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    Sidney’s Game Guide – The Spoils of War

    When your coworkers that don’t watch Game of Thrones ask why you’re crying, you can hold your head high, and look them right in their eyes (mid roll) and say,

    NOT TODAY! Today I cry cause Game of Thrones gave me something so immensely satisfying and I just don’t know another way to process. So fuck off, Karen!

    ..breathe Sidney….breathe.



    And in this moment, Dany became a queen. That was such an incredible sequence of events that were so well built up this moment…which felt so incredibly earned after so much Lannister horror. We’ve seen the dragons lay waste but something about the fact that it was Lannister forces made it all the more special. Seeing the army tremble at the sight of both the Do Finally the War feels like it began and I’d say #TeamDany is ahead…slightly. Per usual, it was good to see Braun again, but I felt maybe this should have been it for him unless they are heading to a Tyrion/Braun reunion…maybe on the battlefield. The final moment with Jamie trying to kill Dany on the spot was only to meet face to face with Drogon was heartstopping. Those characters FINALLY meeting seemed like an impossibility and it happened. That’s maybe the best part of this moment: Characters who have been far removed have now met in all the ways we dreamed they’d meet. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The nuances of this scene are what made it come alive.


    Arya made it home, and funny enough, even her real face wasn’t known, but the remaining Stark children finally have the moment they never expected to ever have considering everything. The question is, was this the reunion you wanted? If notm please know, even if this wasn’t what you wanted, this was one that was always going to happen if you have been paying attention. I’m more eager to see what happens with all of them. Sansa is now the normal center of this altered family. Does that give her more control or does she fear she’s losing it? During the Winterfell moment, I thought my favorite use of Bran was when he repeated Littlefinger’s “Chaos is a Latter” line…and it shook him colder than when Jon threatened him. I would like for them to finally address Littlefinger, cause we don’t have time to keep wasting with him.



    The moments with Jon and Dany I care more about from the a point of how will they work together, and less, I hope they get together cause like…they shouldn’t…we shouldn’t be rooting them on as a couple. It was cool to see the cave drawings, cause you know I love the history of this world. But in the end it came back to Dany’s stubborn will, her worst quality, and that is always preventing her actually acting like a queen.

    Lastly, a great deal was made of the gold Cersei paid back. At first I thought Dany shoulda gotten the gold and the Iron Bank on her side in the process. Well, I kind of saw the bank in some shady alliance with Cersei. If they are kind of scummy and Dany is supposed to be a force of good, aligning the two wouldn’t make sense. So I’m glad to see the forces lining up as they will.

    The Spoils of War, in Summation.

    “Braun keeps receipts. Why do kids keep getting left with Littlefinger. Bran is the leader of the hipsters….thankfully he can’t grow facial hair otherwise he’d be insufferable. Winterfell has rent-a-cops guards, so much for fearing the army of the dead. Sansa just walks around the catwalks of Winterfell serving you fur, fur fur! Jon Snow is so boring his idea of a first date is a history lesson….and with his cousin. Dany loves the smell of Dracarys in the morning.”

    I really loved everything, start to finish, from this episode. It was one of the few times the side of good gets a W on the board. I have this horrendous feeling we are gonna lose Drogon and I’m glad he not just lived to burninate another day, but did so in such an extraordinary way.

    The fallout from this should be glorious as all seven hells.


    Keep geek.


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