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MADGE MADNESS: Madonna’s Most Iconic Looks

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 29

Sure everyone has heard of March Madness but let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you rather take part in MADGE MADNESS, our celebration of all things Madonna? Yep, us too so be sure to join us as we dive into her entire catalog, look into her fashion and style throughout the years and maybe even a few more surprises along the well! And don’t be afraid to share your thoughts of the Material Girl with us too!

Next up in our series is special look at the ever-changing looks of the Material Girl through the lens of our resident fashion maven, Spencer Williams with a special guest appearance by Drag Race legend Detox

Hey friends. Welcome to another segment of Madge Madness! Now, when Sidney first asked me if I wanted to be apart of this special series I asked him… “How did you get in my house and when did you get a hold of that harpoon gun!” Shortly after, Sidney asked me to use my fashionable third eye to bring to light ten of Madonna’s best looks. I don’t have to tell you that Madonna has had maybe the strongest impact on fashion in comparison to any other celebrity. Madonna has been pushing the envelope well before any of today’s new artists, in fact many people cite Madonna as their fashion inspiration. So grab your cone bras and at least seventeen pieces of jewelry because we are about to explore some of Madonna’s best looks. Now, these looks are not arranged in any particular order because let’s be real, how can someone just pick the top look Madonna look of all time…That’s your job! We’ll get back to that later.  There will also be no kimonos listed in this article because Drag Race beat that horse to death and then some. On with the show!

1. “Blonde Ambition” Tour 1990
MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 30

Ahhhh. The iconic cone bra. Well its more like a cone bustier really. This signature Jean Paul Gaultier piece has echoed throughout fashion for many years. I mean we can’t go to a single Halloween store without seeing a cheesy knock-off. No one owns the cone bra like Madge does.. Lady Gaga had a cone bra that released flames, Katy Perry has a cone bra that shot frosting,  but not one of them could top Madonna. People will forever associate the cone bra with Madonna. Man, I might go get one myself.

2. “Who’s That Girl” Film Premiere 1987

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 31

During the “Nikki Finn” phase, Madonna exuded true Hollywood glamour. I picked this look because Madge looks like an actual angel.  That silver dress is so graceful and I love the short blonde hair. She looks just like Marilyn Monroe and I still live. Ugh just… yes. Definitely one of her top fashion moments. This would be pretty even on today’s red-carpet. That is a challenge people! Recently, the red carpet has been distancing itself from the crazy theatrical looks and moving back toward the “Old Hollywood Glamour” feel and this photo can prove as a valid inspiration.

3.  Super Bowl 2012

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 32

The former creative director of Givenchy, Ricardo Tisci created these amazing outfits for the 2012 Super Bowl. This black mini dress and gold gown inspired by vintage Givenchy was a huge hit and worked perfectly during Madonna’s classic “Vogue”. I know some of you might say this look has nothing on iconic pieces like the cone bra, but I beg to differ. The Givenchy ensemble is freaking cool and I won’t budge on this one. I know you all secretly wish that was you sitting on top of that throne in gold, or beneath it whatever your preference is.

4. American Music Awards 1985

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 33

There is nothing more 1980’s than Madonna’s American Music Awards look. If you open up a fashion dictionary and look up “80’s Fashion”, you will see this picture. I love it. I literally remember being in my high school U.S history class and this picture would always show up in presentations regarding the 1980’s. Madonna sports her signature crap-ton of jewelry, some religious pieces, crazy hair, and a plain yet very Madonna dress. All hail the queen.

5. “Who’s That Girl” Tour 1987

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 34

God yes, I love this look. This black leotard looked amazing on Madonna. It is so sexy yet very powerful and fierce. This look has kick-ass written all over it. All I can think about when I see this picture is Lady Gaga’s Alejandro era. Hmmmm, coincidence? No but really, this look is amazing. I love the gold trim and the beautiful embroidery. I would love to see Madge bring this outfit back.

6. “Living For Love” Matador Era 2015-2016

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 35

Remember a few years ago when Madonna came out with that amazing song, “Living for Love” and Madonna carried on a matador theme for what seemed like ever. Madge made tons of appearances using the matador theme, a music video, and took it on tour. I freaking loved it. Madonna stood on stage and fought off her dancers dressed like bulls. Simple concept, amazing execution. These looks were iconic and I don’t care what you say. Don’t you dare fight me.

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MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 36

7. “Like A Virgin” Music Video 1984

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 37

How can we talk about Madonna fashion without mentioning the “Like a Virgin” music video. The queen dancing through Venice in her black ensemble is the hero we want, but not the hero we deserve right now.. With her statement jewelry and bubbly song, Madonna made me feel… Yeah, it made me feel shiny and new… Sorry I had too. You were thinking it. Anyways, perfection.

8. “Evita”  Film 1996

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 38

Well… how can we ever forget the iconic, “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” look. This looks comes from a very famous scene  in which Madonna is singing to a huge crowd of people. This performance will give you the feels. Can we talk about this outfit though? She looks like a true leader. Madonna exudes pure power. The pearls, the makeup, I can’t find a flaw. Might I just add that Chiffon said something about beating me up if I do not mention this look? I don’t blame her, it truly is one of her best looks.


9. Year of Versace 1995 featuring Detox

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 39

As I was putting together all of these looks, I figured I needed to bring in an expert. Who better to get some insight on Madonna fashion then the one and only, Detox!

Spencer: So Detox…  I felt like this article would be incomplete without knowing your favorite Madonna look and why..?

Detox: Oh my gawwwwwd. How could I choose? I could literally pick a favorite look from every era.

Spencer: I know! Maybe pick the first one that comes to mind

Detox: Versace 1995…. Iconic. I was 10 years old when those came out and Bedtime Stories was dropping and I was obsessed with that album, the look, VERSACE. Mom in a lilac, chain mail Versace dress down a staircase with a poison apple?! Ugh! Then the Versace campaign that went with Something To Remember by Mario Testino.

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MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 36

Spencer: Yes, I love it! With all of the vinyl… Just perfect!

Detox: I mean, it is!

Follow Detox on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now!

10. “Desperately Seeking Susan” Film 1985

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 41

The “Desperately Seeking Susan” look may reign triumphant over every Madonna look. This picture would be considered editorial even now in 2017. If I were Madonna, I would make this my Facebook profile picture for the rest of my life. Of course she is wearing tons of necklaces… I love the pants look and that hair! Madonna is the true hair queen. I doubt any of you are actually reading this paragraph because you are just looking at that picture saying “Yasssssss” so I’ll just move on.

11. “Hung Up” Music Video 2005

MADGE MADNESS: Madonna's Most Iconic Looks 42

Okay so this may be a surprise outfit to many of you, but the “Hung Up” outfit had a huge impact on me when the music video came out. Here is this women, setting up a boombox… stretching, and just taking control of camera with her iconic dance moves. This pink wrap jumpsuit was the perfect weapon for Madonna to show off her perfect body and just make our jaws hit the ground. This is personally one of my favorite Madonna fashion moments. I am curious to know if anyone feels the same way?

Well there you go. Madonna has been dominating the fashion industry the second she was spotted by a camera. Fashion owes much of what it is today to this incredible artist and it will forever hold onto her influence. Now, I want to hear from you! Which of these looks are your favorite? Vote for your favorite in our poll, or  vogue on over to the comments and tell me what you think is Madonna’s all time most iconic fashion! It’s been fun everyone. Now enjoy this music video as a gift from me to you…

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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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