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A Third Helping of Drag Race All-Stars? Don’t Mind if I Do!

A Third Helping of Drag Race All-Stars? Don't Mind if I Do! 7


This past weekend, the good folks at VH1 revealed the cast for the third installment of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars and an eager fan base ate it up. Following their move from Logo to VH1 last season (along with a sizeable jump in ratings by moving to the stronger network and the garnering of eight Emmy nominations), it seems like the Drag Race franchise is stronger than ever. Now armed with two giant DragCons events (New York and Los Angeles) each year, as well continued mainstream acceptance of drag queens, as witnessed by Alaska’s appearance on Scared Famous and The Trixie and Katya Show coming to Viceland (Cheap Plug Alert: Look for Emily Meow‘s recaps of the show here on!), the Drag Race mothership is dropping All-Star 3 on us this winter with season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race (The casting rumors are so juicy!) presumably to follow this spring. In fact, Drag Race has gotten so big, there are even sites online that have established prop lines on who will win, who the guest judges will be, who the first queen eliminated will be and more!

While some of the people that Hillary Clinton probably would refer to as “Deplorables” among the Drag Race fans took to social media to whine incessantly about who was and who wasn’t cast for this season, the good folk at World of Wonder assembled a very interesting roster, combining fan favorites, interesting personalities and returning characters with more stories still to tell. There is even the time honored tradition of teasing a mystery cast member. Since Shangela is already on the cast, they can’t wheel out another box with her in it so I’m going to have to go with what my sources are telling me that the mystery cast member is Senator Lindsey Graham‘s drag alter ego, Miss Indy Kloset (Although to be fair, my sources have been wrong before)!

A Third Helping of Drag Race All-Stars? Don't Mind if I Do! 8


While the vague “Coming this winter” tag means we are going to have to wait a little longer to see the further adventures Kennedy Davenport, Trixie Mattel, Morgan McMichaels, Milk, Bendelacreme, Chi Chi DeVayne, Aja, Shangela and Thorgy Thor but I have a hunch they have their usual array of twists, turns and tucks just waiting to be unleashed upon us very soon!

So now we ask you good readers, who do you THINK will win All-Stars 3 and who do you WANT to win All-Stars 3. The choices are up to you.



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A Third Helping of Drag Race All-Stars? Don't Mind if I Do! 9
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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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