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When Deven Green Put Chiffon To WERRRK

Direct from the time capsule, we have unearthed this hidden gem from 2014 when Chiffon Dior pitched the initial idea for the website to LA power broker Deven Green. Had Ms. Green said no, the very course of drag history could have been changed forever!

When Deven Green Put Chiffon To WERRRK 9

Three years ago Ms. Chiffon Dior came into my offices at Deven Green Enterprises to interview for the position of Head Mistress and Editor-in-Chief. I have released the transcript of this successful job interview.

January 2014:

Ms. Dior…I know that you are interviewing with other companies but when I read that you wanted to create a new, exciting entity within our conglomeration called I had to meet you in person.

It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Green. I’m excited to be considered for your company. I have long been an admirer of Greenpeace!

Brevity is short. May I have your two-sentence personal biography?

Well, according to my official bio, the rumor is that I’m an illegitimate love child, spawned by a drug infused night of passion between Joyce Dewitt and David Crosby. Since that time I’ve received a higher calling: to write about men in dresses.

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When Deven Green Put Chiffon To WERRRK 10

I’m sure you know that this is a full-time job with duties such as: creating, editing and organizing video content, creating and reviewing all written and visual web content, having close and intimate relationships with the GLBTQ community and more. How will you prioritize all these duties?

I’ll prioritize everything as much as my ADD will allow me to! My brain comes up with a lot of ideas that send me off in five different directions at once so I really need to rein myself in sometimes and really focus. Caffeine will play a big role as well I think.

I’m glad that you can write and talk because a huge part of this job is interviewing fascinating talent. Who would be your dream interview?

Rachel Maddow is my dream interview! I think she is one of the last real journalists out there. I would have loved to see what she could have done covering a Watergate level scandal but there is no way this country would ever elect a man as slimy and corrupt as Nixon ever again.

You mentioned creating an all-encompassing award show with categories ranging from Best Musical to Best Merchandise.   Why is it important that “the people” vote for the winners and not just you?

Because we all carry a personal bias even if we don’t realize it. I’m hoping to create the first comprehensive year end drag awards this year because there is a bit a vacuum there. The Glam Awards here in New York are wonderful but they just cover the Big Apple. I want to cover the entire scope of the drag industry and the fans throughout the country….and maybe the world someday deserve to have their voices heard because if they weren’t showing up at the bars, watching the shows and buying the merchandise, there wouldn’t be much of a market for drag queens.

On a more personal note you seem to be a very modest person who maintains a state of decorum. How would you feel about being nominated for an award?

Can we just insert the clip of Sally Field accepting her Oscar here?

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When Deven Green Put Chiffon To WERRRK 10

Friendly competition should empower individuals to develop and grow. I would like to know your thoughts on creating the perfect drag competition and is this something that you would consider spearheading?

As a queen who really cut her teeth in the world of drag pageantry, I think the technology has reached a level where we can do something brand new. I am hoping to create an online drag pageant which would really be the first of its kind where queens from around the country would compete against one another via the magic of online videos. I hope would can find a few queens that would be interested.

I note in your “Special Skills” section that you cook. What recipe best represents you?

I tend not to use a rigid recipe but I’m more of a “let’s add a little of this and a little of that” type of cook….which is why I’m a lousy baker. But that said, my guacamole is no joke and my marinated skirt steak has never had a single complaint.

When Deven Green Put Chiffon To WERRRK 12

Photo by Reed Davis

Your list of references has depth and breadth. Each has mentioned your strength and empathy. But who looks after you?

I actually have an opening for that position if you’re interested. I can interview you after we finish this interview if you want. I have great stock options. But if not, I have a wonderful team of writers and contributors lined up to help me with this venture! I am a lucky gal to have so many talented people wanting to be involved in this site. I’m sure the team will evolve and grow over time but we are off to a great start I think!

Here at Deven Green Enterprises we want all of our employees to feel like they are part of the family. You are a drag mother several times over. Are you expecting more children? Just to let you know, we have an excellent babysitting program.

Well, I have a couple of drag children right now but I can’t imagine adding any more. I mean, could you imagine me having six or seven of them? Yikes! That would be ridiculous. I’m sure I’d be looking to sell some of them of Craigslist by that point.

Let’s discuss your future goals. Where do you see yourself in three years Chiffon? That would be the year 2017.

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When Deven Green Put Chiffon To WERRRK 10

So we’re talking about the future, I imagine I will be zipping around in my flying car with some awesome new friends, maybe some cool peeps that are sure to still be huge icons in 2017 like Prince and David Bowie! Hopefully Apple will have developed the new iLightsaber by then. Oh, and ideally people will have embraced and we’ll still be rolling on! And it’s going to be great to finally have a woman President!

Chiffon, it was a pleasure speaking with you. My assessment is that you are more than qualified to head up but, more importantly, I feel like we are going to be great friends.

I’m going to take that as a legally binding agreement.

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Despite being a drag journalist for almost a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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