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    Dragula: Aliens

    The girls have crash landed into a foreign world this week on Dragula when The Boulet Brothers challenge the wannabe supermonsters to create an alien creature that not only looks out of this world, but gives birth to their own monstrous offspring in a live delivery room scene. Hope you’re not squeamish…


    The Good

    It was like stepping into different dimensions during this week’s Floorshow, where the girls disembarked with their best alien-inspired looks. From an amalgamous purple symbiote by Victoria Black to a campy green-skinned waitress by Biqtch Puddin’ to a hardwired android, complete with disc drive genitalia, by James Majesty, the contestants’ imaginations were in full force and it was a sci-fi nerd’s wet dream (while in hypersleep). Well done, ghouls.

    The Bad

    This was another week when the Boudoir drama didn’t reach a boiling point. In fact, there was an exceptional amount of love between certain girls. Dahli and Victoria had a touching heart to heart, expressing their care for each other before going back in to prepare for the Floorshow. There was also a reconciliation of sorts between Abhora and Biqtch (gasp!), thanks to a little mediation from Erika Klash. BUT, much like any good horror story, love and happiness come right before everything gets rocked to its core. Something’s coming…. I’m scared….


    The Ugly

    This week’s Extermination challenge was, by far, the most stomach-churning thing we’ve seen on the season so far. The bottom three ghouls were challenged to a grotesque buffet of edibles, starting with “catch of the day” tentacles. The best part? They’re still moving. They washed that down with a hearty pigs feet and anchovy smoothie before tackling the Boulet Brothers special, a spicy hunk of mystery meat full of worms. After all the gagging had subsided, Dahli bit off more than she could chew and choked out of the competition.



    The Master Monster

    In a clash of titans and extraterrestrial beings, this week’s MVP goes to the demure yet powerful Erika Klash. Aside from coming out in the Floorshow as an intergalactic robotic warrior who gave birth to a video game (which I personally adored), she showed no fear during the Extermination challenge even though she has been up to be killed off a total of three times now. However, she savagely attacked this challenge and proved that she’s much more than a cute, cartoon queen. Let’s see if she darkens things up next week though.


    In Summation

    The Boulet Brothers are taking these monsters to infinity and beyond with each progressing week, and testing them in ways I’m sure they never expected. But get ready ghoulfriends, because with only six queens left vying for the title, things are surely about to hit warp speed.

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