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Drag Queens

Haley’s All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 37

Hey squirrel friends! Our favorite show was back again this week with a fun episode. The shady editing was also back, which is everyone’s favorite. We met back up with the girls in the workroom after Morgan’s elimination. Aja pulls the lipstick out of her boob to reveal she would have sent home Chi Chi. BenDelaCreme really struggled with eliminating Morgan, even shedding some tears as she cleaned the mirror.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 38

It’s a new day in the workroom and Chi Chi had some time to reflect. She came to the conclusion that she thought Milk didn’t offer much talent in the variety show last week. Milk quickly replied that she thought she offered a great mix of talent. She’s an ice skating queen and said she wished she could have skated but ice is hard to come by. Trixie, the queen of the confessional this season said what the other queens were thinking, “Milk, your talent can’t be velcro“.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 39

RuPaul came in with the “Hello, hello, hello!” we were all waiting for. She announced that the challenge this week would be an ode to VH1’s Divas Live. It would be a night dedicated to her (duh) where the girls would be lipsyncing to her songs as an assigned diva. Milk would be Celine Dion, Kennedy as Janet Jackson, Aja was Amy Winehouse, Chi Chi as Patti LaBelle, Trixie as Dolly Parton, Shangela as the skinny legend herself Mariah Carey, Thorgy as Stevie Nicks, Dela as Julie Andrews, and Bebe as Diana Ross. Todrick Hall would be assisting with choreography, as well as judging alongside Vanessa Williams! The theme for the runway would be Rudemption, a chance to redeem a poor fashion choice the queens made during their season. I LOVED this concept!

As the girls prepared their performance, Thorgy began to get in her head. She thought she couldn’t make Stevie Nicks stand out enough. She was constantly doubting herself on her season, and it carried over to All-Stars for sure. In that moment we all knew she was going to struggle.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 40

The queens hit the main stage to practice their choreography with Todrick. Shangela strolls in after the rest of the girls got on stage, in full Mariah Carey character. She says she’s a method actress and boy, she sure is. It was so funny to see just how into it she was and how much it bothered the other girls. Each queen got one on one practice with Todrick. Kennedy struggled to get her moves down, while Thorgy struggled with her character. Todrick called her a Steve Nicks purest, shooting down anything that wasn’t true to Stevie’s persona. In a confessional, Aja mentioned that Thorgy could have given her character more by going all out with the rumor that she is a witch. She could have really played that up and given the life she thought her character needed.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 41

Then came time for the performance. Milk’s number was first. Her portrayal of Celine Dion was good, but to me, she didn’t look the part. Up next was Kennedy as Janet. She struggled with the lyrics, knowing some but missing most.Aja as Amy Winehouse was really well done. She paid attention to detail, her look was on point!  Chi Chi as Patti LaBelle was great, I thought. We’ll come back to that later. Trixie as Dolly was perfect of course. Shangela’s method acting technique worked to her advantage because I thought she was Mariah. Her part was high energy and fun. Thorgy as Stevie fell flat like the editors hinted at from the start insert shade music. Dela as Julie Andrews was INCREDIBLE. She rapped Ru’s ‘Call me Mother’ and it was so wacky in the perfect way. I loved it.

Then the girls hit the runway in their Rudemption looks.

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Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 42

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 43

Milk redid her crazy sexy cool look from season 6. She served up a classic glam look, something different for Milk. She was safe.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 44

You’re beautiful, you’re perfect, you redeemed your infamous fairytale princess look from season 9. Yes, this was the outfit she wore when she gave us the best line of season 9. She looked SO good and was safe!

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 45

Chi Chi chose to redeem her neon queen realness. She came out padded for the gods because that was Michelle’s main complaint. She got pretty positive critiques for her performance as Patti. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and she was in the bottom three, but eventually declared safe.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 46

Trixie attempted to redeem her ugliest dress look from season 7. Well, sis, you did it. This dress was certainly hideous. She was safe!

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 47

Kennedy’s fresh take on her infamous death becomes her look from season 7. It’s good to know that she still died the same way. You know, trade didn’t like the session so he threw her into the fire and she crystalized and rose as a phoenix. I hate when that happens. That crystalized reveal though? Incredible. Her performance as Janet was not nearly Janet enough and she didn’t have the lyrics down. She was in the bottom three and eventually up for elimination.


Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 48

Thorgy also chose to redeem her neon queen realness look from season 8. As expected, she got read pretty hard for her lack of energy and characterization of Stevie Nicks. Michelle also wasn’t a fan of her outfit (come on, it is green). She fell into the bottom three and was also up for elimination against Kennedy.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 49

Next came the terminally delightful BenDelaCreme. She was wearing an upgraded version of her dripping in jewels eleganza look from season 6. The outfit was a hit with the judges, along with her performance as a rapping Julie Andrews. RuPaul also gave us a bit of trivia, that it took her five days to record the song ‘Call Me Mother’. Interesting. She was of course top three, and eventually one of the two winners of the challenge.

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Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 42

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 51

The OG queen hit the runway in an upgraded version of her entrance look. The judges loved her look and performance as Diana Ross. The whole “less is more” approach worked for her. She was in the top three, eventually ruled safe.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 52

Last but not least was Shangela in her Christmas eleganza look from season 3. Life comes at you fast, Vanessa Williams was also the guest judge on that episode! She got rave reviews for her take on Mariah Carey. She was of course top three, and the other winner alongside Dela.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 53

Milk had a bit of a meltdown being only safe. Even crying backstage. It was all a little weird. At least Trixie took a moment to tell Aja she looked like Linda Evangelista.

Backstage it was time for our weekly begging for safety from the bottom two queens. Thorgy was quick to make the proposition of alliances with both Shangela and Dela. Yes gawd, let’s combine drag and Big Brother strategy for ultimate drama, please! Kennedy plead her case to both queens, especially her close friend Shangela. Shangela said she couldn’t risk saving her friend if her heart wasn’t in it. Kennedy reassured her she still had a lot to give.

Back on the main stage, Shangela and Dela had to lipsync for the legacy to The Pointer Sisters’ Jump (For My Love). Can we PLEASE talk about that jump rope move by Shangela? It was everything and more. She won the lipsync and had to send either Kennedy or Thorgy packing. She revealed the lipstick in her boob, and Thorgy sashayed away. Her reaction to getting the chop will be hard to top this season.

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Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 42

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Divas Lipsync Live 55

Of course she got the video message at the end of the episode, and drew a dick on the mirror with her message. Do you guys think we’ve seen the last of Thorgy? Was it her time to go? Is Shangela as skinny of a legend as Mariah herself? Let us know in the comments below!

Make sure to tune into RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3 every Thursday at 8:00 on VH1!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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