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    Crunk Panda’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Reaction

    Spider-Man gives us another glimpse into his homecoming, which delivers a far greater taste of things to come. For years, so many of us have wanted a certain presentation of Spider-Man on the big screen. After many iterations, many fans felt like justice just hasn’t been served properly. Without the watchful eye of Marvel Studios previously, the property was kind of all over the place. I mean, remember Emo Spidey and that Venom attempt? The latest trailer is amazingly refreshing. I really don’t want to throw trailer spoilers and things out there, but, I feel kind of obligated to at least touch on things. We get a few different looks at what Peter is wearing, and it begins to give an idea of more and more into what the costume can do. As we’ve seen before, Tony is behind the tech and it is looking more and more impressive.
    Spidey and Iron Man just saw the "HOT" light come on at Krispy Kreme

    Spidey and Iron Man just saw the “HOT” light come on at Krispy Kreme

    Aunt May is a welcome departure from the normal, I’m really looking forward to seeing her take on the character, and seeing how Tony tries to use his charm on her. Because, well, feels weird saying this, but, Aunt May is really hot.
    Reminding Peter that the '64 Buick Skylark does not have postitraction

    Reminding Peter that the ’64 Buick Skylark does not have postitraction

    We finally get a little more glimpse into Spidey’s foes and so far, it all looks extremely promising, unless you are Peter Parker, and then, your Spidey senses may be in overdrive. For the first time in a while, maybe ever in these Spidey films, I finally get that he’s truly in danger.

    That ain’t Batman!

    With Marvel a bit more involved, NY looks a bit more like the expansive universe we’ve come to know through the rest of the MCU, and I am sure there will be Easter eggs galore. It’s great watching Spidey swing through some different environments, and even better hearing those wisecracking quips that just haven’t quite fully found their way on screen. The trailer packs in a little of everything. Needless to say, I’m ready for July 7th! What do you think? Will this latest incarnation set a new course for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, time will tell!

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