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    Dragula: Shock Rock and Metal

    Good day, ghouls. I hope you’re in the mood for some metal, because this week The Boulet Brothers challenged the girls to put on a high octane rock show to prove they’re tough enough to stay in the competition. Are you ready to rock?

    The Good

    Despite the chaos that went on during the rock show, the episode’s best segment was the Boudoir. The girls were in good spirits over the week’s challenge, and there was virtually no shade or drama in the back (probably because Abhora didn’t speak much). Instead, there were feel-worthy moments like where Dahli admitted to being HIV-positive and overcoming that initial struggle, as well as Erika Klash confronting her fears about telling her father she does drag. Disaterina even rallied all the troops together via megaphone to put on a good show. Awww. Feelings. How disgusting.


    The Bad

    For the Dragula “Monsters of Rock” Show, the uglies were split into two teams: James Majesty, Abhora, Kendra Onixx Victoria Black, who made The Fake and Biqtch Puddin’, Dahli, Erika Klash and Disasterina, who formed PMS. Although The Fake’ member were the girls who had been considered the front-runners of the competition, their stage performance lacked the cohesion and filth the judges were looking for. Thus, PMS outperformed them and pulled the plug on The Fake’s amp, sending them to the chopping block. The rock gods don’t play.


    The Ugly

    For this week’s Extermination challenge, which came down between Kendra and Victoria, the girls were treated to trashy tattoos in a mobile parlor conveniently located out back. Whoever got the most regrettable ink lived to see another day. Neither girl had gotten a tattoo before, so neither knew what to expect. Although in visible pain, Victoria stayed calm and collected for the most part as she got “Slut” engraved on her ass cheek. Kendra, on the other hand, was a mashup of emotions as the entire experience pushed her physically and mentally. Although it was quite entertaining to see her squirm, she was deemed the less strong of the two and was killed off when the dust settled. (get it?)


    The Master Monster

    This week, I’m quite surprised to say that the monster whose claws were the sharpest was none other than Biqtch Puddin’, who had been struggling since episode one. She really took last week’s lessons to heart and absolutely killed it in this challenge, in both her Floorshow look and as the lead singer of PMS, earning her the top spot in The Boulet’s eyes this week. Let’s hope those inner demons are now helping instead of haunting her.


    In Summation

    Not everyone is made of metal, and this week proved it. With the legion thinning out, it’s becoming more and more clear who’s here to play and who’s here to slay, literally. There are seven queens left and they’re all looking to prove their a rock star and not just a groupie. It’s still anyone’s game to survive, but I don’t think The Boulets have turned up the music even halfway yet.

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