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Drag Queens

Miss WERRRK 2016 Themed Presentation Judges’ Critiques



JIGGLY CALIENTE (RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar):

Kristi:  The look is pretty and gives a new spin to Gaston. Gender bending in drag is awesome.  I wish the glam factor, the hair and make up were amped up more because she was doing a male character.

Mia: She has a great personality that resonates through the screen.  Great look and interpretation however a bit predictable. Where are the spots?

Oriana. I like the two in one idea. I just feel this could have been bigger and more elaborate. Where’s the big curly Cher hair? *Laughs* That’s Mother Gothel’s ‘do!

Shakayla: Cute makeup but no outfit?  I didn’t get that finished look feel. There’s a lot missing in this presentation.

MS. CANDY BLOG (Candy Blogger and Award Nominated YouTuber):

Aurora: Decked out in blue, Aurora is a cure for the blues!  And from what she says, this girl is on fire–no wonder she picked Hades!
Blake: Blake brought Yzma to life and gave my LYYYYYYFE!!! I was living for this video as she truly embodied the character and made me like her royal badness.
Elle: Wow! A ballet dancer, Elle’s Captain Hook was on point(e)!
Ivory: Loved Ivory’s Old Hag in the middle of a metropolis, complete with security guard.  She had me cracking up!
ANITA PROCEDURE (LA Drag Queen and Category Winner in 2015):
Aurora: Talk about a flaming queen! I loved this look! Good work making a male character sexy, feminine, and draggy. I’d enjoy a bit more energy from you though! Keep slaying
Blake: Great job! The lipsynching kept this totally fun and fabulous. I especially loved your lashes. I wanted to see more of the dress though, we only got a quick glimpse!
Elle: On point! Literally! I liked that you did a male character and made it your own. It’s clear that you love Peter Pan, and you did a nice tribute to it. It was a bit long-winded, perhaps edit a bit in the future. You’re fierce!
Ivory: I appreciated your strong intro, letting the viewers get an idea of who Ivory is. The look was done well, and the reasons you chose her had me laughing out loud! Love your energy!
DAVID AYLLON (Superstar Drag Photographer): 

Kristi: I like that Kristi was upbeat and had a lot of positive energy. My only wish is that her dialogue was as much of a “performance” as her look was. And I think a hairy chest would’ve been hilarious!

Mia: Tackling Cruella was no easy feat, but I think it’s awesome that she made the coat herself. I also really loved her coma joke, but that might be because I’m terrible.

Oriana: She had a tear-away!! Love that she had a two-in-one look, the only one I’ve seen so far. I do wish that she would have styled the hair to have those iconic curly bangs.

Shakayla – Scar has always been one of my personal favorites, so Shakayla has good taste! The makeup was fun, I wish she would have featured her outfit more! JUDGES PANEL

MONROE FITZGERALD (Current reigning Miss Bio-WERRRK 2016):

Aurora: Girl your look is on fire! Your character explanation was well structured and had a comical flare! Your mug is beat for the olympic gods! Overall i feel that your attention to detail in hair and makeup design was missing in your costuming but it was still a very clean look! Great WERRRK!
Blake: Ms Deadly you’re giving me life with your Yzma! Loved the choice to include lip synch from the film, however i feel like it could have been condensed into one segment. Enjoyed hearing the personal connection you have with Yzma and how empowered you feel by women! Great job incorporating old age makeup technique into your queen paint! Overall I really enjoyed your quirky energy in this category!
Elle: I am totally hooked on your Captain Hook look! Loved that you incorporated your fun fact into the presentation of your category. Really liked that you could choose a character so influential to your life in and out of drag! In the future consider writing out your explanation before videoing, it seemed like you were struggling to find words at some moments. Overall i loved how much personal touch was added into your presentation!
Ivory: Your presentation category left me perfectly poisoned! Great job with the prosthetic application! I also really enjoyed the cartoon inspired makeup design. I loved the lurking through the city portion of your presentation however i feel that it may have been too long. Your character explanation was concise and very funny! Overall i feel the look was mostly polished and delivered with vivacious energy!
CRUNK PANDA (’s Comics and Cosplay Correspondent)
Aurora: Welcome to the competition, really enjoyed the look and introduction. If I could offer some advice…at the end of the video, you had great stills of your look, personally, I would have liked to seen a better look upfront, it was really hard to see all the time and effort you put in just in the video alone(not sure if distance, lighting, or camera), I kept wishing to see the makeup better, and it was a distraction for me initially
Blake: Thanks for this presentation, it’s clear you really know this character, and I love how you tie in her character with yourself, I liked the transitions as well. We get a bit of you, and a bit of Yzma, really captured my attention
Elle: Not going to lie, Captain Hook is a bold move, and initially I thought your reasoning was going to be a bit of BS, just because you seemed a bit hesitant, but, then you showed the tattoos. I really enjoyed the look. Looking forward to what you bring next round!
Ivory: Please tell me you had a ton of fun with this? I did, I like the security cameo the most, lol. Enjoyed the reasoning for your pic and comparing it to your art. Loved seeing your personality come through. Please keep the humor coming!
EMILY MEOW (’s UK Correspondent) 
Kristi: I love that you did Gaston, the gender-bend was pulled off flawlessly through the garment choices that you picked. You’re really well spoken and you introduced yourself well. I’m a sucker for Disney talk, so I loved your reason behind your choice and your fun fact. Well done!
Mia: Girl, you are gorgeous! This look was particularly slammin’ (English slang? Means you look RIGHT!) on you. Cruella can be interpreted in so many ways, and I love how you went about it. Loved your reasoning, I too have a soft spot for villains. Loved your personality, I can’t wait to see more!
Oriana: Mother Gothel has a special place in my heart for providing us with the best Disney villain song of all time (Mother does know best!), so I was excited to see you chose her. The dress was lovely, the reveal was everything. The only thing I’d change is that I would have loved some bigger hair. But overall, loved it and you seem really fun.
Shakayla: You are so stunning, your makeup was completely flawless. The hair was right, the dress was right, I loved it. I loved your little speech about villains being created and not born that way, but I feel like I didn’t get to know enough about you. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.


BOXXA VINE ( 2015 Pageant Winner):

Aurora: I love your character choice and the look in general and while I think we got to see a little of your personality I think you could have made your video a little longer and push in even more of your personality so we really see you shine through.
Blake: I loved this from start to finish. The attention to detail and characterization was spot on and and you got a lot of your own personality into the video as well. The little touch of the personal story about loving the character and the little lip syncs was really engaging and well thought out.
Elle: I think you did a great job of translating your male character into a new female look but just watch the framing of your video because we almost didn’t get to see you were on pointe because most of the time it was out of frame.
Ivory: I really liked your choices in general from the look and the way you showed yourself and spoke to the audience. Your character choice really surprised me and your video kept me entertained and excited.
SPENCER WILLIAMS (’s Fashion Correspondent):
Kristi: Kristi, so wonderful to have you here. No question, your look was one of the most spot on. My only advice in this competition is to take it a step further. You did the literal interpretation of Gaston which was great, but rub some Kristi funk on it going forward.
Mia: I loved it! Very Cruella but we still got to get a good look into your persona. Well done.
Oriana: Your character was cute! The characterizations were great. Just remember to push the envelope further next time. This look felt a little safe and I want to see you take it to the next level!
Shakayla: I love the fact that you decided to pick a non-human character (unless Yzma is not human?) You took a risk and I think it payed off. Just remember though that a big factor of this competition is stage presence. Create a space for you to shine. Take the extra step in your video submissions, I promise it will pay off.
SIDNEY STOKES (’s Pop Culture Correspondent):

Kristi:  I loved that you did a male character and did a spin and your explanation of your spin on it. The intro was a tad long. Only thing I wish I could seen was maybe an inclusion of accessories.

Mia: You have one of the all time greatest lady villains, but the look didn’t stand out. You have an amazing personality and I woulda liked to have seen that reflected with your look. It was I love your explanation about the challenege and went in on how this ties to how you view life

Oriana: The costume was beautiful and the reveal was great, the make up didn’t show up as well in the video as it looks in real life. The intro was cute and I hope to see more of that personality shining through.

Shakayla: I fell off my couch that make up was so good. I wish I could have seen more of the look. Your intro was solid for the way you tied both the movie you were paying homage to and your life.

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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