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MADGE MADNESS: Madonna (Self Titled)

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna (Self Titled) 128

Sure everyone has heard of March Madness but let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you rather take part in MADGE MADNESS, our celebration of all things Madonna? Yep, us too so be sure to join us as we dive into her entire catalogue, look into her fashion and style throughout the years and maybe even a few more surprises along the well! And don’t be afraid to share your thoughts of the Material Girl with us too!

First up in our series is her 1983 self titled album Madonna. Just click on the album cover below to add this album to your iTunes account. We have even included a Spotify playlist for you to listen along with us! 

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna (Self Titled) 129

On July 27th, 1983 the landscape of the music landscape changed forever. Madonna Louise Ciccone released her first album, titled simply, Madonna, and blindsided the world in a bold way that no one expected to see coming. She gave the world an album that spoke directly to a generation’s desire to be loved. An album that spoke to those whose have loved and not received such love in return. It’s an album that expresses an eternal sense of optimism even if life deals you a bad hand.

Madonna doesn’t only express a generation’s notions of what romance could be, but it blends together a variety of musical sounds, styles, techniques in such a way, that it would go on to time stamp an era of music and crown a Queen of Pop for decades to come.

In order to fully realize the themes and ideas that make an album like this stand the test of time, we must dive deep into each song to see the full picture. So let’s….for lack of a better word….JUMP!

Lucky Star– Simple though this song seems, it opens the album in such a vibrant and relatable way. Madonna’s wishing for what she wants most: love and adoration. Using the familiarity of wishing upon a star, this song might have been the third single off the album, but as the first song on the album, it’s the kind of start we all have, a wish, that everything that follows what we do, goes right.

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MADGE MADNESS: Madonna (Self Titled) 130

Borderline – If you’ve ever liked someone who you try, with all your heart, to win over, then this song is for you. It’s Madonna at her most vulnerable on this album. She’s trying to not beg and trying not to give up who she is for someone else. Songs like this made Madonna universally relatable and landed Madonna her first Top Ten hit.

Burning Up – This song’s style is the first in your face Madonna that we had heard. The structure of the song backs this up as well as the lyrics. In a lot of ways Madonna is begging here at the end of her ropes with love. It’s an amazing blend of musical composition and deeper meaning.

I Know It – One of the best things a person can be is self-aware. That’s what this song is. After several songs of throwing herself at a guy she is finally giving up and moving onward. This song is about reclaiming one’s sense of self worth by realizing the one we long for is just to far away to catch up to.

Holiday – After reclaiming one’s sense of independence, that’s as good enough a reason to celebrate nothing but yourself. This is when Madonna preaches the value of loving who you are because such a light will draw others to your flame. Madonna would return to the idea of finding love (as quickly as the next song) but this song adds another dimension to a singer’s concept for what love really means.

Think of Me – After Madonna had pined so long for someone and finally learned to just love herself, she takes an edge of knowing she made an impression. Her confidence shines through in a way that’s not ego. Madonna gains the edge over suitors. She now knows what she has to offer and people can either accept it or leave with only the memory of her.

Physical Attraction – This is a smarter Madonna realizing it’s ok to fall for a man but be vigilant to notice the bad signs she’s seen before. This time she seems more armed and ready to handle the situation. She knows what leads her to fall for someone but leaves the door open to the idea it might not work out. It might not be happy, but it’s realistic.

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MADGE MADNESS: Madonna (Self Titled) 130

Everybody – The finale of the album is not about a boy, it’s not about a girl, it’s about…well…everybody, and the fun she wants them to have. Ending the album on this note closed out the album in such a way that it let people know Madonna was not only here, but she was here for people to have fun.

The album is obviously personal and could be read as personal anecdotes of a woman seeking love, but this is also an album of an artist seeking an audience. It was a risk for an up-and-comer like Madonna. It’s a journey of self-discovery playing out to song. It’s not only a journey for the artist but the listener. This album began to preach what would become Madonna’s key message of accepting who you. This album works is an outlet for Madonna’s journey of self awareness and inspires those who listen to never let someone else define you. This message has stood the test of time and reaches more people as time goes on, decades after it was released.


Next up, Like A Virgin! Stay tuned as Madge Madness rolls on here at!

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna (Self Titled) 132

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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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Sure everyone has heard of March Madness but let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you rather take part in MADGE MADNESS, our celebration of all...

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