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Welcome to another addition of #THEWEEKINDRAG! 

This week saw the season finale of the first season of the Boulet Brothers’ drag competition, Dragula! Swanthula & Dracmorda Boulet, more commonly known as the Boulet Brothers, teamed up with “Hey Qween” to broadcast their search for the world’s first drag supermonster! The competition consisted of 6 episodes (including the finale) and saw challenges that would showcase glamour, filth and horror, the three components the contestants needed to prove they had what it takes to snatch the crown. Dragula proved to be unlike any other drag competition, as it included shocking and gruesome challenges that had never been seen before, including mud wrestling, brain eating and being buried alive! The top three girls who proved themselves week after week were Melissa Befierce, Frankie Doom & Vander Von Odd. After an incredible runway, (SPOILER ALERT) Vander was crowned as the winner! Congratulations Vander, and congratulations to the Boulet Brothers for an amazing series! Watch the finale below:

This week, All Stars 2 winner and fan favourite Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 performed her sophmore album ‘Poundcake’ at Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago. The live performance including backing dancers and appearances from other queens, such as Gia Gunn to perform their duet ‘Stun’, a cardboard cut out of Jackie Beat for ‘I Invented That’, Drag Coven stepping in as Detox and Katya for ‘Read U, Wrote U’ and Soju Love as a terrifyingly accurate Lil Poundcake for ‘Puppet’. Congratulations for an incredible night, Alaska!

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Photo by Drag Coven

Next up, on my side of the pond the adorkable duo Cinebra released their debut music video for their single ‘Friday 13th’. Megan & Sophie, aka Cinebra, blossomed from the minds of some of Brighton’s best, the delightfully disgusting Lydia L’Scabies & fantasy darling Rococo Chanel. Megan & Sophie are two nerdy, lovable teenage girls obsessed with movies, hence ‘Cinebra’. The pair are aspiring Youtubers who rate new releases and cult classics, and they’ve written and starred in two popular shows of their own. Their Halloween show told the story of tested friendship through a seminar on the History of Horror (check out Cinebra’s History of Horror trailer here), followed by their Christmas show where Megan was visited by three rather familiar ghosts. Cinebra bring a new flavor to the UK drag and theatre scene, their ideas are fresh and new, their original songs and parodies are catchy and ingenious and the overall quirk and sweetness of their characters will allow them room in your heart, permanently. This past week came their first video to their parody of Rebecca Black’s viral hit ‘Friday’, with a Cinebra twist. They dropped ‘Friday 13th’ on said day, which tells the story of the horror classic. Check out their video below!

Mimi Imfurst has made drag history! She was the first (she was literally Mimi Imfurst) US queen to perform in Cuba. Mimi and a team of backing dancers performed Madonna’s hit ‘Express Yourself’ and hit the headlines this week, as due to an embargo on American culture, Cuba had previously never seen or heard the 1989 record. This was huge for the LBGTQ+ community in Cuba, incredible work Mimi!

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In more music video news, Toronto’s sensational showgirl Xtacy Love also dropped a music video! The Crews & Tangos Next Drag Superstar winner posted a parody video of Meghan Trainors single ‘Me Too‘, entitled ‘Drag Too’. The parody factors in all aspects of drag, from lines about 301 lashes, glue guns, lip syncing and the incredible line “I thank God everyday, that I woke up feeling this gay”. Watch Xtacy’s video below:

And one final note, we’re nearing the end of the Miss 2016 Pageant! Look for contestant interviews and the announcement of the winner this week on!

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