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    Miss 2016 Pageant Themed Presentation (Disney Villain Realness) Videos

    Miss 2016 Pageant Themed Presentation Videos:

    Welcome to the Themed Presentation category of the 2016 Miss pageant! The theme for this category is Disney Villain Realness. Regardless of the Disney villain that our queens have selected, they were instructed to present a female take on the character so don’t be shocked if a few of your favorite baddies have undergone a bit of a change! Those poor unfortunate souls!

    You can vote for your favorite queen once every 24 hours between now and 11:59 EST on Sunday, November 13th. If you have a friend who sent you here to vote for them, by all means do your friendly duties and vote for them but I might suggest checking out some of our other fabulous content too as long as you’re here. Meanwhile, if you have no dog in the fight, the criteria for earning your vote should be judged equally on their look and on how well the queen both presented herself and explained why she choose her Disney villain. Remember, the fan vote counts towards one third of each queens final score so you can go a long way towards helping to determine this year’s winner!

    So now we proudly present some of the baddest of the bad, our Disney villains! *cue evil laugh and flashes of lightning*


    AURORA GOZMIC serving HADES realness


    BLAKE DEADLY serving YZMA realness

    (Fun pageant trivia: This is two years in a row one of our gurls has done Ymza for Themed Presentation. Last year’s Miss Congeniality, Luna Nova also picked Yzma for our CosPlay Couture theme)


    ELLE TAYLOR serving CAPTAIN HOOK realness

    IVORY TOWERS serving THE OLD HAG realness

    KRISTI DAVIDSON serving GASTON realness

    MIA E Z’LAY serving CRUELLA DE VIL realness

    ORIANA PERON serving MOTHER GOTHEL realness

    SHAKAYLA MONAE serving SCAR realness

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