Sidney's Game Guide - Beyond the Wall 1

Writer’s Note: Since there were only a couple real locations here, and it was all very good, we will forego the normal breakdown. 

So that was a whole lotta stress that I was, for some reason, not ready for like an amateur.

There was a lot in this episode that was really bringing it back to episode 1. I love the way this season is weaving in the past. It’s creating this really cool feeling of nostalgia and while also showing how all the stories are finally colliding. Not all of the collisions are great, as we learned tonight.

We lost a dragon.

Sidney's Game Guide - Beyond the Wall 2

It was inevitable and we still have two more left and the moment he landed ya just knew the Night King would be back for it. Holy shit, what is the Army of the Dead gonna do with a dragon. My first thought is it will breath ice not fire. No need to wait for winter if you have a massive beast that can create it as you arrive. The entire sequence beyond the wall where the Team #DanyWhipped y try and play “To Catch an Undead Predator, was well paced and plotted out like a horror film, convenient cause I was terrified the entire time. It was oddly comforting to get some closure for Uncle Benjan.

Sidney's Game Guide - Beyond the Wall 3

Meanwhile, back in Winterfell Arya and Sansa act out the movie “Thirteen” Where Arya is Evan Rachel Wood and Sansa is Holly Hunter. Arya acting like she’s the only one that has changed was blindly absurd. I’m hoping next week they realize Littlefinger is fucking with them and Bran tells them of Littlefinger’s part in their dad’s death. Considering he knows all, Bran is doing a shitty job of earning his keep. He just keeps meditating and acting smarter than anyone else. Didn’t know Winterfell was part of Los Angeles, but I always love knowing more about this world. I think that, while Sansa was kind of a bitch about it, she was smart not to go. I feel Arya is gonna jump on the train heading south. Anyways, Littlefinger needs to, FINALLY, get his. The story is dragging a bit much.

Sidney's Game Guide - Beyond the Wall 4

I loved where Tyrion just tells Dany the truth she’s never wanted (or ever wants) to hear. It’s absolutely incredible having those two go back and forth and letting us decide who was in the right, but it really does show how inexperienced Dany really is at this. Dany has needed this real talk for a while, and here, her mistakes have a great cost.

I guess we can all talk about Jon and Dany know. Do we think when they realize they’re related they’re gonna stop? I mean, I know incest is cool with the Targaryens but like…still weird.

If I had one complaint about the episode, and I think it’s a big one, the pace is now at an extreme and I’m not sure it’s believable. The time it took the Raven to get from Eastwatch by the Sea to Dragonstone can best be described as teleportation. I understand we have less time to tell a story but I think there could be some kind of safeguards to make sure the accelerated pace doesn’t seem annoyingly absurd.Beyond the Wall, in summation

“Wildlings are the progressive AF. Do you think the rest of the Team #DanyWhipped were pissed they had to stop for the worst gifting ceremony ever? Sansa isn’t exactly wrong reading Arya like that. Dany’s that friend that criticizes you but doesn’t take criticism well. People are shocked that Sansa doesn’t want to go to King’s Landing. Dany turns any moment of real peril and/or triumph into the fashion event of the season. Watching that dragon die was actually painful AF and yet it felt like a band aid being ripped off.  Bran and Arya are not aware of how fucked up their shit actually is and genuinely stunned Sansa just doesn’t get it. Wait how are we already at the finale next week.”

A lot happened tonight and I cannot believe the coming together we are getting next week. I’m so beyond ready. Hope it doesn’t leak either.

Keep geek.