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    Panda Reacts to The Punisher on Netflix Trailer!


    Growing up, I initially wasn’t into comics. Didn’t know much about them. Sure, I was familiar with Batman, Superman, Spider-Man…you know, they key franchise players.

    As I got a bit older, heading into Junior High, I started paying attention a bit to when friends talked, and eventually I decided to take a look into these characters on my own. The first that really caught my attention….Frank Castle.

    He wasn’t super powered, he wasn’t a trust fund kid turned vigilante, he wasn’t wise-cracking or battling creatures, mutants, aliens and similar across the universe, space, and time. He was a familiar character. A man who lost his family. Innocent blood was spilled and he wants revenge. It becomes a mission. All consuming. So, as you can imagine, as a guy now pushing 40, I’ve waited around 30 years for a solid interpretation to leap off the pages.

    There were some moments in other screen iterations, but, overall it just never worked for me. Enter Netflix. The Punisher burst onto the scene and so many questioned casting, but, as we soon discovered in the second season of Daredevil…this wasn’t Shane from The Walking Dead as most people have come to know Jon Bernthal, this was Frank Castle.

    We got a decent sampling of a man consumed, a man doing what he needed to do. Unapologetic, if you got in the way…too bad.

    As we start the trailer we see glimpses of the family he truly loved and adored, and as quickly see that pivotal moment where Frank turns into The Punisher. What looks like a tender moment, quickly turns to terror. In a blink of the eye, we cut to a bit of a montage. Paint starting to stream in a familiar skull pattern, the careful loading of ammunition…it’s clear something is coming, and if you’re on the opposite side of Frank Castle, what is coming isn’t good.

    Multiple machine gun bursts illuminate the dark portrait being paint, and soon we see the aftermath as a bloodied Frank stands, and stares with a menacing look, as we soon become fixated on the bold skull taking up sizable real estate on his chest. Truly an iconic image.

    It’s evident, it’s Frank Castle Vs. The World, sure, he looks to have a bit of help along the way, but, as he quickly reminds even though he shows the capacity to play well with others, his mission is first, and he clearly tells us what that mission is. Kill ’em all.

    We get treated to the cliched “cool guy walking away calmly from an explosion”, it’s clearly a dark and gritty world…continuing the Hell’s Kitchen tradition of being a bit more brooding, and a character in itself.

    It’s in your face, we see some really quick glimpses of Frank being tactical, and he looks like he could easily rival John Wick. I wish I could give you a date to watch the whole series, but, Netflix is keeping it tight lipped, we know it’s this year…and with all the buildup, honestly, I expect a near out of nowhere release where it just goes live out of left field.

    This iteration of Frank Castle looks incredible, and I can only hope they continue with what they have already started with one of Marvel’s greatest characters. Until Frank hit’s the street, I’ll be horribly ruining black t-shirt after t-shirt with cheap spray paint.

    Let me know what you think and what you are looking forward to!


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