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Drag Queens

The Miss 2016 Pageant Interviews: Mia E Z’Lay

The Miss 2016 Pageant Interviews: Mia E Z'Lay 82

Before we announce the winner of the 2016 Miss Pageant, our team at the site are sitting down with all of the contestants to learn a little more about them and the pageant experience. First up, Emily Meow’s interview with Mia E Z’Lay!

The Miss 2016 Pageant Interviews: Mia E Z'Lay 83

1. Describe Mia to someone who’d never come across her before.

Mia E Z’Lay is cotton candy cartoon princess. Her drag focuses on bright colorful hair, troll worthy jokes, and a subtle daytime look.

2. What do you value most about your own style of drag?

My colorful wigs, makeup style, and odd collection of heels. I love the head to toe complete look of a project.

The Miss 2016 Pageant Interviews: Mia E Z'Lay 84

3. What’s the drag scene like where you live?

It’s fun, but also hard. It’s important to work as hard as you can and push yourself if you want to do well.

4. What can we expect from a classic Mia number?

I love to do 80’s songs and comedy. A Mia number will usually have you laughing, but I also love to express a message or a story.

5. What’s been your favourite category in the Miss WERRRK pageant so far? Why?

My favorite category was the celebrity impersonation because I am a huge Cyndi Lauper fan and it also allowed me to tease up a wig and to make a brand new dress for the look!

The Miss 2016 Pageant Interviews: Mia E Z'Lay 85

6. Which, if any, did you find challenging and why?

I didn’t find anything super challenging because I went in with a positive attitude and wanted to try to experiment and have fun overall! The biggest snag I has was when a friend who was recording my number accidentally never hit record, so having to perform again was hard after doing jump splits and such.

7. What’s your greatest drag achievement so far?

My costume work and drag have grown vastly in the 4 years I have done this. I am so happy with my progress and I feel my greatest achievement in overall my abilities and what I have learned. I also can fit my fist in my mouth. I guess that’s an achievement.

8. Why should you be crowned Miss

I am Miss because my drag is odd, colorful, and ever changing. My submissions showed versatility, but still stayed true to who I am as an artist and a character. Also, I’ve never won anything before besides a lottery ticket, so that would be awesome!! Thank you everyone for following and supporting!

The Miss 2016 Pageant Interviews: Mia E Z'Lay 86

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