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    Dragula: Cenobites

    The Boulet Brothers are back and ready to freak you out like never before! Dragula – Season 2 pulled no punches in its premiere episode as ten queens ascended from beyond the grave to claim the title of the world’s Next Drag Supermonster. Keep your crucifix handy, because we’re going in.

    The Good

    It’s clear that The Boulet Brothers are stepping up their scare this year, from the very first scene where they systematically kill a network board for not green-lighting Season 2. Desperate times call for desperate measures… Each of the queens had a chance to strut their twisted stuff in the first main challenge of the season, creating their own version of Clive Barker‘s Cenobites from his Hellraiser films, inspired by their own unique drag style. From plastic surgery gone wrong and killer ponytails (literally) to being strangled by barbed wire and burned half to death, these queens put on a horrific floor show with looks straight out of your worst nightmares. And it was everything.

    The Bad

    What can arguably be labeled as one of the most cringe-worthy challenges in drag reality television history, the bottom three queens, Monikkie Shame, Erika Klash and Felony Dodger, had to endure something that pricked even worse than being in the bottom on the first episode. Strapped into an armchair, the queens were pierced through the skin with needles down their arms and the one who could take the least amount of them was killed off. No matter your tolerance when it comes to blood and gore, the element of realism that says, “No, this isn’t a movie. These needles are ACTUALLY going through their skin” rendered many viewers even unable to watch the entire challenge, even while peeking out from under their duvets. When the blood all coagulated, Felony Dodger was found to be weakest of the pack and was exterminated via chainsaw.

    The Ugly

    What’s a drag queen reality show without a bit of drama? But much like the intensity of the floor show and extermination challenge, things went from zero to hellfire before you could even smell smoke. Seattle queens James Majesty and Monikkie Shame were the first to light the fuse, going back and forth in a heated debate over why James wouldn’t hire Monikkie at her shows. Needless to say, there are three sides to every scary story (and we’re eager to get to the bottom of this crypt).

    But there’s some unholy ground out in Atlanta too between Abhora and Biqtch Puddin’ moments after the first quarrel simmered down. Abhora accused Biqtch Puddin’ of being a “pageant girl”, phoning in her performances and, ultimately, stealing her moment of making it onto the show. A quite surprised Biqtch Puddin’ confessed to the cameras that she thought Abhora was a sister, though clearly is not.

    The claws are out, and they’re going for the jugular.

    The Episode Master Monster

    Even though these girls served monstrous looks and spooktacular shade, we’re still getting to know each of them as individuals and what the damage they can do in this competition. So for the first episode’s Master Monster, it has to be The Boulet Brothers’ special guest judge Willam. From the moment she stepped into the frame, she was the bitch that just kept giving. And she proved she could stand up to any of those monsters. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the cast of guest judges this season.

    In Summation

    Dragula Season 2 is off to a killer start and it’s clear that we are not ready for all the sick twists and turns The Boulet Brothers have in store for us. We said RIP to our first exterminated queen, Felony Dodger, whose choice in footwear was as flat as her floor show presentation. (and we learned 1993 club kid boots are apparently a “fatal decision” on the show). From the insane challenges to the cutthroat catfights and the signature suspenseful surprises that lie in wait, Season 2 is going to prove Dragula is more intense this time around. Are you ready for the bloodbath?



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