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Drag Queens

The Shade Report: Drowning in Drag

The Shade Report: Drowning in Drag 74

Fusion’s Shade: Queens of NYC was back this week with an episode that was both fun and vulnerable. The focus of this week’s episode centered around the life of a dating drag queen. Brita Filter and Holly Box-Springs gave us a look into the struggles they face while dating as both a gay man and a drag queen, and Jasmine Rice LaBeija works to step up the girl’s online dating game. Meanwhile, Marti Gould Cummings and Chelsea Piers took on the daunting task of cleaning out Tina Burner‘s drag filled apartment.

The episode started out with Brita and Holly giving us a bit of a background to their dating history. Brita hasn’t had a relationship in seven years since she started doing drag! She explains how prior to doing drag, she took pride in her boy self. She was in shape and had more time to dedicate to her dating life. Now, all her time and energy goes into Brita. She lost the confidence she once had in herself out of drag.

Jasmine, Holly, and Brita have a girls day doing nails and hair where they talk more about the subject of dating. Holly talks about the gap in the gay community when it comes to dating as a drag queen. She explains how the community is a little behind when it comes to dating a drag queen. Some men are quick to jump to conclusions, and she has a hard time admitting she does drag while on dates. She, like Brita, also finds it’s hard to balance time with drag and dating. Both Brita and Holly just really struggle in the dating department. But, have no fear! Jasmine, the self-proclaimed matchmaker from Mulan, is here to save the girl’s online dating game. More of that later.

Marti pops by Tina’s to help solve another boy-self neglecting queen. Tina is an incredible seamstress who runs her own drag show. Her apartment is a haven to all her creations, countless costumes she spent days on end creating. Marti worries that Tina devotes too much of her life to Tina, and not enough to Kristian. So the pair decides to get Tina a storage unit so she can have her drag in a designated space, allowing Kristian more room in the apartment.

Then comes the big day, Marti and recruit Chelsea show up to Tina’s place ready for the move. To their surprise, Tina is outside with only one clothing wrack ready to move. Marti proceeds to ransack the apartment looking for more costumes and wigs to take to the storage unit, all while looking fab in an amazing blue wig. The team ends up with multiple racks and boxes of costumes and wigs.

Next up, three drag queens moving all of these costumes by foot in New York City. Somehow, Tina ends up in a construction worker’s outfit? And Chelsea with some incredible Melificant Mickey Ears on. Not sure what was all happening there, but I loved every second. They may or may not have almost gotten run over by a few cars. The chemistry between these three this episode was everything. They had me cracking up.

When they finally arrive at the storage unit in one piece, the time has come for Tina to temporarily say goodbye to her costume children. Quote of the episode? I have to give it to Tina and Chelsea’s exchange:

“This is like when children get taken away from parents!”

“You have visitation!!”


Back to the dating storyline! Jasmine takes Brita and Holly to a cute spot to take some online dating photos. She captures some adorable shots of both girls and then proceeds to try to message people online on behalf of Holly, which didn’t go well. It was incredibly fun to watch, though.

Both Brita and Holly land dates! Holly’s date turned out to be a drag queen as well! But not just any drag queen, a queen who does MAGIC! Who else was ready to go to one of her gigs? I think every drag queen should be required to do magic. Brita met a man who thought he was handsome out of drag! Brita always steals the show, and she certainly appreciated her boy side getting some attention. Both girls had great dates, and I had a Grinch heart growing moment watching the dates unfold. A happy ending indeed!

From hilarious costume moving to heartwarming dates, call SNL’s Stefon because this episode had Everything. What was your favorite part? Tell us in the comments below!

Be sure to tune into Shade: Queens of NYC Thursday’s at 10:30 PM on FusionTV or on

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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