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    Miss WERRRK 2016 Pure Lipsynch Talent Judges’ Critiques



    Dr. Jen (Owner of Atomic Cosmetics):
    Kristi: Good job! You really brought it with the lip synch! It was a perfect blend of the draggy and overexaggerated with the quiet power of the song. Loved it!

    Mia: I don’t feel like you knew the song as well as maybe you could have-there were a few places where you and the song weren’t in synch. (Of course, if you were really performing this song in a club, no one would know. But it’s a lip synch competition, so I had to say something.) I thought everything else was great!

    Oriana: Your lip synch was solid. I thought you did a great job with it.

    Shakayla: Gurl, where ARE you? I spent a good amount of the second time I watched the video trying to figure out what that thing next to you is. Your lip synch is good-the only thing I can say that you can improve upon is maybe knowing the song a little better so that you can do the big dramatic movements and facial expressions in the right places. Other than that, you did great!


    Sabrina Laurence (Makeup Artist, Virgina Drag Queen and Category winner in 2015):
    Ivory Towers: Miss thing! ?? you did that! Okay so when I look at a quality lipsynch I look for the head to toe and I think aesthetically blew me away so kudos love ? bitch and I need those lashes ??

    Aurora Gozmic: I INSTANTLY got the Suckerpunch reference in terms of your look which I very much enjoyed! Only thing I would say that could’ve been a little bit better would’ve been the lighting situation, you’re BEAUTIFUL and I wanted to see you mug more! ? however I found the constant changing of the lights was a tad bit distracting.

    Mia E Z’lay: What an amazing creative mind you have! ? your White Rabbit was head to toe AMAZING! ? I don’t know however if the video was lagging but the lipsynch could’ve been a little bit tighter.

    Kristi Davidson: I LITERALLY BELIEVED EVERY WORD YOU WERE SAYING! It drew me in like a magnet. However I wanted the outfit to match up to that TOP NOTCH lipsynch “Throws Dollar ? “?

    Oriana Peron: I loved your lipsynch ?

    Kat Sass (Chicago Drag Queen and’s 2015 BioQueen of the Year):

    Aurora- I loved your video, it spoke so perfectly to the topic of the song and your look was beautiful. Its obvious you are a true artist through and through. You mouth positions on the lip sync were specific and correct, however I might suggest a little more breath connection through the phrasing.

    Blake- the fact that you kept it so simple and kept my attention so completely speaks to your talent as a lip syncer. You have a little detox going on with the lip sync which really livens up a song that feels very druggy laid back- and the fact that you avoided that single note trap and had dynamic throughout was super successful. You also know the music in your body and your movement reflects that so well.

    Elle- Your costume choice was fucking awesome and you are a solid, dynamic performer. I would be careful for these videos though wearing bangs and standing that far from the camera- we lose a lot of your great expressions that way.

    Ivory- beautiful makeup and the single shot method with the camera work was interesting and overall successfully spoke to the topic of the song. I think though you could also be helped a LOT by breath connection to the lyrics, and it would have enriched the lip sync and energized it even though you are lying down.

    Pissi Myles (New York and Philadelphia Drag Queen):

    Shakayla: I love the makeup around your eyes! Third eye was a great idea. I think the lipsync would have been more successful if you had used the lyric to justify some of your movements and gestures. Always come back to the lyrics! It’ll save you.

    Mia: I want to steal that clock right off your belt! The outfit is great, but I got the impression that you may have not been 100% sure of your lyrics. Your performance style is great! Just make sure we don’t lose that in lost lyrics.

    Kristi: I loved your exaggerated faces! I think the next step for you is just to take your costumes to the next level. I loved the 70s style dress, but I would love to see some sparkle, or a more interesting cut. Great work! I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    Oriana: I loved your lip sync! Very intriguing, and you were powerful, even when stationary. It was really hard for me to see your makeup/look, though, so I can’t really give much of a critique there. Make sure you’re well lit when photographing your look! JUDGES PANEL

    CRUNK PANDA (’s Comics and Cosplay Correspondent)
    Kristi: You were extremely on point, enjoyed the interpretation and your look was great, well done.

    Mia: Initially, I wasn’t sure about the makeup when the video started playing, but, once I got a better look, I realized how great it really was. I’d mark out if I saw you come out in that and perform the song in person. Excellent.

    Oriana: Good interpretation of the lyrics, really hard to get much sense of your look, I think you may have been shooting for Cheshire, but, really hard to tell. Nice use of your environment and lighting. Just wish I could have seen you a little clearer.

    Shakayla: You look beautiful, that said, this is being judged more on performance, which just felt lacking. The third eye makeup was interesting, and I like how you used it to tie into “Feed Your Head”. Not sure most would catch it, but, it was a nice reference. A couple adjustments and you could have killed it this week.


    EMILY MEOW (’s UK Correspondent) 

    Aurora: Obsessed with your look, especially the hair. Great lipsync, relevant costume, overall really fun.

    Blake: I can’t cope with your lipsync style! Hilarious! Could’ve done with seeing you in other positions, I think you lost some body expression whilst being laid down, but overall totally hilarious and fun to watch.

    Elle: Loved this, I truly believed the words were coming out of your mouth. Great annunciation and body language. The outfit could’ve been more relevant but overall, wonderful!

    Ivory: One of the best costumes of the week, I throughly enjoyed your video. Nice lipsync and entertaining to watch. Well done, Ivory!


    BOXXA VINE ( 2015 Pageant Winner):

    Kristi: Great lip sync but the look seems almost like an after thought. Really thinking about the overall look would have really pushed this from a great performance to an amazing performance for me personally.

    Mia: Love the nod to the cartoon Alice in the costume which was very in character for the song but I would love to see more energy put into the performance especially in your face. You really do a good job of making your mouth very animated but really blast that emotion through as well.

    Oriana: I think you had great emotion and stage presence but for me personally the look was a little strange overall as it seems like a strange collection off different pieces that don’t exactly go together or add to the overall performance. Your surrounding and your lip sync really added nice levels to the performance.

    Shakayla: Major tip with uploading video challenges is to always overlay the music over the video and silence the original so that background noise is cut to a minimum as well as the quality of the music will make the whole submission come across even more professional and well crafted. A little thought into your background also helps to bring a nice fantasy to the whole video as well as capture the interest of the viewers.

    SPENCER WILLIAMS (’s Fashion Correspondent):

    Aurora: This was awesome. It kind of reminded me of Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” video just with 100% more drag queens. Honestly, the video was pretty badass and I loved the art direction, your lip-sync, and the look. Very well done!

    Blake: Your performance was pretty good! I have to say I was staring pretty hard at your mouth so you can do with that as you will. In the slower parts of the song, you were killing it. But I don’t feel like you energy changed much from the low to high tempos when the time came. You need to feel the music and sync to those lyrics like they are your own.

    Elle: I loved it! You obviously got the point of what this challenge was created for. You felt the music and show true lip-sync talent. My only critique or pointer I should say is give your environment a little more attention. This is now our second pageant and I have noticed those that give that extra effort seem to come out stronger!

    Ivory: I loved the direction of your video. The video was to the point and showed your lip-sync talent. Your lip-sync was on point and your look even kind of echoed the song. Where are you, I need to give you a high-five right now.

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