The Versace Verdict: Manhunt 1

Welcome back everyone for another edition of The Versace Verdict! Last night’s episode sure was crazy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I will be looking at duct tape the same ever again! This week we got some more backstory on Andrew’s killing spree, Gianni’s perspective on life and his models, a drag queen familiar to the universe dressed like Donatella, and a vague but thought provoking look at the controversy behind Gianni’s health. Let’s not waste anymore time, shall we?

The Fabulous

My favorite part about last night’s episode was we got to see some Donatella and Gianni dialogue backstage behind Gianni’s final fashion show in 1997. I loved this part because it just had so much insight. Plus it was incredibly historically accurate. The attention to detail in these Ryan Murphy shows are just on another level. The models were costumed to represent the actual clothing that walked the runway that night. I even spotted a few garments that were featured in Donatella’s tribute show in 2017. Aside from that, the fashion show scene highlighted one of my favorite things about Gianni. Gianni had such a happy, positive look on life and it’s gifts. Gianni has incorporated that feeling into his brand which is where that love for his models came from.. The Versace women is strong, powerful, and a lover of life above all other things. Here is a treat for you, check out the real footage from Gianni’s final show! You are welcome.



The Tragic

This episode hit the ground running. The opening of “Manhunt” was focused around Gianni’s health and a possible AIDS diagnosis. Now of course the show was very vague much like the real life controversy, so we got no real confirmation of anything. The main reason behind the Versace family cutting all connections to this show was to keep the public from slandering Gianni’s reputation and I have a sneaking suspicion this very scene was the reason why. To keep the world from knowing the truth.  Gianni was cremated without hesitation shortly after he died. That is about as non-fiction as this story gets. However, after watching this episode I’m realizing that the real story here is not whether or not Gianni was sick, but how Gianni still continued to love and find positivity in life despite whatever he was dealing with.  The message here is not only about raising awareness, but coming together as humans to lift each other up and breaking the stigma. I would like to end this segment by encouraging you to learn more about Impulse Group and how you can be a part of change. 

The Versace Verdict: Manhunt 2

In Summation

That hospital is creepy as hell. My soul just about left my body when Donatella asked “What is Versace without you?”,  “It is you.”  Gianni replied. Does anyone else feel like screaming every-time Andrew talks. Is it too early to send Penelope Cruz her Emmy award? Good, because I already mailed it to her. Like I said earlier, I now have a pretty serious fear of duct tape. I am not sure if it is a compliment or not, but Max Greenfield plays a great crackhead. I really feel for the drag queen (Former Miss contestant Elle Taylor!) yelling outside of the Versace Mansion. This is pretty morbid but Gianni’s casket look was on point… So Gianni’s urn looks like it is worth more than my entire college tuition. Andrew wrapping his own head with duct tape to take a shower was probably the worst thing to happen to me so far in 2018.

The Versace Verdict: Manhunt 3

Well that is it for this weeks episode. It appears next week will be all about one of Andrew’s murders before Gianni. I am sure that won’t make me anxious at all. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you again next week for another Versace Verdict!