzgerald: Fabulous dance moves and production value!
    Kitty Meringue: Bold choice to do stand up, and super cute bangs! Would love to see some specific vocal character development!
    Pieretta Viktori: Love how the look matches the set in the beginning, and great range of creative looks!
    Cream Victoria: Looks like she’s really feeling sexy, fun, and full of confidence with the burlesque routine! Would love to see some bigger hair to amp up the drag!

    Lou Henry Hoover
    Gypsy Gemini: Make-up was on point, and great video editing…perhaps a touch more enunciation would take it over the top!
    Maureen San Diego: Funny, irreverent, fabulous voice, and great command of her audience! Loved how the video intro slyly poked fun at drag culture in general.
    Tini Davenport Phillips: Super fun dancing, and great energy! Good commitment to the character, would love to see more drag makeup and hair.
    Crimson Kitty: Loved her clear understanding of camp and use of timing….very clever video editing, and love that her drag is both glamorous and scary!


    Anything Goes Talent Judges Critiques

    Spencer Williams
    Pierretta Viktori: Ms. Viktori first of all I would like you to know that Blue by Marina and the Diamonds is my number one most played song on my iTunes so you can imagine how fast I started dancing. I liked your video. I understand the story line you created but it felt like part 1 was a bit more polished as compared to the second number. The lip sync to Blue was a lot stronger as compared to the second song. But your costume design skills are out of this world!
    Monroe Fitzgerald: This performance was absolutely amazing. I am in love with your character and talent. Everything about this video was great! You continue to impress me.
    Kitty Meringue: Kitty! First of all, I love that you chose comedy as your act. Way to take a risk! I think the routine was cute and the material was cute. I think it would have payed off if maybe we heard a laugh reel in the video or something to that sense. Some of the jokes weren’t really landing with me, and some of them made me laugh out loud. A pretty good job.
    Cream Victoria: Well well well, Cream Victoria what a fun talent you brought to the table. Your burlesque act was great. I totally was not expecting that. In terms of content, I think you did really well. My only critiques would be in the editing and lighting. I think for a Burlesque act it would benefit to override the video with your soundtrack. Also be careful with lighting! But aside from editing which isn’t the focus of this challenge, you did very well.


    Dallas Coulter
    Pierretta Viktori: Your looks are always so put together! I really liked that this was a legit music video. Great song choice, great lipsynching, great everything.
    Monroe Fitzgerald: I loved this video! Concept was great, loved the costumes. I can tell a lot of work and passion and family went into this one
    Kitty Meringue: Standup comedy is not an easy thing to pull off. With that said I think you did a great job! I have a lot of respect for people who can do things easily that I wouldn’t even try.
    Cream Victoria: I like that you didn’t lipsynch and stepped out of the drag box. Loved the theme, loved the look.

    Kat Sass
    Gypsy- Again, your video felt intimate and well done, and I so appreciated that. Your looks were clean and beautifully executed and I so appreciated that you had a storied through line. I think perhaps people may consider the topic of plastic surgery to be overdone in drag. I don’t share this opinion, but I always want to see something fresh if possible.
    Tini- BRAVO! What an improvement on concept, and video quality and I loved that you did more than one character. The song choices were effective and funny in the storytelling. I think though I would love to see your wig choices and makeup continue to elevate further into a more exaggerated arena.
    Maureen- I appreciated that you put forward a new look and it was certainly more visually “draggy” than Maureen is. For me personally, I am content to just see Maureen but I’d like to see her look more cultivated and heightened in costume and makeup. I think she needs more wigs too. Your performance as Maureen was DELICIOUS. You know exactly who she is and she is so good.
    Crimson- I laughed A LOT during your video. It was absurd, charming, and clever. I feel like I really saw what Crimson is all about here, never having seen your work in person. I don’t really have a critical note for this one, but perhaps you can next show a different side of Crimson?


    Courtney Conquers
    Gypsy Gemini: I loved how the look suited the theme of the song! Bring able to see your hip pads and the process of getting into drag was perfect for the lyrics of the song. Your concept was also extremely well done. I’ve seen a lot of queens do the plastic surgery idea but yours was still unique and stood out to me completely. You really made a “shtick” your own (and I squirmed when you tore your face off)!
    Tini Davenport Phillips: I loved your concept! You edited well without over-relying on it and I liked that you played more than one character rather than just leaving Eminem/The Joker as a voice with no person in the video to match. I’d still like to see wilder hair and makeup from you, even if you’re using your own hair like you did in this video. I want to see it march your big personality!
    Maureen San Diego: I’m happy to see you giving us a new aesthetic! Having a regular character is awesome, but it’s good to see diversity and it looked great on you. Your performance gave us a good combination of comedy and vocal talent, which I really liked. It was nice to see you do “Maureen” rather than “Maureen playing someone else” this time, I’m glad you took advantage of the opportunity to show us what she’s about.
    Crimson Kitty: Your concept was great. I enjoyed the overall “classic horror movie” aesthetic at the beginning and the mix was hilarious. The edited clips etc. were a little long though. I would have enjoyed getting to your actual performance more quickly, since that’s what the category was really about. Your lipsync, however, was on point as usual. You always know the words and hit them well, with good expression.


    Crunk Panda
    Gypsy Gemini – Really enjoyed this. You look amazing throughout, and I really love how you tied in the various imagery with the song. Just really well done. Looking forward to what you bring next!
    Tini Davenport Phillips – This was so fun, and I love you went Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, I gotta be honest with you. At first, I was kind of bummed because Harley is done so much now, but, seeing how you evolved the character, the music choice, and the Joker/Em inclusion, you nailed it. Looking forward to more of this level creativity in the future, you really thought this out.
    Maureen San Diego – Anyone who can throw a Tanya Harding reference out in 2016 is okay with me. Comedy is subjective, and it’s such an unforgiving world sometimes, and so far and including this week, you’ve been really good. You had the crowd eating out of your hand. Keep stepping your game up, I can’t wait to see what you bring next.
    Crimson Kitty – Your eyes match your dress! Really interesting concept, the various songs used we’re well done, I lost it at “Hello”, and I’ll admit, I was hoping you were going to just go in on Telephone with Beyonce’s verse. I think a shorter version could have benefited you a bit this week without really leaving anything out.


    Ja’mie Queen
    Pierretta Viktori: I loved all the different scenes and costumes! It looked like it took a lot of time and effort for each scene and outfit. Showed a lot of good emotion, like that you mixed 2 songs by completely different artists! I’m glad there were so many costumes showed off, as that is a talent in itself!
    Monroe Fitzgerald: Thought this was a really amazing concept – loved that there was an into and an ending to really seal everything up. So many different talents in one! Singing/dancing/ acting/ lip-syncing – it had it all! Everyone really helped the whole production and it didn’t take away from you at all! Loved the costume reveals and style change ups!
    Kitty Meringue: I like that this wasn’t one run on video & that you edited the best parts together! You seemed to have a lot of confidence delivering the jokes! Only suggestion I would have is maybe changing up the background or costumes so the visuals change since the talent is mostly voice based! I think the addition of an actual microphone was a funny and cute touch!
    Cream Victoria: Loved seeing burlesque as your talent! Very brave, definitely something I couldn’t do! The pig theme was absolutely wonderful, and the 3 bras at the end was hysterical! Only suggestions I would have is to maybe add the music in overtop after filming to avoid background noise and graininess!

    Emily Meow
    Gypsy Gemini: Melanie Martinez is one of my favourite musicians, so I LOVED THIS. I love how you interpreted the words into your own version of the story. The looks you presented were stunning. Super entertaining for me.
    Tini Davenport Phillips:  I love how much effort went into this, and this is my favourite look on you so far. Super fun to watch and as a comic book fan, I appreciated all your references. Obsessed.
    Maureen San Diego:  Oh my god. I am SO blown away by this look on you. I’m gagged. Convulsing. On the ground. This was an amazing surprise, and you look wonderful. Super entertaining and you’re hilarious as always.
    Crimson Kitty: First of all, that hair is literally a dream. I loved the comedic value of this. Reminds me a lot of the acts we have in the UK. Super funny, and enjoyable.

    Brandi Amara Skyy
    Gypsy Gemini – GUUUUUUURL. SOLID. Performance, videography, subject, execution = EVERYTHING!
    Tini Davenport Phillips – Love love your creative take on this story. Talent over all was good (great character diversity) i would just like to see you drag it up just a bit more.
    Maureen San Diego – Wrecking Ball and Firework = perfection. You have such and amazing presence on stage and are 100% captivating. Love that you gave us another look (Acid Betty meets Jeffree Star – LIVE!). Keep doing you. Cause you’re fabulous!
    Crimson Kitty – Your face is EVERYTHING in this talent. I LOVE the beginning; so creative! I love how you incorporated the songs with the visuals – there was a very nice dance between them. However, towards the end I felt it took away – rather than added to – your performance (WHICH WAS PERFECTION!).

    Chiffon Dior

    Pierretta Viktori: I may need to change the talent category to “Any Goes Except Climbing On Giant Jagged Rocks in Heels Talent” next year! I was a nervous wreck watching that! Aside from that you obviously turned amazing look after amazing look. The concept was creative but with the dubbing I think some of the lip synch was a bit off.
    Monroe Fitzgerald: Sure you can do a full scale production production number complete with a dream sequence but what do you do for an encore? Wonderful number but my only issue would be that you were in snazzy sneakers and not high heels.
    Kitty Meringue: I really enjoyed your routine and you landed a lot of good jokes. I might have added in a laugh track just to emphassis the key beats for the viewer though. Overall a nice job.
    Cream Victoria: I love that you went burlesque for your talent number because I have such respect for the artform. Normally when I take my clothes off, people give me money to put them back on. While the lighting muted your look a little bit, I still really enjoyed the number. Good job.

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