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    What the Walking Dead: How It’s Gotta Be

    Hi everyone… I uh…. Sorry I think I am in the wrong post.  I’m going to leave now. Chiffon stops Spencer and sends him back to the laptop Well last night was the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. This was one of the best episodes to date. It was so stressful, yet incredibly emotional. I was up all night tearing up, trying to find words to share with you all. Will we ever be able to come to terms with this death? Will our favorite characters ever make it out of this? Let’s talk about the madness.

    The Good

    This was an amazing episode and I appreciate the fact that it was extended to a full 90 minutes. The episode didn’t feel rushed at all and seemed to have flowed perfectly. I don’t even really know where to begin. Well first of all I am still recovering from that anxiety attack. I thought for sure Carl was going to die, but then I thought Michonne was running out on a suicide mission. Think about it… it would have made some sense if Michonne died, so that Danai Gurira could be fully a part of The Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. But in the end, it appears our dear Carl was bit by a Walker somehow. I don’t know for sure how this happened, or what this means for Rick… but I do know I am sad as hell. I feel like I sort of grew up with this damn kid. After all of those years of Carl jokes I thought his death would come much easier, but in the end it just wasn’t funny anymore. Fortunately, I don’t believe Carl is dead quite yet so I cannot perform a full, ‘In Memoriam’. It appears we will start the grieving process in February.

    Aside from the Carl drama, I loved this episode because it felt really “cinematic” so to say. This show has an interesting visual aesthetic and it was oddly satisfying watching Negan storm a burning Alexandria. Let’s stop lying to ourselves and admit that we all actually don’t want Negan to die either. I am also love with the idea that our heroes have now bee reduced to living in the freaking sewers. Just when you thought this show was running out of ideas, our heroes are advanced into a new, traumatic situation. At this point, I think it’s safe to say this episode is obviously inspired by the Fantastic Mr. Fox story

    The Bad

    Someone explain to me why we went through two episodes of Rick negotiating with The Scavengers if they were just going to run away after two minutes? I was so hyped for Jadis to pull some bad-ass, Alice from Resident Evil moves (who happens to be Milla Jovovich… coincidence). However, I got a slap in the face… I guess I bought this new Jadis lace-front for no reason then? I know to most this is not a big deal, but to me I feel like this was a wasted opportunity. The writers need to find a place for the Scavengers at this point because I refuse to let Rick go get naked and try to make another deal. In all honesty, I once again don’t have many negative things to say about this episode except for the Scavenger thing and the fact that they need to stop being so obvious about who is going to die by the end of the episode. However, I would like to end this segment on a final note. Eugene…. claps hands together. I do not care if you let Gabriel go. Because of you, all of our heroes are royally screwed and that just adds onto the list of reason why I want to see you dead. I am considering reaching out to the show staff to be casted, just so I could be the character that kills you.

    The Episode MVP

    This weeks award of course goes to Carl. Because of Carl, our heroes were able to escape and get a lot of innocent people into the sewer. No matter how many times we have been annoyed by Carl,  Carl has always been a hero and has gotten us out of many terrible situations. You are not dead yet, but when you do… I suppose that will be a really terrible episode…

    In Summation

    What the hell…. Where is Jadis running away to? That was the shortest Resident Evil movie I ever saw. Oh look Carol rescued Rick… someone explain to me why Carol isn’t the greatest television hero of all time? I’ll wait. You know when someone royally screws up and they look at you say, “Oh man did I mess that up?”… and you look at them and say “No, it’s not your fault… it’s no big deal” even though you know this is all because of you. Gives Daryl a sharp look. This isn’t important, Judith is starting to look like an Annabelle doll. I am convinced that if we sent The Saviors to battle North Korea, we would not be having any more problems. First rule of The Walking Dead… if there is a tree down in the road,  you are already dead. I casually blacked out when that random person had their brains blown out behind Maggie. Maggie straight up looks like Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane picking out a prisoner to kill and I love it. Michonne was running through the Alexandria streets like Jon Snow in the “Battle of the Bastards. Wow, that is two Game of Thrones references in a row. I would pay ten bucks to watch Eugene get ripped apart by a very large herd of Walkers. Even though I am sad Carl is likely going to die, I am a little pissed that he let himself get bit. Leave it to Carl to get injured every single time something goes down in Alexandria. I am absolutely here for Nabila kicking some Saviors ass though. You go girl! How did this group go from marching an army up to the Saviors gates, to living in the sewers with Pennywise the Dancing Clown? I guess we all float down here.

    Well just like that, we are at the mid-season point. Unfortunately that means we need to take a little break and meet back up February 28th. That sounds like a lifetime away! If you just can’t bare to be away from me that long, don’t forget I’ll be starting a new recap series circled around the new show, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace on January 17th. It’s been a fun ride so far and I can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

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