Panda Reacts to the San Diego ComicCon Trailers! 1

The future of comic book related movies is looking arguably better than ever thanks to the ComicCon trailers.

Year after year, studios…for the most part, seem to be raising the bar more and more. As box office revenues increase, there seems to be no slow down in sight for movies to jump off the pages and onto the screen. We got some teases on the Marvel side of the house initially at D23, and, Hall H  at ComicCon was a continual hot spot for glimpses and news of trailers.

Enough already! Without much more rambling, let’s just dive into it. If you missed the Avengers buzz, check the last article, and let’s keep our fingers crossed the full trailer makes its way in full HD glory to platforms everywhere.

The Defenders:

Hell’s Kitchen is tying all the pieces together, as the previous four…mostly solo acts got their time alone, it’s time to finally get the band together. The trailer starts us off with a familiar…OH MY GOD BAD GUYS EVERYWHERE fight scene, where the Netflix standard closed quarter combat comes at us full fourth, as we see Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra unleash her crew in a board room. We begin to start seeing the scope of what Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (and maybe the Punisher?) are up against. Five separate seasons of Netflix originals all coming to a head, and from the looks of things. They aren’t pulling any punches.

While there were some highs in the individual series, there were also some lows, hoping this team up fills in some gaps, and gives us a few “oh damn” moments. Just a few weeks to go and we will know for sure how this stacks up, early word from ComicCon and reviews of the first few episodes seem to show a lot of promise.


Justice League:

Oh Justice League, look…I’ll admit as I have before, I am not generally a fan of DC movies and feel they have missed the mark for more than they have hit it. That said, in the past couple of years they seemed to have turned a corner and with the addition of Wonder Woman to the big screen, it’s really helped their brand a ton.

Keeping with that success, it’s no surprise that Diana is a rather strong presence in the opening. Clearly something has gone very wrong, the world is coming to grips with the loss of Superman, and it looks like the evil elements of this world, and other worlds are hoping to seize the opportunity.

The overall scale of this film looks immense, hopefully we can just skip past the origin stories that the genre was so fond of initially. I honestly want this to succeed, they have the cast to do it. Slightly afraid they are trying to do too much in one film. I guess we will find out in November!


Thor: Ragnarok

Never was a fan of Thor, until Hemsworth. Yeah, take my nerd card or whatever. The character bored me, always felt so one dimensional to me. The on screen iterations have helped the character a ton in my mind. He seems a lot less serious, and that isn’t a bad thing. Seeing the banter between him and Banner is great, and love the continued head bumps between Thor/Hulk.

The imminent threat to Asgard looks insane. Just up against massive odds. Hulk smashing, laser beams flying…it’s a world unlike anything we’ve really fully explored. Thor and clue are here to remind us, the Justice League isn’t the only huge movie hitting our screens this November.

Needless to say, as the year progresses, I think we are in for a treat. Hopefully, DC has learned from their Wonder Woman success, and more so from their previous…well, failures. What are you looking forward to? Will more trailers from ComicCon slowly leak out? Did you find any Easter eggs? Don’t be shy, tell us in the comments!