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    Panda Reacts to…Cable?!?


    Deadpool, meet Cable.

    Holy shit, even though we knew to an extent that Cable was coming, I didn’t think we would get this much look quite yet.

    As the scene opens up giving a bit ominous tone, we see an awakening of sorts. I say that because it is a fancy way of saying “Cable’s eye opened“. The soliloquy as he gives the uninitiated a quick backstory is one that begins to draw you in.

    Cable looking over a warn torn wasteland wondering where his next Pumpkin Spice Latte will come from

    Cable is preparing for battle, arming up(pun mildly intended?), and we soon see him in all of his glory. The moment is interrupted by Deadpool, in the truest of Deadpool form. Wade quickly notes that the arm isn’t correct, pointing out the CGI arm hasn’t been rendered. Even in trailers, Deadpool finds a way to break that fourth wall and take a jabs. (this time at a removed Superman mustache)

    What in the actual ass” says Deadpool as he then takes matters into his own hands and gives us every eight year old’s version of how it would go down in the battlefield of toys. Giving proper nods to his new pals at Disney all the while.

    Where does he get those wonderful toys?

    Sheriff Wade confronts Cable

    As the quick moment of imagination comes to an end, the trailer reminds you that Cable is not playing. Suddenly, that green arm from earlier is now robotic, then a very convincing and menacing Cable appears. Cable immediately shows us exactly who he is and what he does.

    Squad Up!

    Squad Up! I was going to make a Domino delivery joke but I am better than that

    We see some new faces, old faces, and of course Wade’s horrible face. Each of which plays a various role in putting my ass firmly in a seat when it hits theatres May 18, 2018!

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