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    Pandora Boxx Returns to The Laurie Beechman Theatre


    Photo by Adam Tyler Photography

    Well hello again Pandora! It was good to see you and catch up for a quick moment at DragCon NYC last month. How did your Big Apple experience compare to your prior DragCons in Los Angeles?

    It’s always lovely to see you! I had a great time in NYC. People were so friendly and excited to be there. I’m an East Coast gal so it was nice to be back, so to speak. Plus I had a great group of friends who took the time out of their schedules to help me out at my booth! 

    So you’re back at the world famous Laurie Beechman Theater once again with a new show called *INSERT TITLE HERE*. The title is a little on the vague side so can you give us a little idea of what you have in store for the audience this weekend?

    I’m still searching for that epic title for my life story. One that invokes all that I am: provocateur, comedian, slut. I haven’t quite found it yet so that’s why it’s “INSERT TITLE HERE”. It’ll be my cathartic journey, through parody songs and my inability to do death drops, to discover myself and everyone is along for the journey. 

    I’m sure the Beechman is going to be packed out but where can people get their tickets? 

    I hope it is! If you love me come out and if you hate me buy your friends tickets so they can suffer too! All tickets can be found here AND if you live in Philly I’ll be there after my run in NYC on November 5th (Ticket infomation here)

    You’re also going to be a part of Phi Phi O’Hara’s gigantic fundraiser next Monday in Minneapolis to benefit Puerto Rico which got absolutely clobbered by back to back hurricanes. Why was it important for you take part in this event?

    I just believe if there’s any way I can help the people of Puerto Rico then I’m going to do it. Our country is really dropping the ball on getting relief to them. Our President would rather point fingers and make budget jokes then actually help out. Right now there is still 75% of Puerto Rico without power. Can you imagine going this long with NO power whatsoever? I’m so thrilled that Phi Phi organized this event and that all of us queens with a voice can help Puerto Rico out.

    Photo by Adam Tyler Photography

    We’re closing in on the tenth season of Drag Race and yet you remain a popular and relevant queen. What is the secret to your longevity?

    Witchcraft. But seriously, I have no clue. I just keep doing what I do and hope people like it. In this business it’s always the struggle to remain relevant. I have to give big thanks to the many people who have supported me since I as on the show. I definitely would be nowhere without them.

    You’re also active in the podcasting world with your aptly named “The Pandora Boxx Show“. What do you enjoy about doing a podcast?

    It’s a pretty clever name, huh? The podcast is fun because I really can do whatever I want to do on it. We really just want to chat and laugh. I book people on the show who make me laugh and who I adore. Sometimes, they make me laugh so much I barely say anything. I’m laughing too much! Plus, it’s an excuse to hang out with some of my Drag Race pals that I don’t get to see too often.

    Well I know you’re a busy gal so we’ll wrap this up but I’m excited to see your show on Friday night. I’ve been to numerous shows at the Beechman and yours have always been some of my favorites. But before you go, do you have any final words of wisdom to leave the universe with?

    Thank you SO much! When I mentioned people who have supported me for a long time, you are on the top of that list. I so appreciate all the support you and has given me over the years. I guess If I leave you some words of wisdom it’s: you can’t please everyone and trying to just gives you sore knees.

    Photography by WD Photo INC

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