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    A Haute Second with Spencer: The Golden Globes 2018

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the first “Haute Second with Spencer” of the year! It’s been so long. Well here we are again, The Golden Globes. I absolutely loved this years awards. Yes the fashion was fantastic… but the message behind last night’s presentation was so powerful. Last night’s movement was organized by Times Up, my new favorite initiative set to eradicate sexual harassment and gender inequality in the workplace.  Everyone was standing in solidarity raising awareness for this cause, not afraid to say it like it was. This years award show will not be forgotten. A part of this movement, everyone decided to wear black which I have never seen before! I mean I always say, everyone should always wear black always…. but I didn’t think it would actually happen. So this time, I will be highlighting some of the amazing women that stood in support of this cause. Let it begin!

     Heidi Klum wearing Ashi Studio

    Heidi Klum always rocks the red carpet and as always, she did not disappoint this time. I love this feathery fabric and the cascade high-low. This look is definitely a little different for her but that is why I like it. Heidi is not afraid to try something new. I think my favorite thing about Heidi’s red-carpet appearances is that she never really has a huge reason for being there, but she goes anyways and always takes the audiences attention.

    Laura Dern wearing Armani Prive

    Ugh! Laura Dern is a bad-ass! I love this look on her.  I love the shape of the bodice combined with the mesh. Laura won an award in this dress as well as stood as one of the more prominent figures for the #TimesUp campaign. To summarize, we don’t deserve Laura Dern.

    Angelina Jolie wearing Versace

    I was so excited to see Angelina Jolie because I don’t feel as though we see her as often as we used to so this was a real treat. Everything about this look is amazing. The black just kind of trails behind her as though she is the Queen of Darkness. It would have been nice if the sleeves were ever so slightly shorter so I can see her hands but really… who cares. It looks dope. I want Angelina to adopt me like yesterday.

    Emilia Clarke wearing Miu Miu

    This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill! Emilia Clarke is here. The Mother of Dragons literally scalped me… Emilia is probably just one of the most beautiful people on this planet and we just need to keep her safe. That dress is flawless and I love the new hair.  I just…. get out of my face. I’m not crying, you are crying! Mhysa! (That is Old Ghiscari for “mother”).

    Millie Bobby Brown wearing Calvin Klein

    I feel like Millie Bobby Brown is personally trying to attack me right now. Honestly Millie might have discovered the key to perfection and the rest of us may never find it. I have no words. That girl is thirteen years old and she looks like she has been walking the red-carpet for at least sixty . Millie Bobby Brown is the future of Hollywood.

    Sarah Paulson wearing Calvin Klein

    Oh God, it’s the Queen. All Hail.  I  just don’t have words for Sarah Paulson anymore. But like Chiffon said, she could wear a burlap sack and I would love it. Which is true, because that would be the most high-fashion sack in the industry. In the words of my dear friend Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson is just “talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it”….

    Nicole Kidman wearing Givenchy

    I love this look on Nicole Kidman. I mean what look have I not liked on Nicole really…. The bodice with the lace and the little ruffle on the sleeve brought this all together and really helped her deliver her message all night long. Nicole is a winner baby!

    Alicia Vikander wearing Luis Vuitton

    I freaking love this dress on Alicia Vikander. This dress is giving me Eva Green walking the streets of London in one of my favorite shows, Penny Dreadful. It has an old, Victorian look to it and I love it. Stunning. The craftsmanship in this dress is out of this world amazing. Someone get me my sketch book!

    Lena Headey wearing Elie Saab

    At long last, Lena Headey is here! She looks freaking fantastic! I am speechless. Lena was totally in her element when she knew she had to wear black and it definitely worked out for her. Lena looks so very fierce. This moment was particularly important for the #TimeIsUp movement after she broke the story about her experience with Weinstein. You can not get Lena Headey down. In fact, the more you try to get her down, the stronger she stands up. Lannisters always pay their debts.

    Diane Kruger wearing Prada

    How did this beauty get passed me on the red-carpet. Sidney had to tweet me and let me know that Diane Kruger deserves our attention, and he was right. ( Which is rare). That is probably one of the sharpest capes I have ever seen and that fabric is just so expertly draped across her body.  Is it cheesy to mention that Diane Kruger IS a National Treasure…. Get it? Alright…. Tens across the board.

    Margot Robbie wearing Gucci

    Margot Robbie is amazing. The combination of the broad shoulders and the sharp neckline are just killer. Not sure if I am too crazy about the silver in the skirt, but either way she still looks stunning. I  think less would have been more with the silver in the mid-section, not the sleeve. However when you are Margot Robbie you are automatically one of the best dressed, period.

    Saoirse Ronan wearing Versace

    I am in love with this dress Saoirse Ronan wore! Of course, it happens to have a Versace label on it. Those shoulders give me so much life.  But the metallic silver in the shoulder and mid-section breathe so much life into this and they are just small, simple pieces of contrast fabric. Genius! One of my picks for Best Dressed for sure.

    Gwendoline Christie wearing Giles Deacon

    Gwendoline Christie is a walking “Get you a girl that can do both” meme. I love Gwendoline because she portrays these amazing, fierce female warriors such as Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones or Captain Phasma in The Last Jedi. But then she walks the red carpet like the most graceful glamazon you could ever set your eyes on. She looked amazing! Such a huge fan of hers, amazing job!

    Tracee Ellis Ross wearing Marc Jacobs

    Okay this is probably one of my favorite Tracee Ellis Ross looks ever. She is kicking ass and taking names. This outfit to me, delivers the #TimesUp message harder than any other on that red carpet. She is literally glowing. Tracee looks strong, elegant, powerful, yet very chic. I love it!

    Oprah wearing Versace

    How could I end this list without nothing the one and only, Oprah Winfrey! Oprah came wearing a beautiful, custom Versace gown and it’s just amazing. I couldn’t think of a better dress for Oprah to wear. Aside from the fashion, Oprah’s speech last night was so moving. All I can say is… Oprah for President 2020.

    Well that was an amazing red carpet. Honestly, one of my favorites in a very long time. My gosh, how do I even pick the best dressed? Well lets settle for a top three shall we? Okay lets think really hard. Ah, okay I got it… My top three shall be!


    Well there they are. Wow, am I proud of these three. Hey, they are all first timers as my Best Dressed picks! How fun! Really though, they all looked amazing and really sent a strong message of solidarity. I will never forget this carpet. To learn more about the amazing Times Up organization, please click here and please consider a donation so that we can all band together to end sexual harassment and stop inequality in the workplace. Well that is it for me people! Now, it is your turn! Vote for your favorite look in the poll below in order to choose the Best Dressed of the Golden Globes, as well as nominate them for the  2018 Year-End Awards! You can vote below until Friday at Noon, January 12th PST.

    Thank you all for tuning in. Next stop, The Grammys will be January 28, 2018, 4:30 PM PST. #TEAMKESHA

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