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Year End Awards 2016 Drag Awards: 2016 Comic Book Movie of the Year

2016 was definitely one for the record books, while many of us mourned significant losses in the realm of pop culture, we were also treated…to an extent, with some unique offerings that many of us just a few years ago never thought possible. From outcasts to all-stars, it was a year helmed mostly by Marvel, but, DC made it’s over offerings to the mix as well, so, let’s have a glance back in the year of 2016’s comic films! Remember you can vote daily between now and December 18th!

2015 Winner: Avengers: Age of Ultron

2014: Winner: Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain America: Civil War

Coming out of the gate swinging, Civil War gave us an all-star lineup, not only did they bring back many (most) of the characters we’ve come to know and love through the MCU, but, they brought us a couple of new additions to the continuity. Fans, as they did during the original books, picked sides yet again, but, will you pick them as your comic movie of the year?

Civil War

When you and the squad have your Black Friday Doorbusters planned out

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Another film seemingly years in the making, two of the biggest names to ever grace the pages of comic books finally get their chance to bring it to the big screen. Not only did we get introduced to a new version of Batman, but, we we’re treated to glimpses here and there of things to come, and, it finally brought Wonder Woman into the arena as she arguably steals the show from the fellas, but, did they all do enough to be comic movie of the year?

Martha? NO WAY!

I wish I knew how to quit you…

X-Men: Apocalypse

In the year of “put everyone on the screen”, Fox brings to screen one of the most storied, well…stories of the X-Men universe. The great great great great (you get the point) grand-daddy of all mutants makes his screen debut, gathers his horsemen, and gives us another fun Quicksilver point of view. Can the original mutant do enough to bring home the title of comic movie of the year?

Storm is far more imposing the the OG Mutant

What is even happening other than various shades of orange and purple?

Suicide Squad

Rounding out the teams, we have what on paper gives us a solid cast list, as someone who has been on comic convention circuits a good while, Harley Quinn has been a fan favorite for many years, we get a taste of things to come with the latest incarnation of Joker, and does what it can to prove to the world that a squad of bad guys deserves more than just B-List billing, does it succeed, and does it have what it takes to be comic movie of the year?

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. 2016 Drag Awards: 2016 Comic Book Movie of the Year 73

What the shit is this even?


Pushing the envelope of what’s allowed on screen and milking nearly every ounce they could of that R Rating, Deadpool quickly bursts onto the scene in a role that Ryan Reynolds was born to play. While it had a budget considerably cheaper than most, and coasting off the popularity of a leaked studio test footage, many would argue that 2016 belonged to the Merc with a mouth, but, can this origin laced bloody love story with it’s nods to Ikea and masturbatory habits bring home the award for Comic Movie of the year?


Well I Never!

Doctor Strange

In a film many were excited for, just for the potential it opens to the MCU, Stephen Strange arrives and begins to truly expand the MCU, far past anywhere any of us have seen outside of on an inked page or in our own imagination. Getting away from bombardment of gamma rays and various other forms of mutation, Stephen Strange presents us all with a world of magic, and seemingly infinitely possibilities, as we follow his journey, but, will this journey land him the award for best comic movie of the year?

Conjuring and shit

Still conjuring a pizza by hand, still waiting on the toppings list from the Avengers


That wraps up the 2016 look back of comic movies that were, and before anyone says “What about Ninja Turtles?”, they’ve been spun off in several directions over the years, and, it’s hard to find much direct lineage to the comics anymore.

2017 has a lot in store for us, from Logan to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to Wonder Woman, and many things in between, 2017 has the potential to be another solid year for comic fans and films.

So, which one is your #1? Don’t forget to vote, no electoral colleges here, just the sheer will of the people (and mutants)!

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