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Year End Awards

The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete)

The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 119

Voiceover begins: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 4th Annual Drag Awards! Please give a warm welcome to our co-hostesses for the evening,’s own Romy and Michelle … Chiffon Dior and Poppy Fields!”

Poppy walks out looking every bit the flawless southern belle, while Chiffon looks like … her hand is stuck in a Pringles can? Fortunately a stagehand manages to yank it off, shake the crumbs off her dress, and shove her out onto the stage

Chiffon Dior: Hello everybody, and welcome to the 4th Annual Drag Awards! Poppy, can you believe this is our fourth year together hosting? This is longer than most of my relationships!

Poppy Fields: Most of your relationships end once you pay them and they leave, dear.

CD: Look, if I let them stay they might eat my snacks, okay? I’ve killed a man who tried to eat my leftover lo mein.

PF: And they say romance is dead! Anyway, it’s my favorite time of the year, Chiffon – the time when we honor the best of the year from the world of drag, entertainment, fashion and popular culture!

CD: That’s right Poppy! This past year may have been a living nightmare, but there were some beacons of light in the turd sandwich we called 2017! Are you ready to give away some of our world famous pink trophies?

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: Let’s do it! Now remember, with the exception of our editorial awards, all of the 2017 Drag Awards have been voted on and decided by the readers of We are incredibly excited to say we shattered our record for the number of votes this year with over FIFTY THOUSAND votes cast!

CD: Wow! That’s in ball park of my daily caloric intake, Poppy! That being said, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage our first presenter! She’s the closest thing to Judy Garland in the Big Apple –  Gloria Swansong!  Gloria is here to announce the winner of the 2017 Broadway Show of the Year Award! 

  • 2014 winner: Hedwig and the Angry Itch
  • 2015 winner: Hamilton
  • 2016 winner: Falsettos 



PF: Congratulations to everyone at Anastasia! Chiffon, have you seen Anastasia yet?

CD: I’m on a mini-boycott until they officially acknowledge her as a real Disney princess.

PF: Good to see you taking a stand on the important issues, Chiffon.

CD: I’m nothing if not an activist, Poppy! So it’s time to welcome our next presenter to the stage who is going to announce the Designer of the Year Award! 

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: Coming to us all the way from … well … I’ll assume a buffet of some sort, it’s our old friend and a former WERRRK pageantry Miss Congeniality, Luna Nova!

  • 2014 Winner: Alexander McQueen
  • 2015 Winner: Marco Marco
  • 2016 Winner: Dallas Coulter



CD: Congratulations, Tony! If you ever start a collection for portly queens, I’m ready to model for you!

PF: You DO have all that experience as a “Before” model.

CD: Listen, twelve bucks and free run at the catering table was a good deal, alright?

PF: You’re quite the negotiator, Chiffon. Anyway, its time to head out across the pond for our next presenter!

CD: That’s right! Ellis Atlantis, our first ever Queen Of The UK is here to reveal her successor! Take it away Ellis!

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120
  • 2016 Winner: Ellis Atlantis



CD: Congratulations, Charity, on your big win!

PF: Really? No snappy one liner about how you’re a big charity case yourself when it comes to the boys?

CD: I like to keep you guessing, Poppy! Besides – technically speaking – kidnapping doesn’t really count as charity.

PF: Sighs I knew it! Let’s give out another award before Chiffon says something even more cringe-worthy, shall we?

CD: That’s great idea! In fact, a little birdy told me that it’s also our next presenter’s birthday!

PF: I find that hard to believe because I have yet to see her age! Now let’s please welcome the beautiful birthday girl (and a native Canadian eh!) Deven Green to the stage to reveal the winner of the 2017 Queen of the Great White North Award! Take it away Deven!

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120
  • 2016 Winner: Miss Conception



PF: Congratulations, Raye, on winning –  and keep turning out all those amazing looks!

CD: So it’s time for a brand-new award for 2017, Poppy, and I – for one –  am excited! It’s time to head down to the land of Crocodile Dundee and Yahoo Serious for next award!

PF: Seriously, do you have any references after 1988, Chiffon? How about Courtney Act for crying out loud? Or Keith Urban … Hugh Jackman … Chris Hemsworth … is it getting warm in here? Whew!

CD: That’s not a knife … 

PF: Stop! Just stop! In the name of Cate Blanchett don’t say another word, Chiffon! Please welcome to the stage our friend, Chelsea Piers, to announce the FIRST EVER Queen of Australia award! 


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120


CD: Congratulations to the iconic Vanity Faire on becoming our first ever Queen of Austria!

PF: Australia … not Austria, dear. Two different countries. 

CD: Oh. I knew that.

PF: Please welcome to the stage our reigning Queen of Los Angeles, the Bond Girl of Drag herself, Diana Dzhaketov! Diana is here to announce the winner of this year’s Queen of Chicago!

  • 2016 Winner: Trannika Rex



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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: Congratulations, Soju, on a fabulous year! 

PF:  The support that all of the Chicago queens showed each other was simply heartwarming. Nothing like here in LA, where every queen will climb over each other in stilettos just for a chance to play a dead hooker on CSI!

CD: Ah yes, the coveted dead hooker role!

PF: Half of my reel is dead hookers.

CD: That’s a really bad sentence out of context. 

PF: It’s no prize even if you know the context. Anyway, speaking of dead hookers, it’s time to announce the 2017 Queen of Los Angeles!

CD: That’s right! And our reigning Queen of New York, Tina Burner, and her SHADE: Queens of NYC co-stars Brita Filter and Jasmine Rice Labeija are here to announce the winner! Take it away ladies!

  • 2014 Winner: Melissa BeFierce
  • 2015 Winner: Misty Violet
  • 2016 Winner: Diana Dzhaketov


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120


CD: Congratulations to Vander Von Odd on her win! Now have you ever seen Dragula, Poppy?

PF: I tried watching it. I really did … but all that gore! I get nightmares! And I have enough nightmares during the day when I turn on the TV and see that orange asshat on CNN. I don’t need more of them when I’m trying to get my beauty sleep.

CD: Bathing in the blood of children is what qualifies as beauty sleep these days?

PF: It keeps me young. And it’s not like we’re running low on children.  Please! They’re everywhere.  Like cockroaches.

CD: So you want me to segue to the Queen of New York Award off of cockroaches? You LA people are such bitches sometimes, Poppy!

PF: Sometimes? Anyway, our reigning queen of Chicago, the one and only Trannika Rex, is here to announce the 2017 Queen of New York!


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120
  • 2014 Winner: Bob the Drag Queen
  • 2015 Winners: Marti Gould Cummings and Judy Darling (Tie)
  • 2016 Winner: Tina Burner



PF: Congratulations, Brita, on an amazing year and a well-deserved award!

CD: Hey Poppy, I don’t want to interrupt Brita’s moment, but can we go to commercial? I really need a snack. 

PF:I suppose I could use a cocktail, too.  We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors!

CD: We’ll be back after this commercial break with the awards for Drag Photographer of the Year, Mr. Los Angeles and the new Mr. New York award, the Drag Moment of the Year,the LGBTQ Person of the Year, the Drag Horizon award winner and much more! Plus, who will be crowned the 2017 Drag Queen of the Year? Find out shortly after this message from one of our sponsors, Tide Pods! Yes, Tide Pods – not only do they get your laundry super clean, they’re also a delicious and nutritious snack!


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

Poppy Fields: And we’re back! I’m proud of you Chiffon. You didn’t get a drop of BBQ sauce on your gown during that break!

Chiffon Dior: I may waste time but I don’t waste BBQ sauce Poppy! Let’s give out some more awards, shall we?

PF:  Well we actually have an unprecedented situation to address here because the winner of our Queen of Los Angeles has declined our shiny pink trophy.

CD: That’s right Poppy. Vander Von Odd reached out to me after the announcement and said, that while she appreciated the fan support, she felt that she has been travelling outside of LA so much of late, we would be better served recognizing a queen who has spent the bulk of her time working in Los Angeles.

PF: So we’re going to respect her wishes and after checking with our auditors at Price Waterhouse Coopers, we are very excited to announce that, based again on the universe vote, our new winner is Allusia Alusia!

The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 129

CD: Congratulations Allusia! You work non stop, make everyone smile, and actually have had to put up with Sidney in real life. We’re proud to bestow this crown upon you! 

PF: I’m just grateful that we have a winner. I would have hated to have to claim that title for myself…..just for continuity sake of course.

CD: Of course. Let the record show I just rolled my eyes so hard, I saw brain.

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: If you only had a brain dear! Anyway, it’s on the musical portion of our show as last year’s winner, Rhea Litré is here to announce the 2017 Drag Queen Song of the Year winner! Take it away Rhea!

  • 2014 Winner: “Different” by Pandora Boxx
  • 2015 Winner:  “Break My Heart” by Scarlett Bobo
  • 2016 Winner: “#Lovergirl” by Rhea Litré


CD: Congratulations Trixie! The field this year was absolutely loaded!

PF: Well Chiffon more and more queens are getting being the microphone to express themselves musically! I’ve been known to sing a little ditty every now and then myself you know.

CD: Same here. If there were Grammys for singing in the shower, I’d be like the Adele of the Shower Grammys!

PF: That’s a horrific visual and an absolutely awful segue for an important award, the 2017 LGBTQ Moment of the Year! 

CD: But we’re thrilled to have our new crowned Miss Bio-WERRRK pageant winner, HER? here to present this award! 

  • 2014 Winner: Spread of Marriage Equality
  • 2015 Winner: Marriage Equality becomes the law of the land in the United States
  • 2016: A Moment of Silence for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: Congratulations to all our brothers and sisters down in Australia!

CD: How did we not have a kangaroo hop out with the envelope in her pouch for that award Poppy?

PF: Because we’re not trying to cause an international incident?

CD: I mean, I guess! But if the President is allowed to do that on a daily basis, why can’t we?

PF: Because our foundation matches our neck?

CD: Point taken!

PF: It’s time for another one of our new awards for this year, the 2017 Mr. New York Award!

CD: You know I’m loathe to give credit to Sidney but he came to me last year with the idea for a Mr. Los Angeles and it was so popular, we decided to do a Mr. New York this year as well. But if any of you tell Sidney I said nice things about him……you’ll make the list!

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: You and that silly list Chiffon. No one is scared of your list. Anyway, let’s go to our friend, Showbiz Spitfire Paige Turner to find out who is going to take home the pink trophy!


PF: Congratulations Ari on being our first ever Mr. New York winner!

CD: You know Poppy that was the closest vote this year with Ari winning by one mere vote! There are a whole lot of talented male entertainers in the Big Apple!

PF: You know, I would be happy to vet all the candidates next year…..

CD: In this current climate, I don’t think we could afford the legal fees Poppy so I am just going to segue to the next award which is……sigh….more hot men who live in your neck of the woods. I have a bad feeling about this.

PF: spritzes breathe spray

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: I’m going to throw it to our amazing friend Pandora Boxx to announce the 2017 Mr. Los Angeles award winner while the stage hands hose down my dear sister here.

  • 2016 Winner: Tyler Booth


CD: Congratulations to Laith on your win! Now Poppy, are you okay?

PF: I’m sorry. A woman of my age has…..needs.

CD: Yes, I am well aware but right now we needs to move on to our next award.

PF: That segue physically pained me. That’s how bad it was.

CD: I’m going to ignore that and press on. Our next award was formerly known as the BioQueen of the Year award but as time goes on, we learn more and we evolve and this award has as well. We are so honored to rebrand this award by naming it after the legendary Wendy Ho! 

PF: And we’re thrilled to have Wendy here to announce this year’s winner! Take it away Wendy!

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120
  • 2015 Winner: Kat Sass
  • 2016 Winner: Boo Sutcliffe


PF: Congratulations Creme on winning the Wendy Ho award! Do you follow her on Instagram Chiffon?

CD: I do! That queen turns sickening look after sickening look! The Universe picked a very deserving winner!

PF: And now it’s time to announce another one of our biggest awards of the year, the Drag Horizon Award!

CD: That’s right Poppy. The Drag Horizon Award recognizes the up and coming queens across the country and we have last year’s winner, the fabulous Discord Addams here to announce her successor! Take it away Discord!

  • 2015 Winner: Phaedra Phaded
  • 2016 Winner: Discord Addams


PF: Congratulations to Kandy who ran away with the award this year! We’re excited to see what is next for you!

CD: You know, I’ve been known to run away with some candy in my day. Especially if it’s those delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with the Reese’s Pieces stuffed into them.

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: Is that how you maintain that svelte figure Chiffon?

CD: I’m detecting a trace of sarcasm dear sister.

PF: You should. I’m laying it on pretty thick.

CD: ANYWAY! It’s time to recognize the 2017 Drag Look of the Year! Last year, the insanely talented Art Simone won for turning out roughly five thousand amazing looks. 

PF: Five thousand? In a single calendar year Chiffon?

CD: I was told there would be no math.

PF: Sighs We’re thrilled to have Art here to announce who her successor is going to be. Please give a big hand to Art Simone!

  • 2014 Winner: Phi Phi O’Hara
  • 2015 Winner: Violet Chachki
  • 2016 Winner: Art Simone


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: Congratulations Alaska and to the creator of her winning look, the amazingly talented Dallas Coulter

PF: We need to take another commercial break but we’ll be back soon with even more awards including the Jim Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award, the Venus Envy Courage Award, the Drag Photographer of the Year, the LGBTQ Person of the Year, the Drag Queen of the Year and more!

CD: But first a word from our friends at Flowbee! Yes Flowbee, when Supercuts is too rich for your blood!


Chiffon Dior: Welcome back everyone! I really hope we get Flowbees in our gift bags tonight Poppy!

Poppy Fields: Well, it might be an upgrade from your usual Supercuts hairdo?

CD: You think I have Supercuts kind of money??

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

PF: No comment dear. No comment. Instead let’s segue to our next award, shall we?

CD: Actually before we do that dear sister, we’re going to ask the audience for a little help first!

PF: Do not ask them to contribute to your charity again Chiffon!

CD: “Chiffon Dior’s Home for Wayward Drag Queens” is a recognized 501c3 charity Poppy (Editors note: Its not) but that’s not it! Each year, our “QUEEN OF” Awards have proven to be some of our most people awards with the fans and with queens around the world. Now we’re asking for the readers of to give us their thoughts on what our next QUEEN OF award will joining the festivities for the 2018 Drag Awards!

PF: I’m excited to see what exotic locale is going to be joining our awards next year but for now we’re going to head to the exotic locale of midtown Manhattan to the fabulous Therapy Lounge to find our friends Jackie Cox and Strawberry Fields who are here to present the awards for the 2017 Comic Book Movie of the Year and another new award, the 2017 Animated Movie of the Year!

CD: If you ask me, we could just give them both to the Lego Batman Movie and call it a night but no one ever listens to me….

  • 2014 Winner: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 2015 Winner: Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • 2016 Winner: Deadpool


PF: Sings and spins “Stop a bullet cold, make the Axis fold, change their minds, and change the world….”

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: We get it Poppy. You’re happy Wonder Woman won. Now can you please stop spinning around?

PF: I feel a little dizzy….

CD: Sigh. She never learns. Anyway, congratulations to Wonder Woman and to Coco! Both were amazing, groundbreaking films and both were well deserving of these honors!

PF: Let’s stay with the Hollywood motif for two brand new awards this year, Best Television Costuming and Best Movie Costuming!

CD: First up is Best Movie Costuming so let’s head down to the Lone Star State to hear from our friends Kylee O’Hara Fatale and Natalia DeLeon! Take it away ladies!

  • New Award for 2017


CD: Congratulations to Jacqueline Durran on her win for Beauty and the Beast! You know Poppy, I could really relate to that movie.

PF: What kind of self-deprecating joke about being a beast is coming Chiffon?

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: You think I’m a beast??? I’m so hurt!

PF: I walked right into that one. Let’s go back to Kylee and Natalia for our Best Television Costuming winner!

  • New Award for 2017


PF: Congratulations to Kim Wilcox of Stranger Things on being our inaugural winner of this award!

CD: You know that Netflix seems to have some deep pockets Poppy. I’m thinking they might want to give me a show.

PF: What would you show be about Chiffon?

CD: Food!

PF: Of course! So a cooking show?

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: I’m envisioning more of a eating show. Diners, Drive-Ins and Drag Queens maybe?

PF: Oh yes, we can get you some of those stylish bowling shirts Guy Fieri wears.

CD: I’d be a lock for the Best Dressed list then…..and speaking of best dressed……

PF: I hate you. But I am professional and will work with that awful segue. Please welcome Providence’s own Complete Destruction, here to announce this year’s Best Dressed winner!

  • 2014 Winners: Beyonce and Cate Blanchett
  • 2015 Winner: Lady Gaga
  • 2016 Winner: Lady Gaga

CD: Yasss! Come through Leslie Jones!

PF: I’m surprised it took this long into the show to get our first yasss quite honestly.

CD: I was originally going to do some kind of “Live from New York….” schtick but I love me some Leslie Jones so the yasss just happened.

PF: I’m not mad. It was a well-deserved yasss. And now we’re going to move on to another category that is sure to make people say yasss, the Drag Moment of the Year award. Please welcome the 2015 Queen of New York award winner and nominee for this year’s Drag Queen of the Year award, the one and only Marti Gould Cummings!

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120


  • 2014 Winner: Courtney Act, Bianca Del Rio and Michelle Visage in Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • 2015 Winner: Katya and Diana’s duet
  • 2016 Winner: Monet X. Change’s Street Beatz video


PF: Congratulations to Phi Phi on doing such incredible work bringing all those amazing queens together for such a worthy cause!

CD: And don’t forget that Puerto Rico can STILL use your help! (Check out here for more info on how to still help.)   

PF:  That’s right Chiffon. Just because that baboon in office has abandoned Puerto Rico, doesn’t mean that we still can’t help our fellow American citizens in their time of need.

CD: I really have no way of segueing off of baboon so I am just going to welcome two of my favorite people and two amazing queens who helped with our coverage of DragCon NY this year, the fabulous Gilda Wabbit and Gina Tonic! They’re here to announce the winner of the Drag Photographer of the Year award so take it away ladies!     

  • 2015 Winner: Maddelynn Hatter
  • 2016 Winner: Eric Magnussen


PF: Congratulations to the incredibly talented Magnus Hastings! I know Magnus has made me look stunning on more than one occasion.

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: Don’t you mean even more stunning?

PF: Was that an actual compliment from you dear sister?

CD: I like to keep you on your toes. Besides, its good to have those pictures from when you were still young!

PF: And there it is. 

CD: Not my fault you tried to kick the football again Charlie Brown. Moving on, it’s time to recognize one of our special editorial awards. The Venus Envy Courage award was created to honor the bravery our friend, the incredibly talented  Venus Envy, who was one of survivors of the Pulse Nightclub massacre. Each year we will be honoring someone from the community that has exhibited that same courage and inspiration in the face of adversity.

PF: This year we are very honored to recognize Carmella Marcella Garcia. 


  • 2016 Winner: Venus Envy

PF: Congratulations to Carmella on being this year’s winner and thank you to our friend Deven Green for narrating the award so we could share her story with the universe!

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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: We’re now going to move on to our next editorial award and to another person of great courage. We are very proud to present the 2017 LGBTQ Person of the Year Award to the trailblazing Danica Roem!

  • 2014 Winner: Laverne Cox
  • 2015 Winner: Ruby Rose 
  • 2016 Winner: Kate McKinnon

PF: Congratulations to Danica on her award and hopefully she will inspire more transpeople to become more involved in politics and to serve their communities!

CD: And thank you to Courtney Conquers of Drag Coven for narrating that award for us. Now it is time for our final editorial award of the evening, the Jim Bailey Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award, named in honor of the late Jim Bailey, a legend of drag that we lost last year (Check out our tribute to Jim here.).

PF: This year we are very proud to give this award to the longest running headliner in the history of the Las Vegas strip, the legendary Frank Marino! 

  • 2015 Recipient: Jimmy James
  • 2016 Recipient: Lypsinka

CD: Congratulations to Frank Marino on this award and on an amazing career that is still going strong!

PF: You know who is not going strong though Chiffon, me. My feet are killing me. Thank goodness we have reached our final award!

CD: That we have Poppy and it is our biggest honor of the night, our Drag Queen of the Year Award! Last year’s winner, Biblegirl, is here to announce who will fill her shoes as the 2017 Drag Queen of the Year! Let’s find out!

  • 2014 Winner: Bianca Del Rio
  • 2015 Winner: Katya Zamolodchikova
  • 2016 Winner: Biblegirl


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The 2017 Drag Awards Ceremony (Complete) 120

CD: Well the biggest honor of the evening has been awarded to very deserving winner! Congratulations to the amazing Sasha Velour and thank you to the thousands of fans who voted in the 4th Annual Drag Awards! 

PF: And thank you to Biblegirl for that amazing presentation! We would also be remiss if we didn’t thank all the special presenters who generously donated their time and talents at this busy time of the year. We want to wish the entire universe a happy and healthy 2018!

CD: We appreciate the support of each and every one of our readers here and and we look forward to continuing to bring you the best in drag, fashion and pop culture coverage on the web. With that said, ladies and gentlemen, the evening is now over. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we’ll see you all again in 2018. Good evening!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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