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    Our 12 Favorite Drag Race Looks of Season 9 (Part I)

    Hello everyone! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 is turning out to be one of the best seasons yet! There are so many great queens this year, it’s hard to even pick a favorite! This season is riddled with fun challenges, stars, and of course… FASHION. Yes, this year the fashion is on another level. We are at about the half way point in the season, so I am sure there will be tons of more all-star looks to address. But until then, I have brought to you my top twelve favorite looks of the season so far. Let’s get into it!

    Sasha Velour – A Night of 1000 Madonna’s Pt 2 – Episode 6

    This look is so dope! Gosh, I love Sasha Velour! Sasha is bringing the infamous Erotica look. Everything from the skirt up to the collar is on point (pun intended). Honestly this is probably going to be one of the top looks of the season. I think in terms of the Madonna portion of the episode, Sasha won. Just…yes. High fashion at it’s best.

    Charlie Hides- Fairy Tale Princess Eleganza. Episode 3

    Dame Charlie Hides looks so cool right here. She is giving me Queen of the Galaxy Realness. She looks like Ayesha.. Leader of the Sovereign Race in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Honestly though, this look is very well put together and I love it. In my opinion, Charlie should have won this challenge. She did way better than the judges gave her credit for. You GO Charlie!

    Valentina- A Night of 1000 Madonna’s Pt 2 – Episode 6

    For the life of me I cannot understand how Valentina was deemed just “safe” during this episode. Her Miss Colombia impersonation was perfect and then she came out wearing virtually nothing on the runway and it turned it into the best something! I was so happy with this look, I thought she deserved top 3 next to Sasha and Alexis. Valentina is so talented, so beautiful, and so creative. Damn you judges! Oh well. Valentina, you are perfect.

    Trinity Taylor- Oh. My. Gaga! Episode 1

    YASSSS GAGA! Trinity Taylor came out in her best Countess look and I LIVED. Lady Gaga‘s performance as “The Countess” was some of her best work and it only makes sense tha someone brings this look to life on the Gaga Runway. Trinity did everything well from the hair to the infamous glove. This look was great. I think if Trinity would have had a better home-town look, she would have won. One of my favorite competitors this season.

    Alexis Michelle- A Night of 1000 Madonna’s Pt 2 – Episode 6

    Alexis Michelle and Madonna are basically identical in this photograph. Literally. I think Michelle could make a living serving Madonna looks because this is spot on. I love that dress. It hits Alexis in all of the right places. Her makeup is so beautiful. Alexis You. Are. Everything! Alexis deserves top three this season.

    Valentina- White Party Realness. Episode 2

    Guess who is back! Valentina.. YOUR SMILE IS BEAUTIFUL. My favorite thing about Valentina is that everyone thought she was going to bomb with such little experience. Then episode 2 comes and she emerges in a wedding gown and basically puts everyone in their graves. She looks so beautiful. I just can’t even. One of the strongest moments this season so far.

    Aja- Big Hair Everywhere. Episode 7

    This whole season I spent time waiting for Aja to come out on that stage and serve me a look that would make me gag. On the episode she got eliminated on, she gave me that look! Yo. This is some Alexander McQueen level stuff right here. The cage… the shoulder pieces… the structured hair. Ugh! I am glad that this was Aja’s parting outfit that way she could go out with a bang!

    Shea Couleé- White Party Realness. Episode 2

    This look by Shea Coulee is so cool. I love the movement of this jumpsuit. This is the right way to use stripes everyone. You can feel the stripes moving through her body as they extrude through her cone bodice. This looks like it came right off the runways of fashion week and I dig it. Also ever since Shea did Naomi Campbell on Snatch Game, I can’t stop seeing the resemblance. Woah.

    Farrah Moan- A Night of 1000 Madonna’s Pt 2 – Episode 6

    I LOVE this look. Honestly if I were to do a Madonna Runway, this is probably the look I would have went for. This Givenchy replica looks exactly like the one Madonna wore to the Super Bowl. I am actually thinking we should launch an independent investigation into Farrah Moan to see if she stole this from Madonna’s closet. It looks good. Farrah looks good. When doesn’t Farrah look good though?

    Alexis Michelle- Oh. My. Gaga! Episode 1

    Alexis! She got me again! When Gaga wore this dress, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. When Alexis came out wearing that same exact look… I couldn’t breathe once again! Alexis looks beautiful. Study this picture everyone because this is probably what she will look like as she gets crowned!

    Valentina- Naughty Nighties. Episode 4

    Okay I think it is safe to say that I may be in love with Valentina. This look is just so gorgeous. I know you are all thinking the same thing. Red looks amazing on Valentina. But really… everything looks amazing on Valentina. You are making us all so proud back in Los Angeles!

    Shea Couleé- Faux Fur Fabulous. Episode 5

    I obviously don’t have to tell you who won episode 5. Shea looks so freaking amazing right here. I can honestly see Shea being a model for Moschino. Everything about this look works perfectly. The colors look cohesive, the fur is the perfect touch… Everything is just perfect. Jeremy Scott, it is in your best interest to contact Shea at your earliest convenience because she is serving looks.

    As you can see, this season of Drag Race is producing fire on the runway. We still have another half a season to go. Who knows what could happen on that runway. Don’t forget to leave a comment on what your favorite runway look has been so far this season. Next week, the queens will be serving up Club Kid Couture looks. THAT oughta be good! Alright everyone, I’ll see you all at the finish line!

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