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Drag Queens 2016 Drag Awards: Queen of the United Kingdom 2016 Drag Awards: Queen of the United Kingdom 73

Welcome to the 2016 Drag Awards, recognizing the best in drag and LGBT achievement this year! The nomination stage is starting now, where your vote will help decide the winners!  Since we have started these awards in 2014, two of our most popular awards have been the Queen of New York and the Queen of Los Angeles awards, given to the queen in those cities that had the best year. Given the overwhelming support of those awards, we decided to broaden our horizons and recognize more worthy queens across the globe, The new Queen of the UK Award will recognize the drag queen across the pond that had the best year of all the queen in the United Kingdom! Thank you to our fabulous UK Correspondent, Emily Meow for her help in compiling this list. Remember you can vote once every 24 hours between now and December 18th. Congratulations to all of our amazing nominees!

UK drag is unlike any other. UK drag, like American drag has many faces. However what we lack in relation to pageant culture we make up for in an alternative and fearless scene, in which queens talents and unique art styles are manifested into their performances, queer spaces and aesthectics. Narrowing down the queens in the UK to a select 10 was incredibly difficult, as there is so much staggering talent in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. After much toil, I’ve complied a list of 10 UK queens and performers who this year have achieved incredible things in all realms of the art form. 

Cheddar Gorgeous – Manchester 

The head of the Family Gorgeous (who all deserve an honorable mention), part of the incredible #MANCHESTERQUEENS scene, Cha Cha Boudouir host, Aftershock sister.. The list goes on. Combine this with being an international hit, as well as starring in two Peaches Christ shows and all round flabbergasting looks, Cheddar Gorgeous took this year by storm.


Divina De Campo – Manchester

Also a #MANCHESTERQUEEN, Divina is the head of Team Holy Trannity, a resident at KiKi and an all round superstar in Manchester’s gay village. This year she went viral when she wowed the judges, audience and the whole of the UK with her incredible The Voice audition.


Meth – London

Meth is an international hit and the head of the Family Feirce. This year she launched the bar “Her Upstairs”, hosted “Not Another Drag Competition”, performed at Bushwig and had another successful American tour.


Virgin Xtravaganzah – London

The holy mother of Jesus Christ, Virgin Xtravaganzah has had yet another incredible year. Her performance type is like no other and her catchy, quick and clever parody’s can’t be matched. She’s put on and performed in shows up and down the length of the UK, and is one of the most incredible performers there is.


Joe Black – Brighton 

This year, cabaret superstar Joe Black has been a force to be reckoned with. From his solo show “Meet Me At The Eldorado” to House of Burlesque and everything in between, the gin-addled talent that Black brings to the UK’s scene is legendary.


Lydia L’Scabies – Brighton

From creating some of most innovative acts in the UK scene to hosting an award winning club night as well as creating adorkable duo “Cinebra” with sister Rococo Chanel and even being in the Ab Fab movie, Brighton’s Queen Flea Lydia L’Scabies is infectious.. literally.


Ellis Atlantis – Leeds

Ellis Atlantis is a huge fan favourite and certainly one to watch. Part of the Klub Kid & Candy Bradford family, this year she toured the UK & Brasil with Acid Betty and wowed the scene with her stunning makeup looks.


Lacy Rain – Scotland

Lacy Rain is a stand out in the Scottish drag scene. With a plethora of creative looks and acts, herself and the rest of the Mothertucker queens have made the Glasgow drag scene what it is today. This year she wrote and directed “The Cringe Who Stole Christmas” which rhymed entirely, dropped an EP and is a house queen at “Suck”.


Victoria Secret – Ireland

Victoria Secret is host and boss bitch at Dublin’s prestigious night “Dragged Up”. Victoria has brought to the table a new side to drag shows, by offering makeup classes featuring RuGirl favourites. Herself and her Dragged Up sisters have toured the UK, slaying wherever they go.


Lady Portia Di’Monte- Northern Ireland

Last but not least, Lady Portia has also had a stellar year. From co-hosting the Ab Fab opening night screening, to having her radio show on BBC Ulster on top of her regular gigs, Lady Portia even gave a TED talk!


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Featured writer from the across the pond. Wannabe Disney princess, harajuku lover and drag scene haunter.

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1 Comment

  1. Beth

    December 19, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    There are no Welsh Queens or South West English Queens on this list :/

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