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    Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 Pure Lipsynch Judges’ Critiques



    Kitty Meringue

    Minnow Future

    I love the glam-demon look, and your contour is great. It’s always cool to see how contestants interpret each theme, and your imagination really came through on this one. While your lip-sync was on point, I wish you had a bit more energy to play up the disco-ness of the song. 

    Lucky Stiff

    Red-lipstick really made your lips, and your lip-sync, pop. Shooting on a Chicago street after dark added to the drama. I envisioned your heart had just been ripped out and stomped on the dance floor. Your outfit was fantastic, it reminded me of what Aretha Franklin wears to award shows, but in your own, completely Lucky Stiff-style. I’d like to borrow it sometime, thanks.

    The Lady Moné

    Your energy was palpable through my computer screen. From the reveal in the beginning, to your choreography, to the crowd, you were unstoppable. And during all that dancing it doesn’t look like you missed one lip-sync beat. As the girl said at 1:31, “She’s killing it!”


    Like Lucky, you had another interesting location choice. Kudos for thinking outside the wig box! Your make-up was killer, and matched your amazing outfit perfectly (which I would also like to borrow sometime, thanks). You were serving 70s-Women’s Lib-realness, along with a flawless lip-sync and the energy to match it. 

    Geneva Convention

    The exaggeration of lip movement and your enunciation of words made for a great lip-sync. Your facial expressions were just big enough to make it drag, but not overwhelmingly so, it was the perfect balance. I just wish your face was better lit. While it totally looked like you were at Studio 54, it was hard to see your make-up.

    Diana Dzhaketov

    I loved that The Lady Mone lip synced at a bar in front of an audience–it really added the extra oomph that only a live audience can. Geneva’s look was very spot on for the disco vibe of “I Will Survive”; I’d love to borrow that wig, in fact, I might not give it back. I’d love to see a little more emotional connection to Minnow’s lip sync. I think a really great way to connect emotionally to a song is by printing out the lyrics and reading the words to yourself. This way you can internalize the meaning of the song and emote line by line, practicing in the mirror. For everyone competing, don’t be afraid to over exaggerate during specific phrases or using stillness to really convey the drama of a particular moment. 

    Blake Deadly


    Her?’s retro look is perfect – it fits the song and it’s executed well. She gave us a full performance from head to toe. I was entertained and would love to see this live. She did have a small slip up with the lyrics near the end, though. 

    Lucky Stiff

    Lucky Stiff gave me drama and emotion in the look and the performance! She had the lipsync down and the concept was cohesive. 

    Geneva Convention

    Geneva’s look is polished and fun, I just wish there was a bit more direct light so I could see it! She had the words down but the performance and emotion felt a bit unspecific (but that may just be because I couldn’t see her eyes).

    The Lady Mone’

    The Lady Mone can clearly entertain a crowd and has great energy. She had a slip up with the lyrics at one point and her face wasn’t visible for some of the song. 

    Minnow Future

    Minnow Future knew the words.





    The Lady Mone’ – Outstanding performance!  You had amazing energy, presence, and really had the crowd energized.  This entertained the hell out of me!  Well done!

    Her? – Your lip sync was super clean, and the performance was very entertaining.  You have an interesting wackiness about you, and I like it.  

    Lucky Stiff – I wasn’t sure where this performance was going, but the single long shot walking down that road sold me.  Very creative, and your look was interesting as well.  Lip synch could be cleaner in places, but you made up for it with the overall creativity.

    Geneva Convention – There was nothing bad about this performance at all – you looked great, your lip synch was very good; however, after a strong showing last week, I was a bit under-whelmed.  I wanted more from you, and I know you can deliver.

    Minnow Future – I know you are a creative person – your looks show that you have definite flair – but this lip synch was extremely low energy and didn’t offer any variety.  Turn up the dial on everything going forward, because I  know you have it in you!


    Minnow Future

    Ok, the beat drops and you start bouncing a bit, you know the words…you bounce more and more as it goes, so let me ask you…why didn’t you unleash hell on us? A song like this, it’s time to blow the roof off and tear the place down. Wish I could have seen more of the costume. I enjoyed the makeup. 

    Lucky Stiff

    Here we go! Really dig the look and you were out there in these streets just leaving it all out there. I love the choices you made makeup wise around the eyes. Bonus points for the cinematographer for keeping up! Extra bonus points for the headpiece snatch!

    The Lady Mone’

    Loved your look and you used the costume to your advantage and really made it part of your total performance. The crowd was absolutely behind you and you gave us everything you had. You stepped it up big this round.


    Well damn, you came out swinging. Your look is fantastic, I love every single thing about it. You went in so damn hard. This is exactly what I was looking for. This is a damn life anthem, you’ve gotta feel it and make people feel what you’re feeling. You’re not going to survive, you’re going to thrive.

    Geneva Convention

    The bedazzled and sparkled look is such a must for this song, you took me back to the days of disco…or at least how I know them from TV and movies because I’m not that damn old. Like how you filled the space without vocals with little things like eye batting, hand motions, and hair play…it keeps the audience engaged. 


    Monroe Fitzgerald

    Minnow Future 

    Queen! Your concept for this category was everything! I love that you went off the wall and chose something so unique! I loved the horns as a finishing touch, great idea! It seemed like you were a little nervous in your submission which made me feel like you held back some of your energy. Let it all out! I wish there had been some crisper lines in your makeup design, it seemed a little over blended. 

    Lucky Stiff 

    I am all about the continuous movement in this submission! Your “out all night partying” gig had me really believing that you’re surviving and thriving! I love the head wrap and tear away you included in your look! Movement got a little repetitive but your energy was solidly there! Solid lip sync! Great job with this category! 

    The Lady Mone’

    I said it in the first submission and I bet I’ll keep saying it every submission on, your energy is ELECTRIC! I love that you included a live audience in this submission, it shows how well you can werrrk a crowd! I wish there were more shots of your lip sync, it was lost in the dimness of the room and the camera angle. Also due to lighting it was hard to see your makeup design. 


    Your look in this submission is so seventies and I am dead over it! Love the big hair, big glasses, and gold and red glitter lip. That’s a great way to add some fines with the small details! I wish I could have seen a little more variation in your movement, it was care free and energized for sure but at some points a little repetitive. Love the glasses reveal at end, it definitely helped us get a better look at your mug! Cheek seemed a little dark in comparison to the rest of your design, maybe just a little more blending next time. 

    Miss Geneva Convention 

    The set up for this submission was PERFECT! You had us time traveling back to the seventies with the lighting and smoky room! I loved the look for this, very glam and loud! Your energy and movement was very sexy seventies house diva and I was living for it! Your lip sync was spot on but it seemed like you had a little too much tension in your tongue. Also wish you had a little more lighting on your face. 


    Emily Meow


     You completely nailed it this week, from your look matching the vibe of the track perfectly, to your charismatic and fun lipsync and choreo. You’ve blown me away this week!


    Obsessed with your charisma. I would’ve liked to have seen a different look with this, but overall I really enjoyed your performance. 


    You gave the song a completely different tone than it normally has for me. You made it feel more solemn, but I’m not mad at it. Nice take to the challenge, and I appreciate your unique flair.


    Great look that fit the vibe of the song, but I would’ve liked to have seen your full body for the performance. However, you showed lots of emotion, which I admire! Well done!


    You’ve confused me this week. Your look is great, however I’m not sure how it fits to the song given. Next time let yourself go. Lipsync’s aren’t just about moving your lips! You’ve got this!


    Spencer Williams

    Minnow Future

    Your look was really cute. It didn’t really match with the vibe of the song but great for Halloween. Your video felt like a work in progress. You nailed down the actual lip synch which is fantastic! Now you just need to add more… well… Minnow! You can still deliver a lip-synch while showing emotion and connection to the music.

    Lucky Stiff

    Lucky! I loved this video. You delivered on the lip synch, gave emotion, and yet you still gave us a performance. Your look was just so great. I loved it! I don’t understand why you took off your head wrap, that was one of the best parts of the outfit. All in all, jolly good show.

    The Lady Mone’

    Girl you gave it to us in the performance department. It’s obvious you know how to put on a show. The crowd agrees! But we didn’t really get a focus on your actual lip synch. The point of this challenge was to really focus in on the purity of your lip-synch.

    Her? Her really nailed this challenge. First of all, your outfit was giving me “ I Will Survive” realness and I appreciated that. You are also a very talented lip-synch artist and it showed. I guess if there was a negative critique it would be for a “Pure Lip Sync” challenge, ease up ever so slightly on the choreo and give a little more focus to the delivery of every single word. But really, you did amazing.

    Geneva Convention

    Geneva you killed it! The set design with the lighting was fantastic. Your outfit was brilliant yet still very Geneva. You also are the only one who gave us a true, raw lip synch. You killed it this week!


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