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Drag Queens

Haley’s All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 35

It’s the most wonderful time of the season, SNATCH GAME! The most anticipated episode of every season kicked off with a bang this week! The queens arrived in the workroom to find Milk’s message, where she insisted her elimination was bogus. Kennedy Davenport opened up about her decision, saying she made it off of the judge’s critiques. She also opened up that she hadn’t felt anything genuine from Milk, and the comments she made about her drag hurt her feelings. BenDelaCreme revealed that she would have sent Chi Chi Devayne home because she saw the fire in her burn out a bit. Chi Chi was understanding.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 36

Trixie Mattel, Dela, and Aja had a conversation about the elimination in the infamous station (more on that in a minute). Trixie noticed how the eliminations appeared to be getting personal, saying Kennedy’s monologue was more about how she felt Milk was as a person rather than her drag. This would be a bit of foreshadowing regarding Trixie and personal relationships insert eyeballs emoji.

It’s a new day, hunties. The queens walking into the workroom signing RuPaul’s hit single Call Me Mother is what the kids would call “big mood”. That’s the only song that exists in my life. No video message this week, just RuPaul walking into the workroom in a fabulous suit to announce it was time for Snatch Game (#AllStars3 wink). Ru leaves, and the queens start revealing which celebrity they’ll be impersonating. Trixie is doing RuPaul… in front of Ru herself AND it’s her first Snatch Game! Gag! Dela took a risk by doing iconic comedian and Hollywood Squares contestant Paul Lynde! I’m sold on anything classic pop culture so I was excited by her selection! Everything was going well until Shangela walked by Trixie’s station and saw the note from Thorgy.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 37

The note said, “Fuck this shady bitch Shangela” with Shangela’s name crossed out. She was confused why Trixie didn’t show her. Trixie said it was because she thought it wasn’t helpful or appropriate to which Shangela asked why she would even hang it up then? Trixie explained that it’s the note she received from Thorgy that she hung next to her note from Milk. A collection of memories from fallen friends, if you would. Shangela was upset because Thorgy’s note specifically said her name on it. Kennedy thought it was a shady move, saying she specifically hung it up at Shangela’s expense. The best part of this argument was Trixie telling Shangela to get out of her station. I don’t have a station but suddenly I’m telling everyone to get out of mine. Later in the episode, the girls squashed the beef.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 38

Ru broke up the drama with MARC JACOBS! They went around the room talking to the girls about who they were doing. Marc guessed that Bebe Zahara Benet was doing Grace Jones instantly. Aja pointed out that Grace Jones is more of a look than a personality, so it’ll be a task to make her funny. Next surveyed was Shangela, doing Miss Cleo. She considered doing Jennifer Lewis, who she knows personally. Her accent with Cleo was more Irish than Jamaican, so she decided to go with her backup plan. Kennedy decided to do Real Housewife of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks. Kennedy won with her Little Richard on Season 7. If she wins, she’ll be the first to win two Snatch Games!

Time for the Snatch Game! The contestants this season were Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley! A genius idea, I was so excited to see them participating! The introductions on the panel were all great, but the highlight was Chi Chi’s misspelling of Maya Angelou. Mya Angelou is my favorite poet for sure. We didn’t get to see who Aja was doing in the workroom, so I was thrilled when it was revealed she was Crystal LaBeija of the legendary Haus of LaBeija! Another twist at the end of the table was Kristin Chenoweth, one of the guest judges for the episode! How fun!

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 39

Paul Lynde and Jennifer Lewis stole the show. Trixie’s RuPaul was a bit off. She was throwing in RuPaul’s infamous dad jokes at times where it felt forced and out of place. Shangela in the confessional saying it’s the fans fault we told her it was funny made me laugh out loud because it’s true. Aja’s Crystal was an underrated gem for me. Bebe, Kennedy, and Chi Chi seemed to get lost. Their jokes were not all there, and they never really landed. Kristin was a cute little bonus! My favorite moment didn’t come from one of the queens this Snatch Game. The question was “The US Congress is so dysfunctional, they can’t pass ____” to which Carson replied “eighth grade!” Ugh, too true.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 40

Elimination day! Everyone was on edge. Kennedy, Bebe, and Shangela made comments on Trixie’s poorly executed RuPaul. Chi Chi knew her M(a)ya Angelou wasn’t great, saying she played the dumbest Maya Angelou. Dela thought she stole a win from Trixie last week. Shangela commented on how she’s just playing the game, and she knew she deserved the win.

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Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 41

On the main stage, Michelle, Carson, and Ru were joined by Girl Code’s Nicole Byer and the adorable Kristin Chenoweth. Time for the runway and this is one of the FAST ONES. I feel we get a bit ripped off when the runway moves fast and we miss out on details of the outfits. Let’s get into the judge’s critiques.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 42

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 43

Shangela and Dela were called to step forward and instantly named the top two of the week, which we all saw coming. Rightfully so, they were so good!

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 44

Aja: She looked STUNNING. Kristin noted that she looked like Edie Sedgwick. Carson said she embodied Crystal. Michelle thought it was a bit one-note, but overall she got positive critiques on both her look and her performance. She was safe.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 45

Bebe: The judges loved her look! Nicole called her a fudgsicle wrapped in flowers, which was interesting. Carson thought her Grace Jones was the right amount of glamour and weirdness. Michelle thought it lost its way. She was safe.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 46

Kennedy: Carson thought her look as Phaedra was spot on, but she was lost in the Snatch Game. They thought her outfit was a bit too arts and crafts looking. She was bottom three.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 47

Chi Chi: She looked so beautiful, and the judges agreed! They thought her Snatch Game was completely off. From the misspelling of her name to the inability to give a good answer for why the caged bird sang, it was just not what they were looking for. She was bottom three.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 48

Trixie: Carson said he needed Claritin just to look at her outfit. Michelle thought her opening joke was great, but the rest fell flat. Trixie got emotional on the runway about how nervous she gets during the competition. She thought the Snatch Game would be her challenge, but she just didn’t pull it off. She was bottom three.

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 49

Backstage, Trixie opened up more about her emotions. She loves Drag Race, and she felt as though she disappointed her fans and the judges. Chi Chi didn’t want the top two to save her just because she was their friend, it’s not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race. I think Chi Chi has grown so much over the course of the competition. Shangela pulled Trixie aside and gave her a hug before discussing the decision she’ll have to make. I thought it was a sweet moment, especially given the opening drama of the episode. Shangela pointed out that Trixie is the only one in the bottom three she feels like she can’t trust. I like how Shangela is all about alliances. I think it’s the smartest way to play the game.

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Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 41

Dela and Shangela made their outfit changes, selected their lipsticks, and hit the main stage for the lipsync. The song this week was Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. Shangela brought out the PROPS! I loved it. Dela played up her cutesy character which went well with the song. Shangela went for the more sexy character, stripping into lingerie. They worked off of each other, and it was so fun to watch!

Both Shangela and Dela won the Lipsync for their Legacy, each willing $5,000 and a chance to send a queen home. Two lipsticks, three queens to eliminate! I was on the edge of my seat. Dela and Shangela both chose Chi Chi to go home. Shangela’s speech sounded like she was going to eliminate Trixie! We all felt that, even Ru did!

Haley's All-Star Afterparty: Snatch Game 51

Chi Chi, you’re a star! Next week we get an Andy Warhol BALL! Who else is excited? Do you think the right queen was eliminated this week? Let us know your feelings on the episode!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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