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Drag Queens 2016 Drag Awards: Queen of Los Angeles

Welcome to the 2016 Drag Awards, recognizing the best in drag and LGBT achievement this year! The nomination stage is starting now, where your vote will help decide the winners!

Los Angeles and New York. New York and Los Angeles. They’re the cities with more drag queens per square mile than any other! Drag is blossoming like never before on both coasts with more and more incredibly creative, gorgeous and talented queens showing up on the scene all the time. This award is to honor the drag queen in the City of Angels that made the biggest impact on the year 2016 !

*Editor’s Note: As with previous years, we do not include any former or current RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens on this list. Not to diminish the talents of queens like Morgan McMichaels, Pandora Boxx or any of the others doing their thing in LA, because lord knows we love us some Drag Racers but we want to shine a spotlight on some of the talented young queens that have yet to gain that sort of national exposure. In addition, the winners of the previous two years aren’t eligible either. Remember you can vote once every 24 hours between now and December 18th. Congratulations to all of our amazing nominees!

cake moss

Cake Moss – This queen has strut her stuff and burns every last floor she steps on with her unparalleled dance skills. A dynamite personality with a look that will leave you gagged for more! Bitch where? BITCH EVERY WHERE!

rhea litre

Rhea Litre – West Hollywood’s fiercest diva has had one helluva year! From hitting the runway, to traveling all over, and releasing her hit single, “Lovergirl.” Rhea isn’t just taking drag by storm, she’s showing that she’s the thunder and lighting.


Allusia Alusia – This queen has made 2016 more hilarious, more wonderful, and immensely more colorful than it had any right to be! In addition to her countless weekly gigs and shows, Allusia has used her star status to help raise awareness for the health of the gay community. She’s the hostess with the mostess and then some!


Wilhelmina Cavier – This feisty and fabulous queen has one of the most elegantly beat mugs any of us are lucky to look upon and the chest to back it all up! This queen has been making waves all throughout 2016 and reminding us all why Cavier is a symbol of excellence.

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Boulet Brothers – This duo brings you elegance, uniqueness, and a endless supply of imagination. In addition to their one of a kind Queen Kong event, these two have found a way to give an new kind of queen a chance with their “Dragula: Search for the World’s First Drag Supermonster.” These two don’t just give back to their community, they find a way to make it better.


Mayhem Miller – A chameleon that can adapt to the energy of any crowd and create an experience to all who meet her. Mayhem’s talent is rivaled only by her ability to give you your life, death, and resurrection.

Anita Procedure

Anita Procedure – Despite being her first year in Los Angeles after relocating from Northern California, Anita has already made an impact, including a featured role in the popular “Room Service” show and teaming up with her friend Luna Nova to release her Best Drag Queen Song of the Year nominated song “Hillary: A Political Parody!


Marta BeatChu – This queen has made 2016 her personal cabana boy. With so many looks, styles, and an endless amount of talent, every part of Los Angeles knows that when Marta BeatChu shows up at your club, you show up….45 minutes early to make sure you have a good seat for the show!


Glen Alen– The Queen of 1000 Faces. This Emmy winner’s is a true visionary of drag. Her legendary make up skills do so much more than enhance a face, her look tells a story and it’s always a story worth experiencing.


Diana Dzhaketov – Once you hear this queen’s name you will never forget it! In addition to a luscious style that rivals Agent Provocateur’s level sophisticated sexy. Diana will give you more than you knew you could handle and make you live in a moment you’ll never forget.

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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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