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Racing with Sidney: A Family That Drags Together


*cues whatever knock off opening credit music Chiffon acquired for this opening credits*


Roxxxy thanks Alaska for saving her….again…the collective world does NOT share in the gratitude. Katya pulls her choice out….and it’s Roxxxy…because duh. Alaska assures us that this has nothing to do with Rolasktox….but more on that later.

Ru shows up and then drops an emotional bomb on all of queens by bringing in the family and guess what the girls have to do …



Then we get to the reason this is happening…the feels and boy does this episode deliver that. The standout here was Alyssa cause it had the most time to be told. I won’t lie, kind figure they’d follow up on Roxxxy’s but no, but Roxxxy’s grandma seems like a fun good time gal. My favorite was Alaska’s mom cause she reminded me the most of mine. I do kinda wanna know if Alaska’s mom looks at her music video and art and think’s “I created the creator of this.” Rupaul shows back up and reminds us it got down to Season 7 vs Season 5, which, when you think about it, actually says a whole lot.


Ru leaves us and lets us know that the girls and their family need to vogue the house down. I love this concept but just not not here, it’s too good for people who can’t fully do. ….but I do wish it would have come in the form of a Paris is Burning tribute.


I wish they didn’t do a montage of the voguing because it really does seem like some of them woulda been hella entertaining to watch, but I feel that means the favorites might have looked worse.

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Racing with Sidney: A Family That Drags Together 79
  • Alyssa & Ava Edwards – I loved the look because it was SO Alyssa. The whole aesthetic worked because….Alyssa. I wa
  • Alaska & Hawaii – So the look was cute, but compared to Alaska, it was so so simple. I feel that hurt her overall. It didn’t leave her room to be Alaska, which hurts her.
  • Detox & D-Rama – COME ON THROUGH MARCO MARCO! Marco is a genius who makes such cool designs, tonight’s look was no different. This pairing was easily one of the best because they worked so well WITH each other.
  • Katya & Svetlana Borisnova – For some reason Katya’s mom doesn’t get her last name, regardless, they were hilarious. They gave you Mother/Daughter but unique to the lead. At first I thought Katya was gonna switch the roles.
  • Roxxxy & Raquel Andrews – YAWN! So boring. The look wasn’t inspired. Roxxxy’s looks have gotten lazier and lazier as the weeks have gone on. Her grandma seemed to have an amazing time, and to be fair, that matters.


Three takeaways:


1) Audrey Plaza should be a main judge. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.
2) That was the meanest critique of Alaska.
3) Detox and Katya is a correct choice for the Top 2.

In the “We Don’t Need Sponsors” Lounge

I don’t know what to say other than “Alaska….girl…girl no.” That was so awkward. I wanna believe she meant to do that because….girl. Did you just miss Phi Phi season 4?

Racing with Sidney: A Family That Drags Together 80

Legacy Lipsync/Elimination

Detox OWNED that lipsync, I love Katya, but Detox DESERVED to win….but what came next…guess Alaska was the only one that thought Rolaskatox didn’t still exist. Roxxxy has no business being here and she hasn’t for weeks. The fact that she’s here and Tati isn’t, is already ridiculous, but couple it to the fact that she made it to the end, ugh…she shouldn’t have gone home…Alyssa deserved that….but no, after spending the entire episode reminding you that this is the one year, to the day, where Alyssa and her sister’s mom passed, she gets eliminated.

I just wanna say, Alyssa Edwards had the MOST gracious exit of any queen on this show and that should surprise no one.

Well we have made it. Next week is the end of our All Star journey….and now you must vote hashtag your queen to the victory.

Ok racers, let me know which queen’s team you’re on!



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Racing with Sidney: A Family That Drags Together 79

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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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