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    EP 200 – 200th Episode SPECTACULAR!

    Hi Friends,

    I’m back with more of the BEST of JOY BOMB with Sister Indica!  This one is a HUGE milestone – the 200th Episode SPECTACULAR! I look back at the last hundred episodes and share 13 of my favorite moments featuring Big Mel, Valentine Anger, Wendy Ho, Misty Eyez, Pissi Myles, The Super Friends (Fredy Raldy, Chris Ashton & Tara Dactyl), Dr. Jen from Atomic Cosmetics, Karen Forecox & Earlene D’Mornin, Sister BangBang LaDesh, Sister Evelyn Tensions, Sister Iona Whip AND MORE BIG MEL! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you may even shit your pants.

    Your Homegurl for Life™,

    Sister Indica

    Find JOY BOMB with Sister Indica on iTunes, PodOMatic, GooglePlay, YouTube, and on the mothership of ALL things Sister Indica,  

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