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Drag Queens

The Shade Report: A Tale of Two Queens

The Shade Report: A Tale of Two Queens 7

This week’s focus on Shade: Queens of NYC was the Lady Liberty pageant. Brita Filter took charge of NYC’s largest drag competition. This year, she was the host and producer of the show. Queens from all over the country were participating in the competition, including Shade’s very own Jasmine Rice Labeija.

This episode we got to learn more about Jasmine. A proud member of the Royal House of Labeija, she gave us a brief introduction to the legendary house. The infamous family from Paris Is Burning paved the way for LGBT people of color since the 1960’s. Jasmine’s love and respect for the legendary house are so charming, and it let us see a side of her we haven’t seen on the show yet. She says that being a part of the Royal House of Labeija welcomes instant respect in the drag community, and she is absolutely right. Learn your herstory, girls!

We catch back up with Brita and Jasmine about Lady Liberty later in the episode. The pair are best friends, making Jasmine assume her spot in the Lady Liberty cast was set in stone. Brita had other ideas. After losing her last competition, Jasmine went on a passionate Facebook Live rant, warranting fear that she would do the same to Brita. Jasmine promises to keep her chill, and the two share excitement over the upcoming competition. How can Jasmine stand out? Um.. How about a drag number with a FULL ORCHESTRA!

Jasmine is a renowned musician. She attended Julliard and graduated with her masters. She’s been training in opera since she was five years old. We got to watch her practice with her instructor. The talent she has is astounding and it was so interesting to watch her practice such an interesting form of art, especially for a drag competition!

Jasmine is stressed about Lady Liberty, and rightfully so. Tina decides to take her on an adventure. Jasmine’s response, “You could have taken me to the Cheesecake Factory”. Well, instead of the Cheesecake Factory Tina took her to the Circus Warehouse to get their circus on. Tina was swinging from the ceiling, while Jasmine did some floor work. Quote of the episode has to be Jasmine responding, “Me no know English” when it was her turn to participate.

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@jasminericenyc heads to circus school to relax before a major competition. #shadequeensofnyc tonight at 10:30PM

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The Shade Report: A Tale of Two Queens 8

Finally, the day of the show was here. Of course, everyone was running on drag time. Jasmine woke up sick, and the panic set it. The show started with a runway portion, and we got to see some of the talents from all around the country. Lucy Stoole from Chicago and Meatball from Dragula were a few notable performers. When it was Jasmine’s turn to for the runway portion, she came out in a beautiful robe with some beautiful men. With a blink of an eye, they were all NAKED. She truly stole the show. Cut to Brita in the confessional saying, “Just a little piece of fabric over her crotch!!”

Up next was the talent competition. There was an incredible montage of all the queens performing, but Jasmine stole the show yet again. She performed with a full orchestra in a stunning opera number. She was absolutely incredible. When it came to the winner, the crown went to Jasmine. It was such an awesome episode!

The Shade Report: A Tale of Two Queens 9

What was your favorite part of the episode? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Be sure to tune into Shade: Queens of NYC Thursday’s at 10:30 PM on FusionTV or on


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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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