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Drag Queens

Racing with Sidney: Revenge of the Queens

Racing with Sidney

I know it’s not October yet but after that all I can say is YIKES!!!

What an episode that turned out to be! This show’s ability to make us think that each week is really something special.

Back in the Work Room


The eliminated girls go full on Phantom to Christine and show up in the mirror all “BISH, WHET NOW?!”

Tensions get up quick since Alyssa hear Phi Phi running her mouth. Albeit, some girls agreed, but Phi Phi…girl…sometimes it’s best to just say, “Ok busted,” make nice and move on. Luckily for us, Ginger jumped in and added nonsense to the conversation that even confused Katya, seriously Ging…have a seat. This was not the end of this convo but we had to get to the challenge of finding pairings for the comedy show, where the top 2 queens eliminate one the bottom queens, and the winner of the LipSync can bring themselves back.

Upon pairing off, save Roxxxy who became host, the girls find out that they have to perform in front of the other queens that were NOT brought back for All Stars…ya know the queens that COULDA been there had Adore said no initially. *Looks at Trinity Bonet….reaches out*

This leads us to our…

Racing with Sidney

Red Herring Moment

Queens rehearsed. Judges judged. Editors built up drama.

Before the Main Stage


Phi Phi pulls Alyssa aside and they um….make up….no they don’t. Honestly, look, I am a BIG supporter of Phi Phi and even I was screaming “LET IT THE HELL GO ELSA!!!”

On The Main Stage


  • Roxxxy– As host, she started strong but honestly, she fell flat. Not just in her performances but also her looks. I’ve already forgotten them, and I’ve seen this challenge twice within the last hour.
  • Coco and Phi Phi – What can any of us say? It was bad. I disagree with the judges, there were no jokes! Nothing funny. The looks, make up, and outfits were maybe some of the worst on the show.
  • Alaska and Alyssa – I was telling friends before that I just don’t get any of her jokes and I realized, there is a truth to Alyssa getting away with things JUST cause she’s Alyssa. I do love her cause she’s an absolute star, but Alaska’s deadpan comments finally made these jokes funny. Alaska made this team work…and I kinda want more of it.
  • Katya and Ginger –They were funny because they just naturally are, but every other group but them, at least, had something connecting them. These two, considering they’re “besties,” this challenge did not showcase any of that.
  • Tatianna and Detox – This! ALL OF THIS!!! This is like the best concepts of all the other teams but done perfectly. It was a huge risk but it paid off with interest.


After this the judges named Tatianna and Alyssa as the winners, Ginger and Coco as eliminated for good, and Phi Phi and Roxxxy as the bottom.

The Judges Deliberation


Phi Phi, from here on out, shut down. Her attitude shined in the wrong way. Roxxxy wasn’t super great here, but at least she didn’t shut her shit down.


Racing with Sidney: Revenge of the Queens 76tumblr_odz4jeglr01rosb88o1_250



Tatianna and Alyssa had an amazing lip sync…and in the end both stayed. If they both hadn’t stayed (THANKS ADORE!), then I felt Tatianna won. If there was any doubt, Phi Phi went home. In the process she had the shittiest exit of any queen ever. It was just dripping with bitter.

Racing with Sidney: Revenge of the Queens 77


Look, I have said before, I am a Phi Phi fan. She has grown, every time I’ve met her or interviewed her for this site, she’s been nothing but sweet. However, this season showed she still has growing to do cause she did herself no favors on a larger scale. Phi Phi really needed to learn to let things go. She held on to things too long and in the end that cost her the crown and her redemption storyline. All this said, I do believe there are two sides to every story. So this is my opinion based on the show, I highly encourage everyone to read this interview Phi Phi did and get her side of the story. The show is edited, we know, so a well rounded perspective always makes for a better opinion.

Wow….just wow. I almost feel the show became something new in a season that has already changed so much!

Bring me more now please!!!!!

Keep geek…and support local queens.


Written By

Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Johanna

    September 25, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Phi Phi fan here too. Thanks for some positivity and not just flat out hate, like pretty much every other recapper is doing right now.

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