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    Panda Reacts to Venom!





    That was my level of excitement when I heard a trailer was going to be dropping today. My brain was all caps and 12 year old me is losing his mind thinking that finally, just maybe I get to see one of my favorite characters hit the screen. Okay, we all know he is been on the screen before, but I mean properly. Not That 70’s Symbiote.

    Before we go further, keep in mind, this is a teaser trailer. It’s supposed to get you talking, it’s supposed to pique your interest. An appetizer of sorts.

    As the trailer opens up, we see someone getting scanned in a lab or some medical facility. My brain is telling me to start searching for Easter Eggs. As I start looking for the obscure I wonder how much obvious I overlooked.

    They believe Eddie Brock may have a terminal case of hurt feelings

    The trailer quickly jumps to a bit of a montage, we get a glimpse of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock moving about. Unsure if it’s a flashback, a dream, a flash forward, or even current time. As soon as we start wondering what is going on, we snap back to that lab/hospital and see Eddie lying down.

    Throughout those scenes and as scenes progress, Eddie Brock narrates a bit, we see a truck carrying something. Doors open and we see some dark material in a case, it seems to be moving…perhaps alive.

    Waitress, I hate to be a bother…my symbiote seems to be still moving

    The remainder of the trailer bounces back and forth between glimpses of things, jumping back to Eddie Brock in that same body scan we keep jumping back to. Now, it’s hard to distinguish if he is in pain, or, perhaps transforming into something else. Maybe both.

    As we listen to Eddie Brock telling us his own story, it seems to let us know that he is cognizant that something is different, some pretty big events brought us to the point. Seems like he is trying to figure it out along with us.

    You don’t get much feel for the story, characters, or much else…but, it definitely leaves you guessing as to what is next. I’m sure the modeling for Venom is still being worked on as we are months away from October 5th’s release date, but, it would have been nice to see something a bit more familiar.

    I’m keeping an eye on this one as it develops, Tom Hardy intrigues me and Venom could absolutely be amazing if done right. Not a bad vehicle for a horror movie either. Curious to see where this film will take us this fall!

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