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A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA’s 2017

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 87

Hey everyone! Oh hamburgers, it’s felt like ages since I have watched a red-carpet. Last night we witnessed the 2017 American Music Awards! In terms of the show, I only watched for two reasons. I had to see Lady Gaga sing of course because that is really the point of existing on this planet. Then we were blessed with an appearance by the goddess, Diana Ross. Diana Ross is not just an icon… but a celestial being trapped on Earth sentenced to be one of the most perfect people to bless this world.  Anyways, we are all here to discuss last night’s red carpet. As expect, the red-carpet was just alright but there were a few people worth dropping your jaws over. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Demi Lovato wearing Ester Abner with Danica Roem

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 88

I am absolutely in love with this. First of all, Demi Lovato looks freaking gorgeous in that Ester Abner dress. Her body looks amazing and I love the the whole “Dark Lady” vibe she has got going on. But the best part about this is that she was accompanied by Danica Roem who was just recently elected as the first openly transgender legislator in the United States. God, I am starstruck at this moment.  Danica serves as such a beacon of hope in this dark world of politics and I am so happy to see her.They both look fabulous and deserve our applause.

Hailee Steinfield wearing Thierry Mugler

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 89

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Ahh! Okay as soon as I saw Hailee Steinfield, I knew I was looking at a Thierry Mugler jacket. The signature pointed shoulder of Mugler jacket makes me so happy.  Plus that bustier is so sick, I just can’t even. I love this look from head-to-toe and I don’t think I would change a thing. Probably one of my favorite looks of the night.

Heidi Klum wearing Gianni Versace

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 90

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Heidi Klum looks fabulous wearing a beautiful Gianni Versace. I mean when doesn’t Heidi look fabulous? I love this dress and the colors look amazing on Heidi. It also makes me super happy that Heidi almost always wears Versace to the red-carpets. Honestly we should all be strictly wearing Versace for every event, ever.

Lady Gaga wearing Azzedine Alaia

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 91

So Lady Gaga wasn’t actually at the AMA’s… she was at one of her Joanne World Tour performances in D.C. However, the AMA’s brought the red-carpet to Lady Gaga! This is why Lady Gaga is actually the only queen that matters. She had a red-carpet brought to her just so she can take a photo. But of course how can I not mention the Azzedine Alaia dress Gaga was wearing.  Alaia passed away this past week and Gaga was one of his biggest fans. Alaia was known as “The King of Cling” for creating signature body-hugging dresses that celebrated the female form and was amazing at it. He will be missed, but his mark on fashion will live on… Congrats Gaga on another much deserved award!

Jenna Dewan wearing Julien Macdonald

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 92

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Wow this dress is beautiful. Jenna Dewan looks like a goddess coming straight from Asgard. This dress firsts Jenna in all of the right places and I have to say, that plunging neckline is perfect. This is a true example of Hollywood glamour. Julien Macdonald did Jenna well.

Kelly Rowland wearing Galia Lahav

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 93

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

My favorite Destiny’s Child made an appearance last night and I was gagged. Kelly Rowland does not age, and she never stops looking freaking beautiful. I love the dress she is wearing. My favorite part being those transparent sleeves and that slit in the front. This was so unexpected and I am living. This dress was by Galia Lahav.

Selena Gomez wearing Coach

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 94

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Selena Gomez was there, but she was not having it! Selena looked like a bad-ass wearing Coach. Selena has been having a tough time lately with her health so it was great seeing her make an appearance. In terms of this look, I love it! However, if this was any other red-carpet I would say this look was a bit pedestrian. All in all, she looked amazing and I love this blonde hair she is rocking.

Skylar Grey wearing Halston

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 95

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Wow, Skylar Grey had a amazing weekend.  Not only did she perform on Saturday Night Live with Eminem, but she also took her spotlight at the AMA’s. Her performance with Mackelmore was fantastic. I love everything about this look. First of all, Skylar always looks good in black. The length of this dress is perfect, and I love the sleeves and the leg slit. All around perfect red-carpet look.

Tracee Ellis Ross wearing Stella McCartney

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 96

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Tracee Ellis Ross is such a treasure! I just want to say that Tracee was an amazing host and I think she should do this more often. I love this look on Tracee. It’s not the most creative dress, but this sparkly Stella McCartney dress really draws attention her flawless face and that is perfect considering she was the host of the night.  Always a treat to see Tracee.

Diana Ross

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 97

What can I really say about Diana Ross at this point. Diana Ross is an icon and I can’t think of anyone better for this years Lifetime Achievement award. I love this look on the boss. Yes, I know… it’s a little out there but it’s Diana Ross. If she wants to wear shoes that don’t match, then let her. Diana could wear a trash bag and she will always look better than you. Sorry about it.

This red carpet really did have quite a few gifts. But who was my favorite though? Gosh I just don’t know. Alright, well I think I have made up my mind. Here is my top three.

The Top Three

A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 98

These three ladies killed it. Give them a round of applause everyone! This was one of the toughest choices and honestly I changed it three times. So maybe you guys should vote! Let’s do that.

Well that’s it for me. That was likely our last red carpet of the year! You know what the means, the End of the Year Awards are near. After a year of great red-carpet moments, we will be crowning an all-star. I am bursting with anticipation. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite look on the red-carpet below and sound off in the comments! Thank you everyone for tuning in and I will see you soon!

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A Haute Second with Spencer: The AMA's 2017 99


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