Welcome back to another edition of #THEWEEKINDRAG! This week I’ll be covering AS2, our new Miss Gay America,  Peaches Christ’s latest show and much more!

All Stars 2 has been on everybody’s lips this week, as we’re finally down to the final four. So far AS2 is proving to be one of the most dramatic seasons in RuPaul’s Drag Race history, and last weeks episode was no exception. From tearful moments when reunited with family to unexpected eliminations, the audience have had a lot to say, and sadly not all of it is, shall we say, constructive? Previously this season, All Star Phi Phi O’Hara came under online fire from so called “fans of the show”. This behaviour hasn’t stopped there, with three of our four remaining All Stars receiving a barrage of online slander, “Rolaskatox”. The trio have been dubbed villainous online, and the trolls are back at it again. As opposed to rational human thought coming to the summary that the entire format of All Star is to create conflict and drama that the queens have no choice to go along with (except Adore, you go Adore!), certain people are judging the queens very personally. Now I’m not referring to a lighthearted joke or meme, or even expressing ones own distaste in the choices, this is all natural when viewing a TV show. The main issues are the barrage of death threats and hate comments that are directly flooding their personal social medias. I don’t think the snake emoji has ever been used so much in Drag Race herstory. However it’s good to see that the queens are taking this hate and owning it. From Alaska dubbing herself “Queen of Snakes” and hashtagging #POUNDSNAKE, to Roxxxy saying “I love snakes” in an Instagram video to Detox welcoming the “wave” of hate, it’s good to know the hate appears to be bouncing off. It’s important to remember we’re all human, and the top four are all friends! Let us know in the comments below if you’re #TeamAlaska, #TeamKatya, #TeamRoxxxy or #TeamDetox!


This week drag took the mainstream! Manila Luzon, Cake Moss and a queen very familiar to the WERRRK.com universe, Anita Procedure (Editor’s Note: Anita and Luna Nova dropped their own video last night! Check out “HILLARY: A Political Parody”!) were featured in Kings Of Leon’s new video “Around The World”.  The video shows people from all around the world in unique locations, dancing in equally unique ways. The trio gives off cabaret vibes, looking stunning in matching gowns and boas. Well done, girls!

Most recently in the past week, the winner of Miss Gay America was crowned last night. This year’s winner went to the fabulous Suzy Wong, from Nashville Tennessee. The Miss Gay America pageant dates back to 1972 and is one of the most prestigious drag pageants in America. Nearly forty queens who won prelims from all across the country competed for the title. Congratulations, Suzy!


Also this past week, the legend that is Peaches Christ announced her newest show! This time Peaches is collaborating with Bianca Del Rio on, “SHEETLEJUICE”. The production will be Peaches’ final Castro Theatre show of the year. The show will take place on November 19th, at 3pm & 8pm. Tickets are available here!

Costume by Dallas Coulter, hair by Roy Haylock.
Costume by Dallas Coulter, hair by Roy Haylock.

Finally this week, makeup magician Jeffree Star and death-dropping goddess Laganja Estranja have collaborated once more for Star’s YouTube channel. This time the pair are doing a “Get Ready In My Rolls Royce”, something we can all relate to, I’m sure.. The pair catch up, talk Drag Race as well as personal issues whilst they beat their mugs for the god. Check out the video below.

That’s it for another week in drag. Let us know if you feel like we missed anything or have anything for next time, tweet us weekly at @WERRRKdotcom or @emilymeowww for updates on #THEWEEKINDRAG.

We’re announcing the cast for Miss WERRRK.com this Wednesday! Keep your eyes peeled to WERRRK for future announcements!

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