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The Interview: Sherry Pie

The Interview: Sherry Pie 31


Hi there Sherry! I’m excited to sit down and talk with you. Have the paparazzi left you alone since you won the Ms. Barracuda crown last Wednesday night?

Oh my god! I have had to beat them off with a stick !!! How are you darling !?! I’m so excited to chat with you !!!

Excited to talk with me? Well that’s a first! My own family pretends I have the wrong number when I call. Are you sure you mean me?

Yesssss you my little sweetie pie!

The Interview: Sherry Pie 32

Photo by Tom Evans

Awww shucks! I guess there is a first time for everything then! So tell me, what made you decide to run for Miss Barracuda, one of the more unique pageants in New York City?

*Laughs* well originally I honestly had no interest in doing it. I’m not a competitive person what so ever and so I was with Tina Burner and she had mentioned that I should do it as it’s a good chance for me to get my name out in NYC as I have only been in the city for a year and some change and the pageant as you said is unique and she thought it would be a good stage to show my drag. I laughed and didn’t think twice but then after talking to several different people I thought,  “You know what …..let’s give it a try!” I had no idea what to expect.

The pageant runs for four weeks and each week a new category. I was lucky enough to be a guest judge for evening gown which had a unique theme. Can you talk about that theme and how you, umm….creatively interpreted that theme?

Yes so the whole pageant had a theme of “Hollywood” but each week had sub-themes such as “concession stand” ,”feature presentation” , etc ! So the evening gown night was “Feature Presentation” so the gown has to be based off a full length film. Originally I was going to do CLUE but then after shooting some ideas around I decided to do Silence of the Lambs and so I began work on how to interpret a whole film or at least the major plots into one look. I threw the movie on and began to take notes. I obviously came up with the “skin” dress. After that the hunt was on to find something that really looked like human flesh. So yeah,  I made a skin dress. *Laughs*

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33
The Interview: Sherry Pie 34

Photo by Maddelyn Hatter

I’m grateful I didn’t have something to eat prior to seeing that. You can confirm now though that your dress DEFINITELY wasn’t real human skin…..right?

My lawyer has told me not to comment at this time …..I’m so happy I got that reaction out of you.

It was certainly striking and shocking. I assume that was what you were going for?

Beauty and grace …..I killed Miss United States !!! Yes 100% it was the shock factor with that look and performance.

The Interview: Sherry Pie 35

Photo by Jeff Eason

Is that something you have normally play with in your drag?

Ummmm, I don’t think I go for shock but when I go for it I go for it …..hard. Some may disagree. *Laughs*

*Laughs nervously* So you said you’ve only been in NYC for a little over a year. Where are you from originally?

Saratoga Springs, New York.

Growing up in the heart of horse racing country, what was your first exposure to the world of drag?

In life it was The Birdcage with Nathan Lane and Robin Williams. In real life a club called Waterworks.

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

What made you want to get started in the world of pantyhose and glitter……and pseudo human flesh dresses?

I don’t know!!! I’m just kidding , I’m also an actor I have been performing since I was old enough to really talk. I found that I loved nothing more than the sound of laughter …one of my favorite quotes is “laugh with me, laugh at me…..but just please laugh” I really love the sound and I love the joy that it brings to people and so I found that drag brought it to a new level!!!

How did your first time in drag come about?

It was a character for a original show and then another character and then I was like, “Wow I’m good!”.

How did you decide on Sherry Pie?

I originally was Amber Glamourpussy! And I thought it was amazing and then I was like no no no so I took a break from drag and was trying to find my self and I was sitting in a costume shop with a designer and a good, good judy of mine and we were throwing names around and then we tossed out pie and then Sherry …..and I was like Sherry Pie!!!

The Interview: Sherry Pie 37

Photo by Davide Laffe

Now I want some pie…and maybe some ice cream….and a little vodka.

*Laughs* I always want pie and fried chicken.

That reminds me! Jasmine Rice promised to take me for Korean fried chicken after our interview but I still haven’t made that happen. I have no idea what it is but it sounded delicious.

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

What is that?!?! I want that! Let’s both gang up on her and get some!

I feel like a special fried chicken edition video for our YouTube channel is in order!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Please let me know! Let’s do a fried chicken video! I would love to do a foodie series!

It could be the perfect follow up to our long discussed Juicy Liu at Panda Express video that I am hoping to make happen soon!

Let me know and let’s do it !!!!! YESSSSSSSSS! 

This is the perfect segue actually, I was told I needed to ask you about Meatloaf! Now I think “Bat Out of Hell” is clearly his best album…..

*Laughs* Meatloaf is my babe. I’m assuming you are talking about my meatloaf groom’s cake ?

*Laughs* I don’t know! I was just told to ask you about meatloaf as you are very passionate about it. 

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

YESSSSSSS! Well I want the groom’s cake for my husband to be a meatloaf cake with mashed potato “frosting” and Ketchup decals. I fucking love it as much a fried chicken!

That certainly is…..something? What is it about meatloaf that you like so much?

I don’t know it’s such a comfortable dish !!! I’m a big homebody and love cooking in the kitchen and feeling that warmth and smelling the smells and then chilling out and eating with friends and family. I love that and I think meatloaf is such a home with the family kinda dish.

Okay, so before people think they’ve stumbled on to the Food Network, let’s try and get back on track! What brought you to New York City?

Nothing was happening in Saratoga and I went to school for Musical Theater …..just like some many of my sisters.

And there it is folks! The streak lives on! Virtually every NYC queen I have interviewed went to school for musical theater. It’s uncanny!

Yep !!! And that’s why I started T.R.A.S.H, my small little production company! The Regional Artist Show House ….T.R.A.S.H.!  We started with Frocky Horror and now we are attempting Little Shop.

Are you playing Audrey 2?

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

No ! I am playing Miz. Mushnick, I have done it before so I’m doing it again.

Well that is disappointing. I won’t lie.

Whyyyyyy? *Laughs* Our Audrey 2 is the anything but pure Brita Filter!

Okay fine, you won me back!

The Interview: Sherry Pie 41

Our Kickstarter just went live today to start our funding. Frocky was funded by amazing people and so will Little Shop. We have Tina Burner, Monet X Change, Bootsie LefarisVinny Vega, Pissi Myles, Ari Kiki and some other mystery players.

So basically a who’s who of NYC drag stars.

We really try to showcase the best of the best of NYCs Nightlife talent and show that these girls have way more that what you may see at a club in a four minute number. I still have so many amazing queens and kings and people that I hope T.R.A.S.H gets to work with. Our “Little Shop Of Horrors” is the classic camp rock musical with T.R.A.S.H’s signature twist….THEY ARE ALL DRAG QUEENS!!!  

Speaking of Pissi, you work regularly with her just a bit down I-95. How did that relationship come about?

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

Pissi and I met each other when I brought her in to NYC for my event Killer Queen at Blood Manor. She then booked me at another gig and we hit it off, honestly we were like long lost friends. We just get each other and having similar senses of humor and views on the world and drag. I LOVE HER!

The Interview: Sherry Pie 43

I mean, she’s okay considering she’s in Jersey.

Oh she is trash.

You’re also a regular part of one of the hottest drag shows in the city, Turnt with Maddelynn Hatter.

Another sister !!! Maddelynn is another person I met through a booking upstate and we connected. Maddelynn is literally like my sister and brother! TURNT is amazing and honestly I think the key to its success is not only the Ritz treats it’s guest and talent amazingly but the show also has something for everyone….Broadway, splits , vogue , spoken word , dance ……all the gigs! Maddelynn, Judy Darling, Holly Box-Springs and Aja are my family. So come to TURNt and come to all my shows and follow me on the social media ….oh and donate to Little Shop and see the show!!!!

Beyond all that, what kind of goals do you have for yourself drag-wise on your proverbial drag bucket list?

Well to be honest I would love to take TRASH to a big place where we can be doing 5 shows a year and I really would love to in some sense follow in one of my idols footsteps and become the Peaches Christ of this coast , I also would love to own my own space for drag and art and Nightlife.

So you want to have really high end TRASH?

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

5th Ave trash!

The Interview: Sherry Pie 45

Photo by Maddelynn Hatter

Wow, that is pricey! So are you up for a few lightning round questions?



The Interview: Sherry Pie 46


Must have makeup item?

Sugarpill Eyeshadow.

Drag role model?

Peaches Christ or Hedda Lettuce or Divine or Dame Edna.

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

4am post drag food craving?

Fried chicken.

Best part of drag?


Worst part of drag?


Most surprising thing about you people might not know?

I’m incredibly shy.

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

If not for drag, what would you be doing?


Guilty pleasure?


Death row last meal?

All the cookies. And fried chicken and meatloaf.

Netflix binge recommendation?

Grace and Frankie season 3!!!!!!

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The Interview: Sherry Pie 33

Last one, most embarrassing song on your phone?

Where the Hell My Phone.

Well, its been great talking with you tonight Sherry! I hope the paparazzi ease up on you after a few weeks as Miss Barracuda. Do you have any final words of wisdom to leave the universe with? 

Ooohhh sage wisdom!!!! Always put the lotion in the basket!

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Despite being a drag journalist for almost a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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