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Year End Awards

The 2016 Drag Awards Ceremony (Part Two)

The 2016 Drag Awards Ceremony (Part Two) 75

If you missed Part One of the 3rd Annual Drag Awards, click here!


Poppy Fields: And we’re back! And Chiffon is also back from the little girls room. All better dear?

Chiffon Dior: Much better! And I didn’t even lose a nail pulling my pantyhose down. I think 2017 is off to a pretty good start!

PF: You probably didn’t need to share that with everyone dear but what we do need to do is to recognize our friends over at Arda Wigs who were a sponsor for this year’s Miss pageant and were involved with our new Queen of Chicago category as well. If you enjoy what we do here at WERRRK, be sure to support those who support us!

CD: Definitely! We love us some Arda Wigs! And let’s throw it to a queen who has some of the best hair in the Big Apple, the fabulous Miz Cracker, who is here to let us know who wow’d us on the red carpet this year. Its the Best Dressed of the Year award! Take it away Miz Cracker!

  • 2014 Winners: Beyonce and Cate Blanchett
  • 2015 Winner: Lady Gaga




PF: Wow, that makes it two years in a row for Mother Monster. I thought we had rules about winning in consecutive years.

CD:: Well, we do except for when our overworked interns screw up. Because it certainly wasn’t anything you or I did clearly. Besides, if we can’t bend the rules for Lady Gaga, who can we bend them for?

PF: For once you’re right Chiffon and you know how much that pains me to admit that!

CD: Almost as painful as those hot flashes a woman of your age gets. Or at least so I’ve heard. Anyway, let’s move on to one of my favorite awards, the LGBT Person of the Year! Our friend Pissi Myles coming to us from New York….or maybe Philly…..or it could be Jersey. I don’t know. She’s somewhere on the east coast and she’s here to let us know who won. Take it away Pissi!

  • 2014 Winner: Laverne Cox
  • 2015 Winner: Ruby Rose 





PF: Well that Kate McKinnon sure is racking up the awards this year huh?

CD: Which award do you think means more to her, her Emmy Award or her…

PF: Her Poppy Award?

CD: They’re not the Poppy Awards!

PF: Hmmph.

CD: Well seguing from one diva to another, we’re throwing it to the fierce Maddelynn Hatter who is the current Drag Photographer of the Year and is here to announce her successor! Take it away Maddelynn!

  • 2015 Winner: Maddelynn Hatter





PF: Well that certainly was a loaded category! Congratulations Eric on your win!

CD: I would say call me Eric but I hate when these photographers keep using me as the “Before” picture.

PF: Well maybe if you had a salad occasionally…..

CD: I have salad!

PF: Those taco salads don’t count!

CD: Way to ruin my dining experience!

PF: You can’t help some people. Moving on with the show, our current reigning Miss Bio-WERRRK, the adorable Monroe Fitzgerald is here to reveal the winning of our Drag Makeup Company of the Year Award! Take it away Monroe!

  • 2014 Winner: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
  • 2015 Winner: Sugarpill Cosmetics




PF: Congratulations to everyone at Jeffree Star Cosmetics! 

CD: I’d say I love their products but every time something new comes out, it sells out right away! Speaking of sell outs….

PF: We are not seguing with “Speaking of sell outs” Chiffon! 

CD: Good idea, especially since I’m a little bit scared of our next presenter! The fabulous Kat Sass and some of her friends are here to announce her successor as the Bio Queen of the Year! Take it away Kat!

  • 2015 Winner: Kat Sass





CD: Congratulations Boo! We’re excited to see the growth of Bio Drag around the world. Isn’t that right Poppy?

PF: Yes, yes……is it time for the beefcake yet?? *Breaks into a verse of “Bring On The Men”*

CD: You’re insatiable Poppy but yes, its time for a new award this year, the Mr. Los Angeles Award! And we brought in someone in almost as much heat as you are, our friend the fabulous Pandora Boxx! Take it away Pandy!




PF: I think I need to check and make sure Tyler doesn’t need any help backstage…….polishing his trophy?

CD: We’ve just completely given up any pretense of this being a family show, haven’t we?

PF: Cut me some slack! Because of rehearsals for this show, I haven’t seen my pool boy Fernando in days! A woman has needs!

CD: And now we needs to present the award for the Drag Look of the Year! 

PF: Seriously, these segues are getting worse by the minute! Anyway, please welcome our narrator for this editorial award, New York’s own drag Muppet, Shirley U. Jest! (Cheap Plug: Check out Shirley’s new video series “Behind the Seams” here!)


  • 2014 Winner: Phi Phi O’Hara
  • 2015 Winner: Violet Chachki




CD: Congratulation Art! It was a challenge to not include you every week in our Drag ‘Gram of the Week honestly!

PF: We need to take one more commercial break here but we will back soon with our final awards, the Drag Moment of the Year, the Drag Horizon Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2016 Drag Queen of the Year Award and more! We’ll be back shortly after a word from our sponsors.



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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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