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Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 Pageant Interviews: Minnow Future

As yet another amazing Miss Bio-WERRRK pageant concludes, many of us have met some amazing new faces and personalities. Each competition draws names from all over, some a little more well known and established, some are just getting started and dive in head first. Regardless of method of entry, or reason, we get to see and hear so many amazing things.

One competitor that stood out in their own unique way is Minnow Future. They came in with a little less of a serious side, which I personally enjoyed. Not knowing what to expect week from week, I honestly look forward to see what they may bring to the competition through the various rounds.

This competition is not easy, a lot gets thrown at competitors quickly and it keeps on. Forcing them to not only give looks, but thought out answers, displays of personality…and the list keeps going, all to an audience of complete and total strangers. It’s impressive to witness and what keeps me wanting to silently (and vocally) judge whenever I am asked, but, enough about all that. Let’s get to know Minnow! Minnow was nice enough to sit down and discuss their experience during the competition, so, without anymore holdups, here we go!

Greetings Minnow, for those unfamiliar, please, give us a brief introduction. Who you are, where you’re from, and fill in the blanks with anything else you want people to know?

My name is Minnow Future, I’m Philadelphia’s premier drag clown, and I am YOUR candidate for President of

One of the first things that caught my attention…you don’t give the look of what many would say is a more traditionally associated with the Drag community, why did you choose this look?

Well, when I first started getting into drag was before I had fully realized I was trans, and it caused a huge crisis for me when I realized I was channeling things I wanted in my regular life into drag. I just found it emotionally unsustainable. Then the clown character just grew out of experimentation, and I started to feel really unburdened by working with this vaguely non-human drag aesthetic. I love how Minnow is simultaneously 100% me and not me at all.

Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 Pageant Interviews: Minnow Future 79

I like how you state that, how it can be you and not you at all, I think many of us in various ways experience that kind of duality. Do you feel your look has helped or hindered in any way throughout the Drag Community, or in this Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 competition itself, if so…how?

If anything, I think being a clown has helped me find opportunities in art spaces because I’m often trying to do things that are more unique within drag. I definitely have a point of view that alienates me from some drag queens, but I try to seek out places where I can find space for what I do.

I never thought about translating those talents to other venues. Art spaces, first Fridays and similar. Those are great places to continue your expression and share with others. What drew you into this competition, and ultimately, what made you want to enter?

I’m just a fun-loving girl trying to have a good time!

Nothing wrong with that! I admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from you early on, but honestly, each week I was excited to see what you may do, were there any challenges you found more difficult than others?

Yeah, of course. I definitely stumbled in the pure lip synch challenge- maybe I was distracted by the mention of “purity”, I dunno- and it was a learning curve for me, translating my live performance practice into this video format. The most difficult for me to make was probably the creative evening wear video just because of the logistical headache of doing it on top of the Rocky steps. (Tourists everywhere, man.)

Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 Pageant Interviews: Minnow Future 80

I’m always impressed when competitors head out into the world, I know it can be terrifying at times, but I love seeing you and others out there delivering your art to the world. What is your biggest takeaway from this competition, and what advice would you give to someone that you wish you would have known before entering?

I definitely would have a few pieces of advice for someone that I had to realize. More more more; more is more; do more than you think you should and then do more.

Sound advice, for me, you’re only in the competition once. Go hard, let us see what you have! What would you change, if anything or what would you have like to seen in the Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 Pageant?

Hot dog eating competition category.

The most delicious of all the competitions(at least on July 4th). Thanks for taking time with us, and thanks for sharing Minnow with the world. I look forward to seeing what you do next, before I close this, do you have any any parting words?

Yeah, follow me @minnowfuture on Instagram! Especially if you’re in the Philly area, I’ve got some really exciting stuff brewing in the next couple months, including a paranormal spaghetti cabaret, a brand new competition, and a surrealist live clown talk show extravaganza.

Miss Bio-WERRRK 2017 Pageant Interviews: Minnow Future 81

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