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Sutton Lee Seymour’s Drag Show DO’s and DON’T DO’s!

Editor’s Note: New York City drag diva Sutton Lee Seymour recently posted her handy dandy guide to attending drag shows on her Facebook account and she was kind enough to let us share her wisdom here on! So whether you are a drag show newbie or a veteran drag fan, everyone can learn a little bit from this list! Enjoy!


There’s a lot of angst in this city right now and though that IS absolutely understandable, please don’t bring it into the bar scene… especially at a drag show. After seeing posts from Pixie Aventura and Terra Hyman about crazy shenanigans I thought to myself “maybe there should be a list of do’s and don’t do’s”…so…

  • DO: Have a good time!


  • DON’T: Be an asshole… to anyone. Like…why would you come to a friendly place and be an asshole?


  • DO: Interact with a drag queen if invited to do so. If a queen brings you on stage to dance/sing/play a game/etc. she is inviting you into the fantasy world that she is in charge of… so remember, the queen is in charge and she will take care of you/get you a shot/get you naked. Be open, be kind, and have fun.


  • DON’T: Run onto the stage and upstage the queen and think you’re a star, mama. In this moment, you are not.


  • DO: Know your limits on how much alcohol you can imbibe. But this should apply to every day life.


  • DON’T: Be the drunk mess that screams all throughout the show. I can certainly handle a heckler, but I am not afraid to have you thrown out. And if you take a drunken nap, you surrender all rights to your dignity because now you are a prop and/or a set piece.


  • DO: Tip! If you like the queen, tip the queen. And thank you for your support!


  • DON’T: Reach into your pocket like you’re GOING TO tip the queen and the second the queen passes you take your hand out of your pocket. I see it all the time. It’s rude. I see you and I will call you out on it. If you don’t have cash, I’m on Venmo. Thank you.


  • DO: SUPPORT THE BAR. Buy a drink, even if it’s a diet coke. Most NYC bars have no cover and most drag shows are free. So show a little financial support to the place that allows the drag queen to perform. If the bar makes money, the drag queen has job security.


  • DON’T: Show up to the No Cover bar for the Free Drag Show and not buy a single drink or tip the drag queen or tip the bar staff. That is low.


  • DO: Be friendly with the bar staff and cocktail servers, and TIP THEM. Some of my favorite people work behind the bar or serve cocktails. They take care of you all night so please take care of them before you leave the bar.


  • DON’T: Be an asshole to the bar staff or servers. Again, you’re coming into our world and we want to give you a good time so why would you want do be an ass?


  • DO: Thank the door person/security! And listen to them when they tell you something. They are ensuring our safety in an uncertain world. And be friendly with them, most of them have great stories that will crack you up! They see it all.


  • DON’T: Get into a fight with the door person/security. Just don’t do it. Don’t become one of their hilarious/jaw dropping stories. Like really, don’t do it.


  • DO: Be friendly with the DJ! Kindness goes a long way and maybe if you’re kind he’ll play you the song you want to hear! You CAN also tip the DJ if you wanted!


  • DON’T: Just walk up to the DJ and DEMAND your song. Not all DJ’s take requests. And don’t ask for Britney on a Broadway night… does that even make sense?


  • That’s all I got for now.  FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE TO THE COMMENTS.


Sutton Lee Seymour might be the bawdiest queen in New York City and she’s probably smarter than all of us as she’s heading South of the Border this winter, bringing her one woman show back to Puerto Vallarta for a second year. Her show, “Sutton Lee Seymour’s Way Off Broad” was recently nominated for a New York City Glam Award for Best Cabaret Show and she herself was nominated for Best Vocalist. Keep with Sutton on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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