Meow Mixx is back! After a writing hiatus due to adult stuffs (graduate fish), I’m back to WERRRK (no pun intended). As the website’s UK correspondent, I feel like I’d be letting you all down if I didn’t make the effort to showcase some of the incredible drag Great Britain has to offer. What better way to relaunch this segment than with one our most sparkling drag treasures, Saline! Saline used to be a Brighton girl before recently moving to Manchester with roommate and drag sister, Alexis Stone. The pair together form the infamous and elusive Blondetourage, a double act who’s stunning, high fashion beauty left you gagged, paired with hilarious routines. Super model Saline has also hosted club nights all over the UK, as well as overseas. We talked about plastic surgery, makeup and travelling the world..

Emily Meow: Describe Saline to someone who’d never encountered her before.

Saline: A living blow up doll.

EM: Where did Saline begin? What’s her story?

Saline: I’d been practising makeup for a while and had made a few friends at the time that did drag, so I just went out with them one night and that’s where it started. I got a great response and the attention is addictive. I wanted to look like Pete Burns at the time, I was obsessed with looking like I’d had surgery, so I would over draw my lips and wear face lift tapes. I wanted a name that related to plastic surgery so I went with Saline. You can interpret the name however you want… most people pronounce it Celine.

Saline by Rudy Mead

Saline by Rudy Mead

EM: Who would you say are your biggest influences in regards to your drag?

Saline: I used to be really inspired by Tim Burton when I first started out. Something beautiful but a little bit dark. I always find inspiration from people that have unusual and extreme beauty like Pete Burns or Amanda Lepore. I’m fascinated by the way people express themselves through plastic surgery and makeup.

EM: You have one of the most striking, beautiful looks in the UK. Were you previously a makeup artist or are you self-taught?

Saline: Thank you! I’m self taught, it was very experimental at first. I used to watch online videos and try to mimic that style and over time I’ve just adapted a style that works well for me. Makeup and the transformation process is the most fun for me, so I enjoy creating new looks. My drag family have taught me a lot as well and are always encouraging me to try new things.

Saline by Rudy Mead

Saline by Rudy Mead

EM: You collaborate with sister Alexis Stone frequently. Together you formed Blondetourage. Is this still a thing? Or is it more informal now? I know there’s been confusion from fans!

Saline: Me and Alexis are always collaborating and doing something creative together. Blondetourage was an act we put together when we first met. We thought it would be fun to tour the UK and perform. Blondetourage was just our stage name together but we took a step back from performing and focused on travelling and hosting but there’s a chance we will be doing it again soon.

EM: Together, you and Alexis have been to New York and previously Paris. How were those experiences?

Saline: Paris was such a highlight for me, we hosted the fashion week afterparty at Club YoYo, they do a night called ‘Club Sandwich’. All the queens were fierce and so welcoming. There were some really cool people there and it was in Paris we met the beautiful Linda Bradford. She’s an incredible DJ that’s been working since the 80’s, so her club nights are always really disco inspired and exciting. She was kind enough to book us for her night at “The Gilded Lily’ in New York this past March.

Saline & Alexis Stone

Saline & Alexis Stone

EM: It seems you’ve hosted club nights all over the world! Which has been your favourite?

Saline: Club YoYo in Paris was incredible. We were treated so well and made some friends for life. New York was so surreal as well. It’s somewhere I had such high expectations for and it exceeded them and then some.

EM: What has been the highlight of your drag career so far?

Saline: I think travelling. I would have never had the opportunity to travel to such amazing places if it wasn’t for drag, so that’s definitely been the highlight.

Saline by Rudy Mead

Saline by Rudy Mead

EM: What’s one piece of advice you could give to drag beginners?

Saline: I think its important to have good references and to be authentic and true to your character.

EM:What’s in the future for Saline?

Saline: I’ve recently moved to Manchester with Elliot (Alexis) and we’re living with the amazing Grace Oni-Smith who’s a fierce drag performer and artist. We are working on a few projects together and shall keep you posted on social media.

Saline by Rudy Mead

Saline by Rudy Mead

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