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    Dragula: Welcome To Wasteland

    Welcome to the desert, uglies. We’re down to the top 4 and the last thing The Boulet Brothers are going to let them do is let them play it safe. So why not thrust them into one of the most dangerous festivals in the world? Gear up, ladies. The desert takes no prisoners. Feeling thirsty? 


    The Good

    Enter Wasteland, a heavy metal festival of biblical proportions where the rules are there are no rules. The ladies were dropped off and left to explore their new surroundings as well as the people that inhabit this realm of anarchy. This episode, the top 4 showed why they earned their spot a the desert photoshoot as they served their best monster warrior look. Each one of them channeled their own Horseman of the Apocalypse and slayed in every category, proving they truly were the Queens of the Desert.


    The Bad

    The heat of the competition was turned up to the max for the monsters at Wasteland, and it caused for some emotions (and tea) to be spilled. Abhora owned up to not knowing her limits and allowing her own mind put her into a sometimes lecherous state. Biqtch Puddin’ reminisced on fighting through the harsh critiques of the first few weeks and proved that she was a contender, much to the chagrin of the other girls. Victoria Black confessed how much she missed Dahli but vowed to press on to the end. And James Majesty admitted how much the competition had humbled her, yet still held true to not caring if she hurts someones feelings. Evidently, the desert brings out the best in us.


    The Ugly

    Getting ready in the middle of the desert isn’t easy. Between the scorching heat, the incessant wind and the blowing sand, the girls really struggled to put together their looks in the makeshift tent Boudoir (and was probably a big cause of their openly emotional moments. Feathers were ruffled and you can tell the added stress wasn’t very appreciated, but they powered through and pulled off incredible looks.


    The Master Monster

    This episode, all the queens showed both strength and vulnerability, allowing for a more sympathetic view of all of them. But while they were bust showing their feelings, they god showed up by their own hosts. That’s right. This week’s Monster MVP are The Boulets themselves. From being badass enough to thrust the girls into Wasteland to riding in on a massive desert tank in their beyond sickening desert looks, Dracmorda and Swanthula looked the best they have so far this season and reminded us who are the REAL supermonsters around here. Cheers, ladies.


    In Summation

    The wannabe supermonsters unleashed the beast in their photoshoots and showed what a top 4 from hell on Dragula looks like. The stakes are high and emotions are running even higher as we get closer to finding out who the top 3 will be to go on and compete for the crown. Next week the desert claims a life… who do you think’s time has all dried up?

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