What the Walking Dead: Rock in the Road 1

Guess what! I’m back! Ohhhh thank God I couldn’t wait any longer. I have been watching nothing but Jim Gaffigan specials and CNN ever since we last spoke and I thought I was going to lose it.. The Walking Dead is back and as stressful as ever. Will The Saviors freak out over Daryl disappearing? Will the tribes become one and fight Negan? Will Carol ever come out with a cookbook now that she has some down time? We have waited long enough, let’s talk about it!

The Fabulous

The started right where we left off! In the middle of a s*** storm. Luckily, our team has gotten themselves together. We basically saw Maggie channel her inner Hillary Clinton and took control of The Hilltop. It’s not set in stone but she basically runs it there. Maggie is Beyonce at Hilltop. We got to see Rick meet King Ezekiel which was fun… Mostly because Rick had to meet the tiger and that is always a fun reaction. Oh another fun yet stressful moment was watching Rick and Michonne cut down tons of walkers with their duo car knife thing. ┬áSo dope!

What the Walking Dead: Rock in the Road 2

The Tragic

Okay King Ezekiel… you have a f***ing tiger. Why are you backing out of this fight? Morgan… sweet sweet Morgan. Why are you going back to being a punk? Come on people. I had to watch Glenn have his eyeball smashed out. Is that not motivation to get your asses up? I am tired of hearing my friends talk about how hot Negan is… Yes.. he is gorgeous… But you can’t admit that. He is crazy!!! RESIST. If we cannot fight a imaginary character in a zombie television show, how can we resist Trump!? Also, who is this new creepy group. Where the hell did you all come from? So confused. Hopefully this gets cleared up and isn’t completely cheesy. Father Gabriel… I swear if you turned out to be this dumb I will get myself cast on this show and destroy you myself!

What the Walking Dead: Rock in the Road 3

The Episode MVP

The MVP of this episode goes to Jesus! Jesus is being very patient with trying to get all of these pieces work together and I admire that. Plus, his hair is looking better and better each week. You better work Jesus!

What the Walking Dead: Rock in the Road 4

This was a fun episode… but I need more. Stay tuned for next week where it looks like Rick comes in contact with a walker straight out of Pan’s Labryinth. THIS WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE STRESSFUL. See you all next time. Also, watch the new Celebrity Apprentice. Tonight is the finale and it is bomb!