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    Alien Day: A Terrifying Holiday

    Don’t be alarmed. I come in peace. Rejoice my proud nerd friends, it’s National Alien Day! Yes… you might be thinking, “What does this have to do with fashion Spencer?”. Well the answer is, nothing! The writers of may seem like the coolest, hottest, most fashionable journalists of our time with the only close competition being Anderson Cooper. But at heart, is just a collection of big nerds. Except for Sidney, Sidney may actually be an Alien.

    Alien Day is a unofficial holiday that takes place on April 26th. Why? The moon that was colonized in the movie “Aliens”, was called Acheron. Acheron was given the code-name LV-426 and this is where the Xenomorph species was discovered. Therefore, making April 26th the day to celebrate this amazing franchise and our otherworldly fascinations! Fortunately, we have a lot to celebrate this year in terms of the Alien franchise with the upcoming release of the new film, “Alien Covenant” and here is why!

    At the official Alien Day event in Los Angeles,  fans were given a ton of fun surprises. I am here to share with you some of the fun discoveries!

    Covenant will be taking place after the events of “Prometheus“. Prometheus was the captivating story about Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discovering the “Engineers“. Shaw believed this species may have been the ones responsible for the creation of the human race. This drives the crew to travel to a planet, only to discover it is a horrifying military-installation of the Engineers containing a deadly biological pathogen. This of course leads to a lot of death as well as a look at the beginning of the Xenomorph species we have loved throughout the years. Today, a prologue clip from Covenant was released to help us learn more about what happened after Prometheus.

    Today we were also given a exclusive look into the cool sets of Alien Covenant with one of our favorite people, Adam Savage. Take a look at some of the cool  behind the scenes things he got to see…. Lucky bastard…

    If you are in the mood for binge watching all of these films right this minute, I have a solution for you. Head to your local Regal Movie Theaters TONIGHT for a screening of the original 1979Alien” film starring one of my all-time favorite actresses… Sigourney Weaver. For ticketing info and participating locations, please click here!

    My gosh if you think I am done… you are wrong! Everyone knows I have a bit of a hoarding problem. No not like hoarding trash or cat hair… but hoarding Funko Pop! Vinyls. In honor of Alien Day, Funko released pictures of some new Alien Covenant pops! I need to go shred my credit card be right back. Get more information here!

    Woah. Okay one more fun surprise. We all know one of the reasons why “Alien” was so successful was because of the brilliant Sigourney Weaver. Wouldn’t it be amazing if she were to come back to the series. Well Stephen Colbert brought her back to us! Check it out below and fan out with me.

    Well that about does it for my hat full of Alien tricks! Don’t forget to see “Alien Covenant” on May 19th. It is sure to be a great film and I am so excited. Don’t forget to sound off in the comments and tell me about your favorite Alien moments and share your excitement for the new film. Until then, enjoy a trailer for the new film!

    I will see you all at Drag Con this weekend with the fabulous Sidney Stokes! Don’t forget to come say hello!

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