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    YouTube Pushes Pause on “Hey Qween”!


    Two weeks ago, our UK Correspondent, Emily Meow wrote an impassioned article about how damaging YouTube’s new policy regarding LGBTQA+ content could be. Tonight we’re finding out how far reaching this discriminatory policy is becoming. Arguably the most popular gay talk show on the internet, Hey Qween, is being held hostage by YouTube, as the videos for their new season are ambiguously being held “for review”. One can only assume that this is part of their new “mature content” policy because while drag queens are apparently fine for basic cable on VH1 at prime time, they’re too mature for YouTube it seems.


    Jonny McGovern released a video this evening explaining their plight and what fans of Hey Qween can do to help. As a fellow LGBTQA+ content creator, we strongly stand alongside Hey Qween and encourage everyone else to do so as well. Please take the time to reach across social media and, using the hashtag #FREEHEYQWEEN,  let YouTube know that we went our new season of Hey Qween and that just because something is LGBTQA+, doesn’t make it mature content! Contact YouTube on Facebook here, Twitter here and Instagram here!


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