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    Sketching with Spencer (BibleGirl, Bijou Bentley & Soju)


    EDITOR’S NOTE: Following his foray into this year’s DragCon, our resident fashion maven Spencer Williams was inspired by all of the AMAZING looks that he saw there and approached me about starting up a new fashion series. After paying me $20 under the table, our new series, Sketching with Spencer was born! This new series will feature iconic drag fashion in a fresh new way for us here at, through the lens of the fashion sketches of Spencer himself. If you’re a queen and you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of “Sketching with Spencer”, be sure to tag your Instagram posts with #WERRRK  and #SketchingwithSpencer. Follow Spencer and WERRRK  on  Instagram to stay up to date with new sketches!

    And now we are very proud to present Spencer’s first three sketches!


    Sketching BibleGirl was a ton of fun. I chose this outfit she wore recently because there were so many different parts to it. From the grid boots, the fishnet, the lace glove, all the way up the signature Bible Girl choker.’s reigning Drag Queen of the Year always looks amazing and is constantly making bold moves in fashion. Bible also has the coolest hair like all  of the time…just saying.  I can see myself sketching her more in the future. Click this link to see the look that inspired me as well as Bible Girl’s Instagram!


    When I started this series, I knew one of the first queens I wanted to sketch was my friend, the sketching queen herself, Bijou Bentley. I am a huge fan of Bijou and I was so excited to meet her at DragCon. So, I sketched Bijou in this  crazy white mermaid gown she wore to Drag Con that was covered in fun, colorful shapes. I also loved the cute, cotton candy looking hair style that she wore. Bijou always makes super fun fashion choices and I loved being able to capture one of them. Ugh, I just love Bijou Bentley! For more looks by Bijou, check out her Instagram here!


    Let’s all take a Shot with Soju and enjoy this next sketch!  I loved sketching Soju. It was a little bit of a challenge at first because there are so many intricate details. But after I started working on this sketch, I really started to enjoy it. Honestly my favorite part was creating the small straps on Soju’s harness because it was such a small detail, but the attention to detail really brought her to life. I also love that I got work with red which is the signature Soju color. I’m a newly converted fan of Soju and I’m so excited to see what she does next! Follow this link to see the original photo and Soju’s Instagram!

    That’s it for the grand premiere of “Sketching With Spencer”. I hope you all enjoyed my  new pieces. Please show the queens some love and follow them on their respected social media outlets! Don’t forget, if you would like to be featured on the next “Sketching With Spencer”,  tag your photos with #WERRRK as well as #SketchingWithSpencer. (Following me on Instagram might get you some bonus points).  I  wonder who I am going to sketch next? Can’t wait until next time! Stay fashionable my friends.

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