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Panda Reacts to the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer!

Panda Reacts to the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer! 5


It’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel beyond fine about it.

At the D23 Expo news of the new Avengers trailer began to spread, people who bore witness all had amazing things to say. As San Diego Comic Con pushed on, day after day people were hoping for the trailer release, because honestly, what better place to launch a comic movie than the world’s biggest comic convention?

Days passed and our hunger for the visual treat we read about only grew, but, it seems as though as of this writing, they weren’t quite ready to send it out to the world. Enough of the maybe and could be, spoilers from the trailer getting served up, so, if you don’t want to know, now is a fantastic time to hit back on the browser. (Bootlegged version link here if Disney hasn’t had it taken down yet. We will add the official version when it gets posted.)

The trailer opens up and we see one of our favorite dysfunctional space families cruising through the not so friendly skies of the latest expanded universe that Marvel has created, as we enjoy the visual, suddenly, a large bug splats the windshield, Rocket urging it be knocked off, they bring the bug inside…except, it’s not a bug, it’s a Thor. Okay, not A Thor, it’s THE Thor. As Thor springs back to life, he looks very disoriented, and while the Guardians may know who he is, he doesn’t seem familiar with who they are.

Panda Reacts to the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer! 6

The Avengers assembled at D23!

As Thor starts realizing something is going on in the universe, we start seeing more and more of our beloved avengers popping up in various ways. Scarlet Witch, Loki…you start to slowly appreciate the scale this movie is going to have. Then in a moment I personally got excited for, it cuts to a school bus and we see that the hair on an arm begins to stand up, but then we quickly realize that’s Peter Parker‘s Spider Sense kicking in warning him of imminent danger!

As an object hurdles to Earth, we get that further realization that a threat is imminent, and we see more familiar faces. Iron Man, is here and then we see a bit of what looks almost a rift in the space/time continuum, and then it happens. We see Thanos emerge, and I don’t think he’s here because he has heard how amazing Waffle House is.

The scale starts appearing even more epic, again we see Spidey, suddenly the Winter Soldier, Black Panther enters the arena, Vision…and Hipster Cap, fully loaded with a beard. Oh, I’m not done. Hulkbuster, Black Widow, Dr. Strange…and I know I am still missing names because pretty much anyone who is alive to this point in the MCU, it looks like they are showing up.

Thanos and that Infinity Gauntlet look like they mean business, and it’s going to be the biggest thread our, and other worlds have ever faced. Needless to say, the next Avengers chapter can’t get here soon enough, it’s going to be on a scale the likes of nothing we have ever seen before. Just makes me wonder where Stan’s cameo will pop up, and what surprises they will undoubtedly have in store for us.

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Panda Reacts to the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer! 7

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